Jennifer Love Hewitt Makes Out With ‘Bachelorette’ Rejects Now, Of Course

When you’ve essentially relinquished all sense of shame and dignity to compete on a reality show for a woman’s hand in marriage, making out with a lonely celebrity who already has three engagement rings for you to choose from is either a slight step up or not that far of a drop down. I go back and forth. Life & Style reports:

Jennifer Love Hewitt hasn’t been shy about her feelings for Ashley Hebert reject Ben Flajnik. “OMG! Ben F [accept] my final rose!!!” she excitedly tweeted on Aug. 2, a day after Ashley dumped Ben for JP Rosenbaum. “Gotta book a flight to Sonoma!!!”
Guess what? She wasn’t joking. Life & Style can reveal that the actress flew to San Francisco on Aug. 6 for a sexy date with the 28-year-old winemaker. The two hung out at San Francisco hot spot Lion’s Pub. “Ben from The Bachelorette is making out with Jennifer Love Hewitt,” one eyewitness claimed.

You know what I love most about this story? That Jennifer Love Hewitt sits at home watching reality TV by herself, dreaming she’s one of the contestants. (Or apparently picking them out of a catalog.) Which is strange because have I mentioned she carries three engagement rings around for men to choose from or she has psychotic episode? She carries three engagement rings around for men to choose from or she has psychotic episode. I can’t tell you how much men love that, especially on the first date. Give us that crazy upfront, so we know how quickly to jump out the window after sex. “Let’s see, I only got laid because I agreed to choose an engagement ring from her purse as soon as we said ‘hello,’ so better not even bother with pants. Pants are a casualty.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News