Jennifer Love Hewitt Stalked Ben Flajnik, Is How That Story Really Went

“Okay, Husband Locator app, you cost $39.99, and led me to a VFW, but I believe in you.

So the story about Jennifer Love Hewitt making out with The Bachelorette contestant Ben Flajnik has finally taken a turn into a more realistic and likely Scenario Land. Turns out she was just stalking him which is really the only way to interpret these words coming out of her mouth. Via Us Magazine:

During the show’s August 1 finale, Hewitt, 32, tweeted that she needed to “book a flight to Sonoma,” which is where Flajnik lives and works. The actress explained her cyber-flirting to Seacrest, saying: “I was looking for something pop culture to tweet about… Things got blown out of proportion… I have nothing to say except I’m totally single!”
Seacrest’s cohost, Ellen K., asked the Can’t Hardly Wait Star: “Did you make out with [Ben]?”
Hewitt laughingly answered that “Rumors are rumors… We did meet, but totally by coincidence.”
Hewitt told Seacrest the duo just happened to be at the same place at the same time.

When reached for comment, a government official would only tell me that Ben Flajnik had been taken to a secure location under an assumed name. “Somewhere far away from those rings,” he added. “Those damn, dirty rings…”

Photo: Flynet, WENN