Jennifer Lopez Is Banging This Kid Now

November 14th, 2011 // 66 Comments

Taking a page from Madonna‘s Guide To Pretending You’re Not An Ancient Evil Plaguing Mankind For Centuries, Jennifer Lopez is reportedly dating 24-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart, according to TMZ. When reached for comment the kid said, “I just want to thank K-Fed for through whom all blessings flow. I wouldn’t even be here today if it weren’t for him looking over me, helping me dance the dance of sweet child sup- What’s that? Menopause? Say that again.”

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  1. Bane

    Looks like someone took a weed eater to his head.

  2. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    the blond one just saw JLo’s thighs…

  3. Vivian

    Hey, if the guy is willing to stick it in her and she’s enjoying it why the hell not, older men get younger women all the time, why not us…

    • Frank Burns

      She just wanted someone who could beat Bieber at “Dance Dance Revolution” on her PlayStation Move. Take that, you north of the border twinkle toes!

    • We might be able to come to an accord…exactly how old ARE you?

    • vivian i m always only dating for like 11 years lol since 17 older lady type,that is it, no 1 is better.

      Mor hotter.
      independent all dat, in the mature sense,can hold a steady convo.
      Know what life is all bout,well the’right older woman”who in other words got it goin on. Younger dude like me love that for long and RARELY date younger chick no need they are boring
      all whiny,all the same IMO and just well boring no convo at all
      and stupid and many are gold diggers,and i am LOOK GOOD as hell,face bod both and most of all personality is what i love most and older women … will one day marry 1 the right one
      with whole pkg.
      hard to find,so let this goofball whose a dancer with Jennifer
      Lopez have fun! straight up. i know she forty two or so but she look still barely late twenties and great in the face younger look
      and women or guys early forties is young older man or woman
      but not old at all.

      I love that.

      peace out
      from Steve Jackson on FACEBOOK


  4. So she’s banging K-Fed now?

  5. Nada

    Let’s see…

    Douchey male gayboy earrings… check!
    Douchey designer “in da hood” haircut… check!
    Douchey stupid reversed peach sign… check!
    Douchey full body tattoos… check!

    Yup, he’s a douche alright…

    • Drew

      The sad thing is, he probably bangs many more gorgeous girls with dancer bodies than anyone judging them on a gossip blog. Unfortunately, most girls (not in denial) like douches.

  6. This is Steve-O’s worst Jackass stunt ever.

  7. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    In NYC you’re not allowed to carry guns to compensate for a small penis, so they just wear really, really large watches.

  8. hey now, he doesn’t need k-fed paving the way. this dumb bitch was married to one of her back-up dancers (chris judd) before anyone else was. and like all of j.lo’s relationships it ended in divorce/break-up because let’s face it, no man can control DAT ASS.

  9. Applied rough tools

    Stop focusing on his age. The connection is between the crop circles on his head and Scientology. What are you waiting for a press release?

  10. So I take it Bradley Cooper decided to pass on falling into the sarlacc pit?

  11. Deacon Jones

    So who was the jokester that photoshopped every pic of him?

    They compressed his entire face into the lower half.

  12. Frank Burns

    Looks like the first gift from sugar mamma J-Lo was a trip to a suburban mall “Hot Topic”.

  13. Venom


  14. Cock Dr

    JLo obviously has outstanding taste in men.

  15. Weirdo

    She sure does spread that nasty pussy around a lot. Too bad it’s to some nasty looking dudes. She must have some severe self esteem issues or her gash really does smell like rotten calimari!

  16. Nobody can resist her taco flavored kisses.

    Someone had to say it.

  17. MJB

    As much as I can’t stand JLo or whatever she calls herself and as much as I’m not for couples with large age discrepancies, it makes more sense for older women to hook up with younger men than vice versa. A woman’s sex drive increases with age while a man’s peaks at about 17.
    That being said, this guy looks like a Jersey Shore reject.

    • Frank Burns

      You tell ‘em, Golden Girl! Thank you for being a friend.

      • MJB

        LOL. Actually, I’m quite far from being a Golden Girl. Just the facts and my own personal experience. None of the older men I’ve dated could keep up with me. But, my male friends who have dated older women said the opposite.

      • TomFrank

        Hmm. I was trying to think of a way to ask you out on here, MJB, but I don’t know anymore…

      • MJB

        @TomFrank: You are too funny. Nah, 40 is a good age. Just be prepared to take some special Chinese herbs for when “the magic happens.” ;) HAHAHAHA

  18. “It takes this many dicks to fill J. Lo’s giant, gaping, ruined vag!”

