Jennifer Lawrence Will Talk About Butt Plugs Now

December 19th, 2013 // 26 Comments
Jennifer Lawrence Conan
WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Had A Butt Plug Stash

Earlier this morning I was informed that America is Sodom and Gomorrah now, and lo and behold, here’s Jennifer Lawrence talking about her “copious amounts of butt plugs” on Conan last night because she’s simply delightful. That said, my apologies for posting two hard-hitting pieces of journalism in a row this close to Christmas. We’re supposed to be about tits and dick jokes. You’re right.


  1. Joe Benya

    Butt plugs are underrated. Good to her Jennifer enjoys them.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Reminds of when the hotel maid used to neatly reorganize the piles of cocaine and weed on the living room table every afternoon after partying all night/morning in Jamaica..

  3. Frank Burns

    America isn’t Gomorrah, however, it is located in Missouri:

  4. I’m worried that you use “hard hitting journalism” with a straight face.

  5. Sure, Jennifer. They were a “joke gift”. I believe you.

    Bonus to this, now I have the image of Jennifer using butt plugs. Who am I bullshitting? I already had that image in my head.

  6. I love her, but that haircut is not working for her at all. :-(

  7. cc

    My money is on it being a bullshit story created solely to entertain the masses on late night tv,

    • It is and it works, she always comes up with these stories that make her seem endearing and people eat it up. I think she is a shitty actress, but she is cute and very nice, so I am okay with her success in very much the same way as Selena Gomez. I’d rather someone like them be successful than dipshits like Bieber or Jaden Smith.

  8. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    I’m getting to like this woman more and more. Now, for a live demonstration, please? Please?

  9. Love this woman. oh bradley cooper, how could you turn that down?

  10. She’s cute and all, and her addiction to self-pleasuring herself in the keister is super-hot, but she’s annoying to listen to.

  11. Me

    She’s adorable. I love her. :p

  12. trudat

    This bitch be mugly as shit. Gonna be a whale by 30.

  13. butt plugs prevent me from using my suppository…

  14. Ginger Failed

    I’ve never understood her appeal. It must be that all-American butt-plug fetish the kids identify with.

  15. anonym

    overrated actor, but I’d plug her butt

  16. J Law, can I call you that, this XMAS you should totally buy Taylor Swift a sybian orgasm machine. She probably needs one not only that she can have parties with her girlfriends.

  17. It’s a trap! What hotel would she stay at where you could slide anything under a bed? All nice hotels have metal frames to block guests from leaving items, including those items that could be used to plug a Death Star.

  18. master yoda

    She’s a hoot. Fearless, funny, smart and cute as can be.

  19. Freebie

    What a refreshing difference from Lohan, Miley and the rest. Just love her.

  20. martina

    Seriously, who wouldn’t want to do her ass? Including herself?

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