We Get It, Jennifer Lopez. You’re Single.

September 26th, 2011 // 125 Comments

Fresh off of pretending Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors are tripping over themselves to sample her pollo fundido – I almost said enchilada, but it just seemed racist. – here’s Jennifer Lopez performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas over the weekend where she also agreed to a paid appearance at PURE nightclub. Because apparently the prospect of money outweighed stooping to the same level as the Kardashian, the cast of Jersey Shore and Douchebeard and Sexbot. That said, if JLo peacocked any harder in these photos, feathers would shoot out of Marc Anthony‘s ass. We get it, lady, old means experience. Way to act like nobody has a friend with a mom going through “the change.”

Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. Ay Dios mio

    - and a flamingo. In heat.

  2. And you have a flabby ass. Now that you’re single go get that thing in shape.

  3. She looks like a Muppet from the back.

  4. oh i know

    the term “blow back” comes to mind….

  5. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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  6. Sporange

    Funny thing; when Fish said ‘Sexbot and Douchebag’ I thought it was Courtney Stoddard and her skeevy old creep – I was truly surprised that it pulled-up Heidi Montag and her skeevy less-old creep.

    One the upside I am hoping that means their 15 minutes are up. Hopefully all of them.

    • Sporange

      Ah – it says ‘douchebeard’, so my fault… But I was realy reluctant to look at the screen for too long for fear of that giant ass burning my retinas.

  7. Ay Dios mio

    Her ass is undergoing what doctors term as ‘the droop of age’, and it’s staring directly at Kim Kardashian

  8. Keith

    How old is this battle axe? Attention women over 35: NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU (unless you are lightening our load by raising our spawn and taking care of our menial chores).

    • $10 says you haven’t been laid in over a year.

    • How the fuck old are you…14? Men OVER 35 — and possibly a few under 35 — care. If no one cares, how is it that just this past April she was voted by People magazine the most beautiful woman alive?

      Even if you disagree with that, you gotta admit that someone must give a shit for her to get that many votes.

      Fucking young people don’t know shit from a good grade of butter.

    • Choc Donut

      I dont like the look of these photos. That ass doesnt look that bad behind fishnets at 100 paces, but there’s some kind of splotchy mottling going on there, and besides, I know this chick is a mom. Since my gf isn’t but is over 30, and is still hot, why care about J-old? I’m gonna look at Olivia Munn if I want to get a fantasy boner, not this skeezix.

      Plus, the skanky ‘pay attention to me’ act of this is what is less attractive than her age, or her aging ass, or shrivelled boobs. The fact she has zero singing talent is also not attractive. This makes it look like it was her fault, not Marc Anthony’s, and that means she can’t stay in her marriage for her kids, which is the best card a mom has. it’s called respect.

      She isn’t attractive by behavior in older age, and she sure isnt hot like dirty young hot, so it’s done like it always was, except for that giant once firm behind Affleck got to ride. In the wedding planner, oh yeah, marry me tonight.
      This chick rode on Selena’s coattails, and sold a Disney version of hispanic life to the world, and her music always sucked. Her acting, much better. But this stage stuff reeks of desperation, and won’t be allowed to continue, because she can’t bring em in like a real talent could. Price of fame. Can’t get out ahead. Gotta have more and embarass yourself.

      She should be doing movies, not this slop.

      • a pornstar

        nothing says stupid, like what you just wrote. If you are going to re write War and Peace, at least, get your G.E.D.


      I’m sure you are a menial chore.

  9. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
    Satan's bitch
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    Jen! Behind you! It’s Chris Brown! Quick, peep his cell.

  10. eeo

    her nalgas arent what they used to be.

  11. Was, is, always will be, low rent.

  12. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    “Imma get all three of these fingas in her, y’all! Den I going fer da ASS!”

  13. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    You’d think those guys would be sweaty from all the backup dancing, but in reality, her ass is just that heavy.

  14. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    “Oh yeah! I can party like I am still Jenney from the block! Whew…I need a glass of champagne…and it BETTER be served in a crystal glass at EXACTLY 52 degrees!”

  15. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    It’s a sad day when the black guy has moved to the foreground and is no longer saying anything about you with his eyes.

  16. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    I bet the throne in her batroom looks exactly the same.

  17. Frank Burns

    Who ordered the canned hams?

  18. Burrito. Taco taco. Burrito. Taco. Taco taco.
    Don’t think just because I got a lot of money,
    I’ll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey.
    Fulfill all your wishes
    with my taco-flavored kisses.

  19. smadgie

    Pathetic…way to NOT go gracefully in to middle age. Ass shot is truly awful. I agree with most posts…she over. Exit stage right please.


      She’s SO over. I guess she feels she can only regain her former glory in this way because this behavior is the only way she got all that glory in the first place. It’s like she believes she was never away from the spotlight and that her marriage and kids never happened. She’s just going to start up where she left off with no detectable growth in her character and by God she’s going to show everybody who forgot about her that she still has it.

