Jennifer Lopez’s Sex Tape Looks Hilarious

June 10th, 2011 // 49 Comments

Marc Anthony walked out of an interview with Univision on Wednesday after being asked about Jennifer Lopez‘s ex Ojani Noa releasing a sex tape the two made on their honeymoon, but that’s not why I’m writing this post. If I’m watching this clip correctly, at one point during the “home movie” it looks like Jennifer Lopez bends over and makes her vagina talk like Ace Ventura which I don’t see how anyone can argue isn’t more important than Tracy Morgan wanting to murder gays and/or Russell Crowe’s Penis Holocaust. I don’t even know why I posted about them.

NOTE: Hope you like Spanish, and sorry about the autoplay. I tried everything.

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  1. Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    A girl once told me she could never date a guy with a waist smaller than her own. J Lo seems to be okay with that concept.

  2. Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh please, why and hearing “sex type”? Probably sounds unnecessary.

  3. “Excuse me! May I ASS you a question?”

  4. morga

    jejeje, they called him a flaco

  5. Emmanuel

    He acted really polite I congratulate him

  6. anonym

    minka’s nose is pinched and ugly, with the nose bridge wider than the tip.

  7. aaron

    Hmmm. “Video after the jump” … this was not the video I was looking for.

  8. Bob

    I think he acted admirably considering the complete douchebaggedness of her ex and releasing a tape of the mother of his children like this and having asshole reporters bring it up. Her ex is fucking scum. One thing to have these “leaked” tapes of porn stars like Pam Anderson, Kendra and Kim K (yes I know she’s not a porn star but pretty fucking close) ..who end up approving them and making money hand over fist. This shit is just slimy and gross. Just because you have a gift for singing or acting doesn’t mean the public has some right to look at your uterus.

    • Carla V.

      Here: the world’s smallest violin for your paid troll ass.

    • Ted

      Maybe she shouldn’t have dated and had sex with the guy on camera then, shut the fuck up, it’s her own doing and this Marc Anthony pussy knows who he’s involved with, DEAL WITH IT!

    • Jamie Lynn's Uterus

      make no mistake JHO is a money grubbing whore, and is allowing this to be released, to promote her pathetic career. American Idol is over, and this untalented hag can’t be out of the spotlight for a second. She’s trash. She’s a pig. She’s a horrid vile cunt.

      • bob

        Damn dude is it because she is latina? stop hating ese!

      • matti

        learn how to reply fool

      • matti

        whoops no the system is phukt

      • Ridzwan

        This is insane; if i were Marc Amthony i wud ve do thsaeme. How can he toy with the twins that doesn’t belong to him. Remember it’s another man’s children.He has no right to toy with dem like that. So he better be careful.Am not saying he shud hate dem or something, but not with this. He has to know dat they re another man’s not his.[]

    • Bob

      How is defending a guy’s right to support his wife trolling? How fucked up are you people…damn…the comments are straight off the Hillsboro Baptist website. I get it….everyone remotely attractive who has more than two nickels and whose ever had sex is going to burn in hell. The only people “worthy” are the fat fuck virgins and anorexic headcases living in their parents basements. Nice world. *pukes*

      And the sex on camera with a lover you trusted…wow…if you’ve never had your husband or wife say “come on baby..lemme take a pic” then I feel fucking sorry for your boring ass sex life. Just because others wanna spice up a personal moment doesn’t give you the right to throw them into hell. Fundamentalist psychos.

      • Ech

        Fuck you, Bob. In this day and age, allowing anyone to photograph or tape you naked, half naked, partially naked, or insinuating nakedness is a stupid fucking idea all around, so stop trying to justify nonsense.

  9. puddleduck

    This lizard she’s married to must have something I can’t see, cause he is nasty.

  10. Ed

    He said next question 5- 6 times and the reporter kept asking, of course he walked out. But that probably what she wanted.

    Producer: “If he won’t answer the sex tape questions about his wife at least get him riled up enough to break a window ‘er sumthin’”

  11. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    JHO is letting this get released for publicity. She has seen how famous Kim K and all the other whores became so famous. She’s jealous of their fame. She is an untalented, nasty, fat sloppy worn out used up bitch.

  12. Wait, who is Mark Anthony?

  13. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    I heard he literally throws a hot dog down a hallway and about 30 seconds later she moans softly and in spanlish

  14. OnTheRealThough

    Ohhh baby, that cocaine is a motha. Look at him twitching, can’t stop moving. I guess he really wants to end up like his idol (and look-alike), Hector Lavoe.

  15. the captain

    just look at him.
    imagine his person naked?


  16. Your Aunt Edna

    Do I have to say it?

    “Taco flavored kisses!”

  17. jenn

    so where is this video? this was not the video i was hoping for.

  18. Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    mark o!

    yeh that’s right you can’t say it in front of jennifer.

    yeh! its poll o! yeh! hi mama! its poll o.

  19. Chauncy

    Oh Ben you are so perfect, so spectacularrrrrrrrr in every way.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…This is the vile cunt that thought farting on innocent waitresses and maids was so funny.

    Own it picante pants!!!

  20. Jess

    Holy shit – did you see the cock on her ex? I don’t think I would have left that…

  21. Mikka

    he can’t be el flaco de oro! that was Agustin Lara!! is a shame to compare agustin to marc anthony!

  22. DeviDog USMC

    Aye Chihuahua!

  23. still hit it

    its real. and i think p.diddy’s gun is still lost in it

  24. Mama Pinkus

    which begs the obvious question – does it, er, talk like Ace Ventura with a Hispanic accent?

  25. The Man

    Are you kidding me? This is America! AOL stands for America on Line!! Speak this country’s language which happens to be ENGLISH! If you don’t speak English…learn it! If you don’t want to learn it or are too stupid to learn it, get the “F” out of this country and go back to your impoverished world of Mexico! There is plenty of lettuce and strawberries to pick there! We won’t miss you… really!

    • The Boss

      And you are…? Oh yea, if you want to go to Mexico you have to learn Spanish or dont even think about it, right? lol

    • Mary

      Something is seriously wrong with you, Why are you getting off the subject? That is what is wrong with people, this is about JLO not America ok. Learn to read pay attention knowing English is nothing if you don’t know how to use your brain.

  26. Omen

    WHERE is the uncensored CLIP?

  27. Daviso

    Everyone has skeletons in their closet or have done someting he/she regrets. If any of us are without fault (sin) let him/she cast the first stone. I am quoting this biblical quote because it transcends religion. Marital problems are real and should be private. Jennifer, Marc, I hope both of you can heal from any of your differences and problems. Forever and a day humanity has looked to the skies for power and guidance and that stems from mankind’s innate soul knowing there is something greater than self. look up, piensen. Take care of each other.
    The Tapias

  28. Doralisa

    Damn, gotta say Jlo’s easy she jumps from one husband to another, poor Marc it gotta be hard seeing something like that about your significant other. I hope Jlo cools off her stuff and maybe put it a layoff for a while. I bet you she will be with a new man in a couple of months.

  29. jessica

    Marc Anthony is HOT!!!!!
    J LO’S loss, she might smile but i’m sure she wants him back!!!
    Marc knows why he wanted the divorce..

  30. JJ

    Some of you are dumb.

    You do know Marc Anthony is a wife beater right?

    JLO might not be perfect, but Marc DEFINITELY is not

  31. clhnzy

    dats is 2 bad of him.pals dont u tink she’s goin 2 do somtin stupid,lik set him up.i am affriad so.

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