Jennifer Lopez’s New Boyfriend Sued For Raping a Minor and Giving Her An STD

“Call me later. We’ll rape out.”

As soon as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they were separating, rumors immediately started that she was having an affair with William Levy who starred in her video for “I’m Into You” and conveniently divorced his wife right after the shoot. However, he’s since denied the relationship this morning which is disappointing once you hear how romantic he is. Via RadarOnline:

The court documents state that on July 19, 2010: “Through deception and trickery Levy, with the aid of several members of his entrourage, lured Plaintiff back to the Hilton Hotel in Glendale. Plaintiff, who was infatuated with Levy – a rising star of international renown for his work on Spanish language telenovelas – wanted his autograph. During the course of their conversation at a Hilton restaurant, Levy invited Plaintiff to a private room for discussion. Defendant then maneuvered himself so that Plaintiff could not walk in any direction without passing Defendant.”
The alleged victim, is a minor, and is withholding her name. The complaint goes on to state that Levy “forced Plaintiff to perform [sex act] on him, strangling her in the process. He ejaculated in her mouth, on her person, through which he transmitted a sexual disease to plaintiff. Plaintiff was subsequently taken to urgent care at Concentra Medical Center by a friend.”

How is that not a step up from looking into Skeletor’s empty eye sockets as he thrusts on top of you, swearing to destroy He-Man and rule all of Eternia? Fuck it, I’m calling her right now. You don’t let a guy like this get away. *picks up phone* Hello, operator? Get me Jennifer Lopez, it’s an emergency. Tell her I found- no! Tell her, love is on the line.

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