Jennifer Lopez Dumped Casper Smart Back In April

June 6th, 2014 // 10 Comments
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If you’ve been following the Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart fiasco this week, you’re probably under the impression that he’s been cheating on her with transsexual model Sofie Vissa. Except, surprise, Jennifer Lopez’s publicist just confirmed to People that she dumped Casper back in April which is conveniently before all the tranny sexting started:

The pop star, actress and American Idol judge, 44, has split from her boyfriend of 2½ years, choreographer and dancer Casper Smart, a source confirms to PEOPLE.
“They initially split about six weeks ago, but that can take a little time to extricate. But they’ve definitely broken up,” says the source, adding, “The relationship had just run its course.”

So basically Jennifer Lopez couldn’t have been cheated on because she, like, totally dumped Casper back in April, you guys. It was like so obvious. They’re not even AOL Buddies anymore. Duh. (What? I haven’t been near a high school since the incident in a while. Sue me.)

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  1. Donald Sterling

    She could only be Jenny from the block. And he could only love Jenny with the cock. It just wasn’t meant to be.

  2. She didn’t want to be known around town as J “Her boyfriend is on the Down” Lo.

  3. I can’t help thinking that if Casper had hooked up with Fergie instead of JLo, all of this could have been avoided.

  4. ‘The relationship had just run its course’ = The Queen hath become tiréd of the boyflesh, and, in need of younger longpig upon which to feed, severed ties to go snuffle in more fertile pastures.

  5. I knew he looked familiar. I saw this ugly little turd on The Big Bang Theory a few weeks ago and could not place the face. All the time I though it was Mena Suvari’s little gangbanger boyfriend, but it was him the whole time. I assume they want her on the show for an episode so they had to put this thing on it as part of the deal.

  6. cc

    She drove past a junior high and said to herself Fuck it, I can do better than this. And that was the end of Casper.

  7. he was well known to be a queer. why would an attractive woman bother with some fruity dude who like to smoke pole?

  8. FUCK that pisses me off. I’ll have another go at it:

    Fruity? A queer? You do realize that the 1950′s happened sixty years ago, right…? How come you didn’t call him a n*gger, too???

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