Jennifer Love Hewitt is Really Getting Desperate

August 17th, 2011 // 37 Comments

So far this month, we’ve seen Jennifer Love Hewitt throw herself at a Bachelorette contestant only to find herself picking up random dudes off the street not even a week later. So, of course, here she is last night flailing her breasts around in case anyone forgot just how big and awesome they are. Which I actually did thanks to all that three prepaid engagement rings business. I don’t know what that says about me as a person, but I’m sure it’s such words as “heroic” or “forward thinking.” “Boy of destiny,” even.

Photo: Fame, Pacific Coast News


  1. tonawanda

    Someone send her my email address, please: — I’ll take her.

  2. bing

    I would still gladely do her.

  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra
    Foaming Solvent
    Commented on this photo:

    Upon request, I would marinate my sizable manhood in her vaginal mucus.

  4. CardinalFang

    2 words will get her all the attention she needs: Playboy spread. And not one of those holding things in from of her naughty bits sessions, but a full nude spread.

  5. Fletch

    I’m not a big fan of tree trunk legs on women but I guess I’d take one for the team. She is still smoking hot from the chest up.

    • Hugh Gentry

      except for her big fat upper arms

      • doodles

        Oh please. If she walked up to you and asked to marry her you would because she’s got money.

        I won’t be fooled by you overly critical males on this site. You’d bang anything that moved and we all know it.

      • Crabby Old Guy

        @doodles – who said that they had to “move”? I mean, I’ll be honest, in the dark, they’re all lovely.

      • Fletch

        No doodles, there are actually places the little Fletch will not go even if I’m there.

      • Weirdo

        I’d still give her a mercy fuck. I’d hit that hard in the a-hole then go straight to the mouth.

  6. I would mary her just to get her to shut up about this. she still isn’t that bad looking.

  7. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Remember when these awesome cans used to be on a 110 pound body ?
    We call those, “the salad days”

  8. Joey Chestnut

    Yeah, what the hell? The awesomeness of her rack is obscured by her overall “haggard housewife with four kids” look she’s working here?

  9. So, of course, here she is last night flailing her breasts around in case anyone forgot just how big and awesome they are. From reading this in the post, I expected revealing pics of her tits and cleavage. I must say, I’m very disappointed.

  10. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  11. The good doctof

    I could easily spend a weekend in the sack with her, happily motorboating away.

  12. PoorMaryKelly

    There has to be a Federline soulmate out there just for her to get pregnant by and support for the rest of her life. She just hasn’t found him yet. I suggest looking in trailer parks, fast food restaurants, playgrounds, and on any street that a grown ass man can be found riding a child’s bicycle. Once she finds him she’ll never be able to get rid of him. A Federline’s for keeps.

  13. Before Playboy magazine fold up its tent, they better offer this chick a few million to expose those tits. Fuck you Hef if you can’t close this deal.

  14. Crabby Old Guy

    She still looks oh-so-cute. And her sweater puppies are very nice. But, from the waist down, she reminds me of that old SNL skit about the family with the HUGE asses.

  15. Beefarino

    I’d happily motorboat her and dive between those thunderous thighs.

  16. dude

    happily tap dat ass

  17. Oh Hell No

    You must be some blind muther fuckers….she’s still smokin hot…

  18. dontkillthemessenger

    Any guy (or woman for that matter) who wouldn’t hit that is obviously allergic to vagina.

  19. Nick

    Hey JLH, how you doin’ baby? I’ve got three things picked out for you to suck on. Hit me up, I was on local TV once.

  20. Heisenberg

    This woman is super hot, not sure why you guys are hating on her. She probably has the best boobs in Hollywood. She may be loopy as far as her love life goes, but I would hit that in a second.

  21. yeah, right

    I’ll assume all you guys who say you’d ‘hit it’ don’t have rabbits (or any other animal) as pets.

  22. So, to summarize the above discussion:

    “Sure, I’d do her ’cause she has nice tits.”

  23. forrest gump

    strange thing with those legs?

  24. skuddles

    what do you mean GETTING desperate?? She’s been desperate for YEARS

  25. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    Good enough to eat.

    Down there.

  26. The Inspector

    She is either horrible in bed or doesn’t like sex at all (or both). That’s the only reason someone like jamie kennedy would pass on someone that hot. Men can tolerate crazy and great in bed but crazy and only wants to talk all night is a dealbreaker…even if they are attached to DD’s.

  27. CranAppleSnapple

    I don’t get it. She’s not very pretty; big nose, weird chin, weird teeth, pear-shaped massive ass,
    and that godawful movie Heartbreakers showed that her norgs are actually as scary as Tori Spelling’s. How is she hot, when there are actual beauties out there to compare her to? For example, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Connelly.
    Is her insanity the draw?

  28. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra
    Commented on this photo:

    I love her Valentino bag! Must be tough being rich.

  29. Brandon Craimer

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, I’m an avid fan of her! Is she that desperate to pick up some dudes around. Maybe she has some reason and I hope it is for good.
    Strathclyde Associates

  30. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bra
    Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    I just came all over my face…

  31. David Lusk

    Jennifer Love Hewitt will always be the hottest woman EVER!!!!

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