Jennifer Lopez ‘Broke Down’ On Stage

October 24th, 2011 // 77 Comments

While performing in Connecticut over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez apparently broke down on stage during the Mohegan Sun’s 15th anniversary celebration which somehow has become a huge story even though it shouldn’t be after you read what led up to her “emotional breakdown.” People reports:

Lopez, 42, then launched into “Until It Beats No More” while dancers re-enacted scenes with the singer and some of the men from her past. A Lopez lookalike danced with guys who looked a lot like her exes Diddy, Cris Judd and Ben Affleck.
The final couple to appear in the spotlight danced much like Lopez and her estranged husband during their American Idol performance in May, just weeks before they announced their split.
After she was done, Lopez told the sold-out crowd, “I took a trip down memory lane” – and then started to cry as the crowd applauded.

So basically a pre-menopausal, recently-divorced woman relived every single one of her failed relationships and broke down crying? My God, what a shocking and unpredictable turn of events. Did she later dab her eyes and say, “I’m okay, I’m okay…”? Because then shit would really be out of hand. I’m afraid to even look outside, everything’s so topsy-turvy.

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  1. Jennifer Lopez
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    I’d hit that.

  2. Jennifer Lopez
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    Two guys to hold her up, and two guys to spot those guys.

  3. Blue

    @Boogie: I don’t think she is that bad. I think she just needs psychological help. Some experiences we had when we were little determine to a large extend how our adult life will be. My father wasn’t the world’s most loving father when I was a kid and even now. Now i’m grown up, i want the love and attention of every man around. I’m never content with just one guy no matter how extraordinarily loving he is. I want to be loved and admired by ALL men. Lol. But thank God that i’m young and smart enough to work on it.

  4. Jennifer Lopez
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    Fat mom ass, nice one Jennifer Oldpez

  5. marisol

    jennifer lopez is great she perfect i been love her since liveing color
    as less she make money and she doing something for her life
    ya just hater her causes she got everything gonna o n with her
    stop bug my jlo leave her alone ya just jealous fool im jlo fan i allways have her sides ya hater need to stop talk shit about my jlo ya stop

  6. jennifer lopez without makeup


  7. Jennifer Lopez
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    Jennifer Lopez is aging badly.She swaps her sagging skin by wearing the skin of young guys and the fur of animals.She is a joke and she is going to get worse.Definitely not a lady who ages gracefully like e.g Kim Basinger

  8. Jennifer Lopez
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    This woman must be out of her mind.She doent have a mirror at home??

  9. Jennifer Lopez
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    She looks like a granny dressed in showgirl outfit.

  10. Jennifer Lopez
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    Evil,evil looks.Please leave showbusiness,for our sake!

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