      The problem I have with a lot of these comments is that the only reasons she made it all those years ago were superficial ones, just like Kim K. (though not nearly as bad), but now all those that value and push all this worthless fakery on the rest of us are turning against their creation like she has some god damned nerve to think she has any relevance anymore. She made it because of her ass and the propensity to show it off, she was placed at the top of the womanhood heap as an example for all the little girls to emulate as being what men want (and what they want is the only thing that matters), and now…. The word traitor comes to mind.

  20. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
    Ay Dios mio
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    Jennifer, I know you’re feeling all thunderous and all, honey, but.. Uh.. A ‘black’ man is staring ‘away’ from your booty. Yeah, time to pack this up.

  21. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    She should be at home taking care of her kids

  22. Rocky

    Even Steven Tyler woudnt hit it

  23. God, someone has to school some of these broads on aging gracefully. Strutting around like a wannabe tweener peacock is not the way to do it.

    And I’d still hit it.

  24. Mitch

    That ass just made me throw up in my mouth.

    Thanks for the great start to my week.

  25. Cock Dr

    Thus far this is the silliest looking thing I’ve had inflicted on my eyes today.
    The day isn’t over yet though. Bring on the daily “crap” for a final judgement.

  26. gumption

    you are all aware that her ass has always looked this disgusting right? Her face looks the same due to the copious amounts of surgery, fillers and botox plus she hails from the Taco Peoples (I really want a taco now), but her ass has always been disgusting, you all just thought it was nicer because you were told to believe that when she was at her “peak”. Those of us that didnt fall for it always vomited after viewing her tortialls flaps.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Well said. She never has a good ass. NEVER. Legs are bad, ass terrible. And she can’t act. A true “triple threat”.

  27. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    She looks like an asshole. midlife crisis anyone?

  28. That Bastard Tony

    Guess she is trying to take up Cher’s mantle… 10 years early and 30 pounds heavier..

  29. Venom

    I hate her, but she is still super rich and bangable, so……yeah.

  30. Coyote

    JLo – Looks more like day old Jello to Me

  31. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    id hit it

  32. See Alice

    The flatulence from that thing must be room clearing .

  33. Savalas

    The concert promo said free ham sandwiches, but it turns all they served was cottage cheese.

  34. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Low class untalented Puerto Rican slut. She is a disgrace to women, her family and her ethnicity. She is truly a PIG!

  35. This is definitely the “before” picture. See all those people cheering? Yeah, the “after” picture is when she turns around and 20,000 people simultaneously puke.

  36. Heisenberg

    You know J-Ho is wearing some type of pantyhose/leggings because at her advanced age, her ass and legs are cellulite ridden.

  37. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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  38. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    Trying tooo hard…old bitch, shoulda stayed with the one man who would put up with her!

  39. Jay Green

    is it 1998 again? If not, who gives a shit about hey-ho?

  40. right

    A hoodrat that f’d the right guys to get where she is. Cover that old worn out ass up bitch.

    • michelle

      how many guys have YOU fucked and how much do YOU make now? exactly! don’t hate she did what she had to do to get to where she is now stupid!

  41. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    I’m glad to know it is possible to get rid of the cellulite. Jen had plenty of it last year on her thighs. Unless these are shopped, she looks great.

    • Meh

      Those are magic industrial strength lift and smooth pantyhoses dude, They would make Snooki’s ass look smoth and pert. Bitch is still cottage city. The solution is to have J-whore cut a hole in those pantyhose or rather with material that strong burn a hole in the crotch so you can do her withotu being grossed out by the cheese.

  42. What makes me shudder is the possibility that this picture was snapped when her cheeks were on the upswing.


      That’s the thing about this picture. She’s dancing hard so her big butt is in motion. That’s why it looks misshapen. If you went to a fashion runway site and saw the stills of the 18 year old skinny models walking the way they are supposed to in order to make the clothes flow you will see lots of misshapen-looking thighs. Besides, if most of the people on here were to stand in the position JLo’s in (head and arm flung back, tail bone tucked in, hips thrust forward) their fannies would be hanging down about mid back thigh, even the flat ones.

  43. Arzach

    Tremendo culo!

  44. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    Enchiladas is a Mexican dish. JLO is Puerto Rican you racist idiot.

  45. forrest gump

    pssssssssst: me either……………………

  46. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    pathetic, she is trying so hard to prove she still has it

  47. lol pathetic

    This ugly, ghetto, overrated and overpaid narcissistic cunt really hates animals, doesn’t she? After fur, now it’s time to wear the feathers of innocent murdered peacocks. She looks so pathetic, trying to prove she still has it lmao

  48. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    When cheeks attack the backs of knees.

  49. Jennifer Lopez Butt iHeartRadio Vegas Partying Single
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    JLO introduces her new fragrance “Desperation”.

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