Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Director Now

Jennifer Love Hewitt can’t even wear deodorant right and used to let Jamie Kennedy see her naked, so it only makes sense she thinks she can direct a movie now. Via The Huffington Post:

Variety reported on Friday that Love Hewitt, who stars in the CBS series ‘The Ghost Whisperer,’ will make her directorial debut in ghost thriller ‘Wait Till Helen Comes.’
Love Hewitt has directed a number of episodes of ‘Ghost Whisperer’ over the past two years, and is dating Alex Beh, who is an actor/director himself.

Oh, good, she’s dating a director. For a minute there I thought the only thing she’d bring to the table was being allowed to play with the cameras on the set of The Ghost Whisperer. But dating a director? That’s like film school in your vagina.

JENNIFER: Am I directing?
PRODUCER: That’s a soda machine.
JENNIFER: Oh. — What about now?
PRODUCER: Water fountain.
JENNIFER: I see. — Can I go back to my trailer and wonder why men won’t marry me?
PRODUCER: I already laid out the bear claws.

Photos: Splash News