Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant

June 4th, 2013 // 43 Comments
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Welp, she finally trapped a man. There’s no running away now, mister! MUAHAHAH- Oh, right planes exist. Us Weekly reports:

“We’re so thrilled and happy to start a family,” the Client List costars tell Us in a statement. A source says Hewitt is about three months along.
The couple began dating 15 months ago after reconnecting on the set of their hit Lifetime show; they previously appeared on the short-lived NBC series Love Bites. Hewitt was previously engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, whom she began dating in 2005. They called it quits in late 2008 and Hewitt went on to date her Ghost Whisperer costar Jamie Kennedy from 2009 to 2010.

Asked if Brian had chosen one of Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s three pre-selected engagement rings, the actress responded, “Well, we discussed it and agreed that this was a nice trade-off. So fortunately I’m not the type of person to passive-aggressively obsess over something to the point where I become so intolerable even Jamie Kennedy gets tired of having sex with me. I mean, why would I do such a thing, right, Brian? Why? Why, Brian? Why? WHY WHY WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY!?!”

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  1. The original butter face, except now its butter everything.

    • Randal

      Congratulations are certainly in order to our Lady in Red!

      Jennifer is a stunning beauty, full of charisma, wit and intelligence – it doesn’t hurt that she also takes good care of herself – and will do amazingly well as a mother.

      All the best to a healthy six more months for you and your baby!


      • Stop piggybacking on the first comment and post on your own like the rest of us, you fucking tool. You are not special.

      • I have to disagree. Randal IS special. I’m a huge fan of his subtle brand of satire.

      • And I’m a fan of a lot of commenters’ humor here, but that doesn’t give them all the right to put their stuff up top by “replying” to the first comment.

        So your comment will be 30 posts down, Randal. Oh noes! People won’t see your stuff right away! Suck it up.

      • Enidaj

        Is this a competition of some sort for useless internet points?

  2. alex

    She is going to be HUGE… WOW HUGE!

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    cant wait to see how big her milk jugs get

  4. Weeblo

    Wow finally got ridden for long enough that someone could take her squeeling

  5. unless this brian character you’re rambling about is actually identified, i’m calling turkey baster shenanigans.

  6. I wonder what Satan uses for a nose on his snowmen?

  7. Just wait till you see the meat on the hoof at about eight months. If Kardashian is a cow right now, Jennie will be a freaking Buffalo.

  8. Us Weekly said: “The couple began dating 15 months ago after reconnecting on the set of their hit Lifetime show”. Aren’t the words “Lifetime” and “hit” mutually exclusive?

  9. I yelled “its a trap!” but he didnt listen.

  10. Deacon Jones

    Somewhere, between sobbing and eating on a private jet between Paris and New York, Kim K just breathed a sigh of relief.

  11. grobpilot

    Is this going to be one of those celebrity pregnancies that seems to last two years or, a lightning-fast pregnancy that lasts a couple days? Seems to me that Holly Madison’s pregnancy had the gestational period of an elephant.

    • development is delayed when the mother is dead inside.


    • Ron Jeremy's condom

      Hopfully it will be less than it was for Hilary Duff; that shit just seem to go on FOREVER…

      • Shannon

        Jesus, Mary, & Joseph ; let’s hope it doesn’t go on that long. The only pregnancy that lasted longer than her’s was that character from Family Guy who was pregnant for something like six years. And even then the Guinness Record Board had to be called in to make the final decision.

      • mike

        who is hilary duff?

  12. Congratulations Jennifer. This is gonna be hilarious.

  13. Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage Spandex Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    I know very little about female anatomy, obviously, but them titties are going to get bigger in a few months, right? I need to stock up on hand lotion and tissues…

  14. Why do I get the feeling that she’s going to be immediately scrapping the whole “figure shaping elastic dress” concept that makes up 99.99% of her wardrobe, and fully embracing “sweatpants and tshirts”?

    • Dr. JFever

      With her fashion sense this will be fun. If the Kcow wore a sofa covering then this chick will need to dig deep to top it.

  15. anonymous

    It’s actually funny that no where in the statement issued to Us nor the blurb following states the name of the father. Yet, it mentions a couple guys she dated before him. That doesn’t bode well for the dad .

  16. Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage Spandex Dress
    An Honest
    Commented on this photo:

    everything is ill-fitting here.

  17. JO JO

    shes gonna get Kartrashian big!

  18. crb

    this will end well.

    ::grabs popcorn::

  19. I can’t wait to hear what kind of moronic celebutard name she comes up with for the baby.
    If it’s a boy: Metrotaculus
    If it’s a girl: Vajazzle

  20. elgringo

    Career over.

  21. Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage Spandex Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    In a related story, the Herve Leger Company has released the following statement:

    “First, there’s a worldwide Spandex shortage, already. Second, it will be a mechanical engineering impossibility. And finally, Ms. Love Hewitt will likely generate her own gravitational field, making the risk of implosion, and injury to the unborn child, unavoidable.

    So, in a word, No.”

  22. goober

    She’s hot, but she’s an idiot.

  23. Jenn

    If she has morning sickness, her titties could shrink. A horrible tragedy, I know. No worries, those bitches rebound, with interest.

  24. I want to live in the world that all you calling her ugly and/or fat are in.

  25. Damnit…there goes just one more fantasy down the old drain.

  26. thats great news, good for them! You can tell she’s wanted this so badly. hope things work out.

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