Jennifer Lopez Will Sue Anyone Who Clearly Saw Casper Smart Walking In and Out of a Peep Show

August 2nd, 2012 // 30 Comments
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Casper Smart Peep Show
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Just over a week ago Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend, Casper Smart, disproved his surname by walking into a peep show in front of at least one person standing across the street breathlessly clicking away on a fancy image replicating machine, or “photographer” to anyone with functioning brain cells. Turns out JLo didn’t like that very much and is now threatening to sue some tabloids that couldn’t just be happy showing these pics of him clearly walking into and back out of a shop with giant neon sign that says ‘Peep Show.’ E! Online reports:

Jennifer Lopez is fighting back at tabloid reports that her boyfriend, Beau “Casper” Smart, recently visited a so-called “exotic massage parlor” and a gay porn shop in New York City.

I’m not really sure how gay porn or exotic massage got tossed into the mix, but that’s not the great part of the story here. According to their reps, Casper was just getting touch-up work done on some tattoos.

The hottie dancer had the “Love Hate” tattoos that he has spelled out in between his fingers changed to “Love Hard,” according to the source.

“Yeah tattoos, that’s the ticket,” John Travolta added in defense, “I once had a tattoo artist offer me some completely heterosexual assplay. I clapped my buttcheeks in protest right in his beautiful, chiseled face and got the hell out of there, but then these mudslingers got a hold of the story you know how that goes…”

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  1. Kono Kalakaua

    The day before her birthday – he’s likely getting her a giant vibrator at the very least . Wasn’t Casper a male dancer anyway? why would we be shocked if he enjoys looking at other male bodies ?

    • John Manicote

      He was seen leaving with a gas – power 3 Hp vibrator as you noticed ” these old broads need a lot of stimulation to get off ”
      when asked if he thought the unit was big enough , he showed the 26 attachments that come with the unit . He then showed the bolt – on supercharger that gave a 1 HP boost for ” those tough evening “

      • Rob Bailey

        Are you a virgin? Everyone knows mature women get off easier … they reach their sexual prime in their late 30s-to-mid-40s.

      • Anon

        It’s not that they reach their sexual prime at 30s/40s…they are just grateful that someone wants to still have sex with them once asses get wider, stomaches get lumpier and boobs start to droop south.

      • Toby Weymiller

        My Korean wife reached her prime at age 14.

  2. Bravo, fish. The last visual with Travolta had me laughing out loud…

  3. mrsmass

    the couple has an attorney? bullshit. she can’t sue someone for something they reported about someone else.

    • Joe

      In her world she can, as we predicted once Jlo was fired from Idol that she would be returning to be the queen of the tabloids, filled with lies and drama

  4. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Deny Peep Show Massage Parlor Rumors
    King Diamond
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it her 70th?

  5. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Deny Peep Show Massage Parlor Rumors
    Commented on this photo:

    This guy? A backup dancer AND gay?


  6. Marie

    No she won’t sue, just like so many other celebs who are trying to hide the truth they THREATEN to sue and go to court but RARELY if EVER do. It’s a common offensive tactic by the rich and famous to make it look like they are so innocent and the story/ rumor so wrong that they are willing to sue. There isn’t enough room or time in this comment to list all the celebs just in the last year or two alone that have publicly threatened to sue or have their day in court and NEVER followed through (Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Chris Martin et al. and most recently…Tom Cruise threatening to sue The Enquirer). It’s usually bides them enough time to spin the facts and or buy off people behind the scenes and make them go away…temporarily.

  7. Cressida

    What virile young man wouldn’t worship a much-married, significantly older diva with 2 kids running around underfoot … unless she wasn’t rich? Just asking –

  8. El Jefe

    I knew the write up by E! was paid for by JLo the minute I read “hottie dancer”.

  9. Here’s the real question: why is Photo Boy doing all the work today? Did Fish call in drunk?

    • Hugh Evers

      Photo Boy has finally come into his own. Fish can officially go on a full time bender. And that is saying a ton because Fish established himself as the gold standard for aimless vagina and dick humor eons ago.

    • You can tell when Fish is drinking. He goes on a Twitter bender. Like this Monday.

  10. FudgeSticks

    Hasn’t anyone told that little asshole you can get all that shit on the internet now?

    • Schmidtler

      He was just doing what J-Lo told him to do, and you know that anybody over 65 years old is clueless about the internet. She probably gave him 2 nickels when she sent him out to the dildo store so he’d have trolley car fare each way.

  11. Cock Dr

    That she even commented on this shows just how insecure she is with the relationship.
    Bang it hard while it lasts JLo because nothing does, no matter how many times you take him to the truck dealership for a bonus to his dancer’s salary.

  12. EricLr

    In his defense, the logical place to go if you want Love Hard on your fingers is a gay porn store.

  13. Cressida

    He loves you for YOU, honey. Really. Really. Really …

  14. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Deny Peep Show Massage Parlor Rumors
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it me or is thiss guy starting to resemble Marc Anthony? Does she look for dead-looking guys or is that a result of being with her?!

  15. Odious _One

    It’s just a job for Casper ! so what if he’s a semi – closeted dancer who’s pretending to be deeply in love with JLO. Worse things have been done in the name of a job. I’ll bet the coal miners in West Virginia would trade places with Casper in a heartbeat , even if it is JLO.
    Casper is kind of a fairy name , isn’t it ?

  16. She Stinks!

    Another report said he got haircut upstairs, and had to go to an ATM machine, and it was in the porn store. Yeah, right. JHO Bag continues to fill the press with her lies.

    • Pat C.

      Wouldn’t the guy who took the pictures know how long they were there? If it was 3 minutes, I’d say “ATM”. If it was more than 10 minutes, I’d say “peepshow”.

  17. I just went back to the other day’s post and looked through all those pics. If you could get tatoos done in that store wouldn’t they advertise it somewhere on the door / wall? ANYWHERE? It says absolutely nothing about tatoos, only peep show, sex toys, etc. As a matter of fact it looks like the entrance to the peep show is entirely seperate to the sex shop. The sex shop is on the ground floor and has a seperate entrance – the door to the “peep show” goes upstairs, which is where HE went. Surely if the place offered tatoos they would get more walk-in business if they advertised the fact somewhere on the entrance, duhhhh. Do they REALLY think we’re that frikkin’ CLUELESS?? He went to a gay peep show and was cruising! He even adjusted his pants / package when he came out!!!

  18. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Deny Peep Show Massage Parlor Rumors
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s just sad now.

  19. Jennifer Lopez Casper Smart Deny Peep Show Massage Parlor Rumors
    Commented on this photo:

    This headline literally made me laugh out loud, thank you

  20. HoneyWest

    Its just sad how big of a liar this Casper is, he did go to a xxx 24hr. peepshow and he’s trying to deny that he didn’t go there. J.Lo is really embarrassed about this whole thing, she’s really shaken up about it. I feel sorry for her and her kids, I really do. That goes to show how immature he really is, he should’ve been more careful going there in broad daylight, how dumb can you get? And threatening to sue the tabloids! What For? Don’t try to fight a battle you can’t win, pictures don’t lie! You’ll end up losing and pauing legal the rest of your life, its not worth it. Its plain and simple You were caught now deal with it! DUMP HIM ASAP!

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