Jennifer Lopez Thinks ‘American Idol’ Won’t Replace Her (They Are)

June 29th, 2011 // 41 Comments

Even before this season of American Idol ended, Jennifer Lopez has been saying she’s not sure if she’s coming back which pretty much everyone recognizes is a giant cash grab. And it probably would’ve worked had she not pulled similar bullshit last year while Idol producers were plucking her out of a career nose-dive, yet inexplicably handed her $12 million to sit in a chair and occasionally say words. Popeater reports:

“‘Idol’ has resurrected her much-stalled music career,” one music exec tells me, referring to ‘On the Floor,’ the singer’s first radio hit in a while. “Likewise, ‘Idol’ didn’t fall apart when Simon left and Jennifer has to get some of the credit for that. But let’s also remember the show didn’t increase in ratings and that is also thanks to J.Lo.”
Jennifer told the BBC: “I loved ‘Idol,’ but I have a lot of other things happening, and it’s going to come down to me making a choice of what I want to do for the next year … We’re not really at the breaking point of ‘You have to make a decision right now!’”
Be careful, Jennifer, I’m being told the names Shania Twain and Shakira are already being mentioned in hopes of bringing in viewers!

Or they could pay Charlie Sheen $100,000 cash for an entire season – which he’d take – saving the show millions and allowing it to air a season where you sing right or a drug addict shivs you in the goddamn face while claiming he’s the Vatican. But that’s just me and my knack for quality television. “You know, I liked that song, but it’s not one for the record books, so I’m going to have to eat your children which should give you more time to stop sucking. Steven, cut me a line, and Randy, you voted for Obama, so shut your yap or I cut you open and stomp on your entrails outside a castle.”

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  1. Cock Dr

    I think that People magazine cover has totally gone to her head.

  2. They could replace her with Cartman. I’d watch that.

  3. Twelve fucking million. Cluck cluck.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    Cover up her hair and holy chins that’s a dude.

  5. KWDragon

    “J-Lo is an ungrateful bitch” would have been a more concise title for this post. In fact, it could have been the entire post. Same story, fewer details.

  6. I agree with Fish. Put Charlie Sheen on the show and have it called, “American Idol: Pornstar Edition,” just like they did with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” I mean it would still be about singing, but now all the losers could be offered a career in porn, like so many of the other aspiring starlets, who come straight off the bus to Hollywood.

  7. See Alice

    She has the same ass as Rikishi Phatu .

  8. As god is my witness…if they replaced her with Charlie Sheen, I would watch every goddamn episode of that TV abortion…fucking WINNING!

  9. rican

    I can’t wait for her to fade away, with the lizard.

  10. misterfister

    She’s has no talent and her husband looks like a cricket.

  11. Clarence Beeks

    she is SO ungrateful Her career was in the fucking toilet before she got this opportunity. She should have at least done 1 more season.

    such a cunt.

    • Stuve

      Do you REALLY want to see her on another season?

      Dislike this bitch so much. Tranny looking one day and meh looking Hispanic another. Nasally fake laugh. Annoying voice. CANNOT SING BUT JUDGES a singing competition?? Has some attachment issues and insecurites that made her jump from Puffy to being engaged to Ben Affleck to being wed to Chris Judd to marrying Skeletor.

      I say good riddance (not that I fucking watch the show).

  12. Richard McBeef

    cant sing
    cant act

    is fat assing a talent?

  13. boing

    id rather see george lopez

  14. Butch Coolidge

    Someone is really in love with themselves !

  15. Wesly Trent- Wainright

    New video is horrid !
    This could be a career – ender !

  16. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    No talent ego driven delusional cunt. She seems to think people will follow her career after she leaves this show! haha! She is a disgusting hateful bitch.

  17. Venom

    I would come back and offer her $2 million which is what he deserves and tell her to take a flying leap if she did not like it.

  18. Racer X

    Fuck that conceited cunt.

    /that’s why Kim Kardashian has a better ass than you old hag

  19. right

    She now has more time to work on her crappy show, South Beach Tow.

  20. Blech

    What J-Lo was trying to say was “neigh, neigh, neeeigh, neighneighneigh.”

  21. tlmck

    All Idol needs is a pretty face to read the crap that is put in front of them known as stock answer A, B, or C. That’s they way it has always been.

    Heck, they ought to get Seacrest’s GF.

  22. the one

    “Hustler” & “Playboy” do……………

  23. Alice

    Would it if shakira was a judge instead of jlo

  24. Jennifer Lopez
    Herman Bumfudle
    Commented on this photo:

    wow! those little legs look so delicious.

  25. lilo fug

    she looks like any of my aunts in their 40′s, still beautiful, but the body is very changed.

    its only that rich husband of hers who still sees her as an icon and insists shes presented and paid as so.

    • her husband may be rich but his music sucks just like his (ex) wife and her stupid boyfriend which im sorry but u need 2 at least wait a year before move on! Or am i wrong?

  26. lilo fug

    they need a wake up call that the american public doesnt see her that way.

  27. Jennifer Lopez
    Commented on this photo:


  28. l kennedy

    This has been should be offered a return to Idol for 100k per show, what were the producers thinking with this little talent (remember the in living color fly girls) no one?

  29. Canada Guy

    With Steven Tyler getting all the laughs, all she did to get attention was to cry. She rarerly gave negative advice even when the singers blew chucks. Get rid of the diva and get Shania on there! STAT!

  30. Charlie Sheen is psyco!!!And knows nothing bout music! Get beyonce or Joan Rivers or Adele

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