Jennifer Love Hewitt Learned How To Be A Bitch

Wait, Woody, no! The rings!

Right around Thanksgiving, Jennifer Love Hewitt found herself dumped by Jarod Einsohn most likely after hearing him saying something along the lines of, “Please stop trying to hide an engagement ring in the stuffing, you goddamn insane cling-monster.” Except that was before she read “Why Men Love Bitches” which clearly unlocked the secret potentials of her womanhood from within because here she is with Jarod at Disney On Ice last night. So either this was the most clever marketing campaign in the history of publishing or someone was offered another chance to see a pair of huge awesome breasts naked and remembered he still has that map of escape routes from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s house. It’s a toss-up.

Photos: Fame, National Photo Group, Splash News, WENN