Jennifer Lopez Wore This

May 26th, 2011 // 43 Comments

Oh, look, another post about a singing contest. “For we are all but dancers to the bounce of Simon Cowell‘s man-boobs…” – Mark Twain

Here’s Jennifer Lopez walking the red carpet for the season finale of American Idol because she’s the real star of the show. Yes, Country Clay Aiken might be the talk of the moment, but did he wear a nude-colored outfit making it look like he has a massive pubic region? No, no he didn’t. You learn that on the block, puto.

Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. God is Black

    Introducing the Latin Pear!

  2. Betwixt and be Twain

    “I absolutely adore phony quotations.”
    -A. Lincoln

  3. chrisj

    A little more camel toe would have made this outfit a winner. Now, its just another loser, like Obama and the Democrats.

  4. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
    Commented on this photo:

    wheres the ass shot? FAIL!!!!

    • old man

      agreed. this side profile is the closest we get. It also features the obligatory black dude photobombing with his eyes that say it all.

  5. Suck_it!

    puto puto puto, where did you get that? I loved it!

  6. BigHead86

    wheres the ass shot??!!!!

  7. Looks like the outfit Kari from Mythbusters wore when they took a cast of her ass. Butt shot or it didn’t happen!

  8. Ten bucks that thing had a skidmark on it when she took it off.

  9. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
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  10. Jeremy Feist

    I call this ensemble: Camel Taupe.

  11. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
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  12. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
    Commented on this photo:

    So that’s what those trapped Chilean miners were digging for: Enough sparkly rocks to cover that huge ass.

  13. That is one hot 40 something piece of puerto rican ass right there. I wouldn’t think twice about putting my head between those legs and pleasuring her.

  14. the captain

    yuo still believe her ass is insred?
    ……..NAIVE AMERICA, can’t miss.

  15. cc

    Hmmm, dressing in dried Cream of Wheat is in this year?

  16. How's my roughing? call (718)915-0476

    That backside is more elusive than the scarlet pimpernel. Are these paps on her payroll?..

  17. It had to be said

    It seems like this outfit should be sexy, but somehow it just . . . isn’t.

  18. She went full body Spanx. Nobody goes full body Spanx.

  19. Colin

    The phrase “camel toe” has never been more appropriate, given the color and the fact that she has a hump.

  20. UnholyKrep

    So is this look supposed to be “giant rustic sausage” or “pebbly two legged sexual toy”?

  21. linzie

    She’s rockin’ the chocolate flavoured condom look

  22. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
    53-Jared Jet Browne
    Commented on this photo:

    J-Lo is the most beautiful women in world, as true. Others, out to coffee

  23. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She looks hideous! Doing her usual sneering for the camera. She looks like a fat sequined sausage with a bad blonde weave. Its over JHO, just go home and act like you love those ghastly children of yours.

  24. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Finale
    Commented on this photo:

    I would love to make sweet sweet love to her, maybe even put a nice blonde baby in her

  25. Cookie

    Slim Goodbody, brave and true…

  26. Arzach

    No ass shot, no cameltoe, meh!

  27. BarbieSamBarrry

    thats UGLY! >.>

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