Jennifer Lopez Dumped Casper Smart Back In April

If you’ve been following the Jennifer Lopez/Casper Smart fiasco this week, you’re probably under the impression that he’s been cheating on her with transsexual model Sofie Vissa. Except, surprise, Jennifer Lopez’s publicist just confirmed to People that she dumped Casper back in April which is conveniently before all the tranny sexting started:

The pop star, actress and American Idol judge, 44, has split from her boyfriend of 2½ years, choreographer and dancer Casper Smart, a source confirms to PEOPLE.
“They initially split about six weeks ago, but that can take a little time to extricate. But they’ve definitely broken up,” says the source, adding, “The relationship had just run its course.”

So basically Jennifer Lopez couldn’t have been cheated on because she, like, totally dumped Casper back in April, you guys. It was like so obvious. They’re not even AOL Buddies anymore. Duh. (What? I haven’t been near a high school since the incident in a while. Sue me.)

Photos: Getty