Jennifer Lopez Had No Idea She Sang ‘Happy Birthday’ To An Evil Dictator

Jennifer Lopez is in some shit after singing “Happy Birthday” at a private performance to Turkmenistan dictator Gurbledonguly Birdmanrishnakhov (Nailed it.) who happens to be second only to North Korea in running an oppressive government regime that tortures and imprisons political dissenters and journalists. A fact JLo claims she had no idea about when she appeased the Chinese oil conglomerate that paid her to be there – This just keeps getting better. – and totally wouldn’t have if she knew you guys would find out. CBS News reports:

The singer and actress performed in the former Soviet bloc country on Saturday night. A statement released Sunday by her publicist to The Associated Press said the event was hosted by the China National Petroleum Corp. and wasn’t a political event.

Lopez’s publicist says the event was vetted by Lopez’s staff: “Had there been knowledge of human rights issues any kind, Jennifer would not have attended.”
The birthday serenade was a last-minute request made by the corporation to Lopez before she took the stage, and she “graciously obliged,” the statement said.

In Jennifer Lopez’s defense, have you seen her perform lately? Because I wouldn’t rule out a CIA coup here. We should let this play out:

Jennifer Lopez Billboard Music Awards

“THE MIGHTY PHOENIX DEMANDS A FREE PRESS. CAW!” *flies over to shrimp bar*

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