Jennifer Lopez off American Idol

August 11th, 2010 // 35 Comments

Jennifer Lopez‘s chances of being a judge on American Idol have been axed after she presumably expected FOX to cover her Church of Scientology dues. (I’m on to you.) People reports:

The singer-actress had been closing a deal to be a permanent judge on the show for its upcoming 10th season but the deal fell apart.
“Her demands got out of hand,” says the source. “FOX had just had enough.”

Wow. Jennifer Lopez asked for way too much? What a strange and unpredictable ending. Did M. Night Shymalan have a hand in this? I promise I won’t tell anybody.

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  1. not that i watch past auditions but her voice is fuckin whiny

  2. Internet

    She has the same exact body as my girlfriend.

  3. itshardbeingperfect

    j. lo a diva? go figure….

  4. Taz

    Of the two Jennifer’s on the page today, I’d rather do the other one.

  5. eatme

    american idol is the worst thing to happen to music ever. period.

  6. NeNe

    It is about time that she realize that she ain’t all that. I’m glad that the dumped her ass. My worst fear is that they might bring Simpleton on the show now.

  7. Maybe now I’ll watch it this season. There was no way I was watching with Lopez as a judge.

  8. Alex

    My Fox connections said that rumor has it Rupert Murdoch himself told her to get real. The request that finally did it was that she wanted a private charters for anything while she an active judge. I’m talking everything at will. At anytime. Jets, limos, boats, etc. Murdoch basically told her that the chartering alone would cost more than what they were willing to pay her as a judge. The demands list was incredible, but that was the deal breaker.

    The fact that there is a waiting list of far more qualified and famous people than her ready to accept basic concessions just to be a judge puts her demands dead in the water. She’s living in a fantasy world.

  9. Jennifer Lopez
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder who’s the “bottom” in this relationship.

  10. Randal's Rectum

    Could this fiery latina have a little too much bam-pow-zing for the struggling show. There is only one solution to this host-with-the-most shortage: Perez Hilton to the rescue!

  11. Trixy

    Fucking this nasty insufferable bitch. She has no talent and thinks she’s more than what she really is. She tries to act classy but she’s nothing but a low-life piece of trash.

  12. What a delusional cunt

    Who the fuck does she think she is, to demand planes traines & automobiles? This stupid bitch has been totally irrelvant for decades, yet she obviously thinks she’s important. However, now she’s been publically kicked to the curb by Rupert Murdock, so hopefully everyone will now see her for what she is & not hire her anymore…

  13. Drew

    I’d expect celebrities to start to get a clue that Scientology is a fucking scam after realizing the only people involved with it, have loads of money.

    Oh wait, no I wouldn’t.

  14. Weird Al

    Hell yeah. Kick the trashy bimbo to the curb. The world doesn’t revolve around her. Get in someone with actual talent and no chip on their shoulder.

  15. Sobrietyisacrutch

    I’m trying to think of one thing she’s done that I like.
    I got nothin’.

  16. bitchplease

    Fat ass, zero talent, voice like a cat being whacked against a wall…..hey maybe she might get to the finals?

  17. Blech


    J. Ho slept her way to the top. Such a remarkable achievement.

    This biatch’s 15 minutes are up.

  18. captain america

    it’s pretty much time she and her LUNATIC HUSBAND dissapear for good, folks!!

  19. blockhead

    er , did ya’ll put enough black shadowing around her big square monstrous blockhead ?
    it’s half the size thank gawd!

  20. Jennifer Lopez
    Ben Doverman
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s about time she changed her makeup. She always looked like a mole rat before.

  21. Jennifer Lopez
    Shit Taco
    Commented on this photo:

    taco flavored keeeeeeeeeeeses!!

  22. the voice of reason

    I hate greedy people.

  23. Lissa

    Can’t stand this no-talent “celebrity” or her creepy cadaver husband. Glad FOX her to GTFO.

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