  19. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    Red Jacket: “…and dude this is how far her cooch will go. It’s like a wizards sleeve. It’s totally Britney Spears down there.”
    Quiff dude: “Awesome…I think???”

  20. DeucePickle

    Cool as Ice

  21. Buddy the Elf

    Her and Madonna can double date now, and all go see Shrek together.

  22. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    Glad to see Charlie Sheen’s Two Mens wardrobe went to a good home.

  23. Hey Jenny from the Block just wanted to show her roots by fucking Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block. He just had to get the modern day version of the New Kids gangster haircut.

    Somewhere Rob Van Winkle is getting a haircut. If he does it right, hes probably fucking Selena Gomez by this time next week.

    Its not about being soft, its about being smaaart. You suckers.

  24. Paul Rodriguez just called. He wants his nose back.

  25. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    nice hair

  26. JP

    He looks like her kid….

  27. somethingoriginal

    31 and doing the same. Well I wouldn’t call it dating. And he’s not a back up dancer. And I’m not on the rebound from Skeletor or any other children’s cartoon villain. But the similarities are there. So much energy.

  28. Does he get his hair cut in a pencil sharpener?

  29. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    He must be mentally ill with a granny complex. Why would he want to hang around J-Slop’s ancient meat curtains? Ick.

  30. Just think, when she was legally allowed to drink, he was still learning how to form sentences.

  31. Samael

    Any red blooded male would want to have sex with her. She is a beautiful woman! She is also insane and that makes her even hotter. She certainly doesn’t look 42 either.

    I’ve banged a woman with a similar age difference and she wasn’t shy, she knew what she wanted and how to do and dammit she baked me cookies when were done.

    I’d be jealous of this kid if he wasn’t completely gay.

  32. Because the first back up dancer worked out so well……. She seems to have a thing for men that are actually smaller than she is. Wonder if that’s so she can feel like the boss… Can almost see the dollar signs gleaming in his eyes! It’s sad she’s humping her employees behind the stage more than she’s in her children’s room pretending to be a mother. She looks old next to that little chipmunk.

  33. lagris

    wow hes young.
    i guess madonna is finished with him then?

  34. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    The guy on the right is shocked at how incredibly stupid the guy on the left’s face is.

  35. Gredman

    May as well be a younger guy banging her. Guys her age want younger women anyway. She’s gotta bang somebody! Lol

  36. skuddles

    Did you say banging this kid or birthing this kid?

  37. browny

    Listen, I can’t stand JLO and this guy looks a total dick. However, fish needs to get over the whole ‘menopause’ thing. I mean, either keep mentioning it AND mention that men need viagra to keep it up after a certain age or stfu about it. JLO isn’t near menopause and even if she were, so what?? Fish, you’re showing your gayness and it aint nice.

  38. Beatriz

    I went to high school with this kid! Western High class 2005!

  39. Man, those Jersey Shore guys really do get all the chicks.

  40. Michelle

    Jon Cryer 20 years ago with terrible hair.

  41. this is a firend of cathryns just quit your not reliseing u dont just become an entre-puner at forty something u r born with it so while ur wiv ur psycic witches next time u see them she would like her fashion ideas back aswell oh and dont harass her u have o so much more to hide than she quickly get married she doesnt need ur spot either and ur rapper crews just poeds

  42. he’s like a love child of vinny from jersey shore and the joker…

  43. zory

    JLO looks Middle-age aroundthis kid..this kid looks like her son..she looks like his sugar Momma., jlo is 42 and this kid looks 15!! his soo ugly and creepy looking and most of all he looks like a Idoiot. his look is of a kid.,
    JLo lack alot of self Confidence, Intelligence…cope with with aging with class..she is looking so Desperate..just a another Madonna sorry to say., this hookup is so Pathetic and Annoying a middle-age crises for JLO-ha ha. grow old Gracefully cope with aging., she is lossing alot of respect of all her fans and peers.,

  44. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
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  45. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
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  46. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Donald Trump
    Commented on this photo:

    Casper may have a hot bod – but his face is FUGLY!

  47. j lo with no make up

    Get that b*tch a car. B*tches love cars.

  48. Jennifer Lopez Rumored Boyfriend Casper Smart
    Commented on this photo:

    the BEAUTY J.LO AND THE BEAST “him” the dancer boy!!!!She is to up for him!!! he dont deserve her!!!!!!

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