Jennifer Love Hewitt Makes Out With ‘Bachelorette’ Rejects Now, Of Course

August 9th, 2011 // 38 Comments

When you’ve essentially relinquished all sense of shame and dignity to compete on a reality show for a woman’s hand in marriage, making out with a lonely celebrity who already has three engagement rings for you to choose from is either a slight step up or not that far of a drop down. I go back and forth. Life & Style reports:

Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn’t been shy about her feelings for Ashley Hebert reject Ben Flajnik. “OMG! Ben F [accept] my final rose!!!” she excitedly tweeted on Aug. 2, a day after Ashley dumped Ben for JP Rosenbaum. “Gotta book a flight to Sonoma!!!”
Guess what? She wasn’t joking. Life & Style can reveal that the actress flew to San Francisco on Aug. 6 for a sexy date with the 28-year-old winemaker. The two hung out at San Francisco hot spot Lion’s Pub. “Ben from The Bachelorette is making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt,” one eyewitness claimed.

You know what I love most about this story? That Jennifer Love Hewitt sits at home watching reality TV by herself, dreaming she’s one of the contestants. (Or apparently picking them out of a catalog.) Which is strange because have I mentioned she carries three engagement rings around for men to choose from or she has psychotic episode? She carries three engagement rings around for men to choose from or she has psychotic episode. I can’t tell you how much men love that, especially on the first date. Give us that crazy upfront, so we know how quickly to jump out the window after sex. “Let’s see, I only got laid because I agreed to choose an engagement ring from her purse as soon as we said ‘hello,’ so better not even bother with pants. Pants are a casualty.”

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  1. Got it

    goblin ears

  2. Lion O

    Chunky monkey

  3. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bachelorette Make Out
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice acne, didn’t she used to be a ProActive spokesperson? JLH – if you hang out with chunky people you’re going to stay chunky.

  4. Frank Burns

    So what, I got three rings too – one in the bathtub, and two on a few shirt collars. Oddly, while I don’t want much to have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I do want to have sex with Tiffani Amber-Thiessen while Jennifer Love Hewitt watches us. Go Bayside!!

  5. It's what's for dinner


  6. J-Love is still a massive step up from Ashley though.

  7. talk about life turning into a three ring circus.. to think i fapped to her in trojan wars. twice

    • consider yourself lucky. i flapped off to her in a lot of movies and almost to all her later episodes of Ghost Whisperer. pretty much if she offered herself to me. i would do her. and the way i see it. if she wanted me to marry her i probably would.

    • “Heartbreakers”, numerous times.

    • Amazing, yes? Nobody was bitching about cellulite then, were they? She’s not that tall, so she gets a little chunky – hey, so what? I love her even if she does like to eat. She’s a damn good comedian and seems to have a really good sense of humor offset as well – I’m still hoping she was really kidding about those three ring choices. If she considers making Ring-Dings choice number four, I’ll keep her forever.

  8. Ben Flajnik
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Described as a “winemaker”.
    Well, that should make her happy. Carry him off to Vegas!

  9. Jennifer Love Hewitt Bachelorette Make Out
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    JLH – stop hanging around with chunky people – that’s no way to make yourself feel better – its best to just lose the weight. And please do something about the acne.

  10. hmna

    I got stuck watching the finale thanks to the missus. Ben is also a near-obsessive when he zeros in on a chick, and is all too ready to be married. This could be a match made in heaven.

    Pardon me while I shudder.

  11. Awww, damn. I actually like her and wish she could’ve relaxed that control sphincter a tad earlier on, because now it’s developed into a tractor beam for locking onto reality shill assholes. When you’re that obsessed about the ring and its presentation and how it has to be perfect for YOU rather than what it really means, kiss being engaged, let alone being married, goodbye.

  12. See Alice

    She is becoming a chunky monkey .

  13. I gotta say it’s a total upgrade for Ben. I saw far more of the Bachelorette than I would admit to even under questioning at Gitmo & it’s definitely an upgrade.

  14. Deacon Jones

    The Chive has old-school gif clips of her bouncing around with here tits out, all 110 pounds of her, back in the day.

    Watch some of them, and then look at these pictures of her. It’s like seeing a hot chick from college 8 years later on Facebook.

  15. Ben Flajnik
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF… This guy uses the picture from his junior year at high school for his headshot? Stay classy, Jenn!

  16. LJ

    Christ, if she’s that desperate she can call me.

  17. Richard McBeef

    Considering anyone that participates in the Bachelorette has to be dumbshit looking to famewhore getting married, this is actually not a bad idea from JLH.

  18. Knippy

    How has no one mentioned the camel toe she is sporting?

  19. cc

    Because only real winners go on The Bachelorette.

  20. Tom

    So why couldn’t she have been guy-crazy back when she was actually hot? Then we might’ve been able to get a half-decent sex tape out of it, at least.

  21. PoorMaryKelly

    I heard come Fleet Week in NYC, she’s the first bitch on the dock. It’s like a soldier buffet.

  22. jlover


  23. chester

    Why do I suddenly have a hankering for two scoops of raisins, a giant cup of coffee, and small side of roast beef?

  24. Justin

    He looks like her brother from Can’t hardly wait that tries to make a move…

  25. Sterling

    What is hilarious of all your comments is that you are all ASSUMING (and you know what it translate to when you ASS U ME) that what is written here is the truth. PULEASE….whatever it takes to sell an ad they will make up stuff and all you sheep will reply….A-mazing!

    • What’s hilarious is that you read the same blog and assume (you know, ASS U ME) that you alone know what the Fish writes might be less than 100% accurate. PULEASE – rarely have I seen someone with such an elevated sense of themselves, based on so very, very little. It’s a GOSSIP BLOG – gossip by definition is rumor, not fact, based. See, some of us actually read thissite because the blog writer is witty and we like to see what our fellow posters have come up with in the way of commentary. You seem to be the only one who’s obsessed about ads and what the almighty “they” (who exactly?) are manipulating yuo to do and how you won’t be being gulled by it all – whule you’re posting on the blog wou’re too smart to be caught up in. Feeling sheepish yet?

  26. Ben Flajnik
    Commented on this photo:

    Really? That guy gets laid?

  27. Nobody

    Is her head getting smaller or is her neck getting fatter? I can’t decide.

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