Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Freezing Her Eggs, Probably Not A Bad Idea

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an attractive woman with phenomenal breasts that may or may not be worth $5 million, yet somehow she’s crazy enough that men apparently won’t ejaculate into her vagina without a condom on. So ever the eternal optimist, she’s now contemplating freezing her eggs in hopes that she’ll.. reverse age and not be 40 soon? Us Weekly reports:

The unlucky-in-love actress — whose exes include John Mayer, Patrick Wilson, Carson Daly, Jamie Kennedy, Alex Beh, Wilmer Valderrama and ex-fiance Ross McCall — “feels worried that she will end up single, since none of her relationships have been successful,” the source continues.
Hewitt merely wants to have options, the source adds, saying, “If it doesn’t work out with Brian, she can still be a mom one day.”
The actress hasn’t exactly been quiet about her quest to become a parent. “I would love to have babies. I’m obsessed with babies,” Hewitt told Us in 2010. “I would love to have them one day.”

Holy shit, she’s doing this while dating somebody? I can’t imagine why he hasn’t popped the question.

“Hey, honey, could you c’mere for a sec- oh, never mind, I see your ovulating into the freezer.” *flushes ring down the toilet*

Then again, I guess I should give Jennifer Love Hewitt credit for not poking holes in condoms or “forgetting” to take her pill unless he’s reading this right now going, “Wait. You can do that?!” In which case, haha, I’m joking! Everyone knows babies only come from motorboating bloggers then not harvesting their semen in their sleep.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN