Jennifer Lawrence Ripped Her Dress, Made Everyone Google Her Old MTV Promo

January 28th, 2013 // 22 Comments

Despite Meryl Streep injecting her with pneumonia to teach her respect, Jennifer Lawrence made it to last night’s SAG Awards where she not only won, but managed to rip her dress on her way to the podium before revealing she got her SAG card from starring in a promo for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16. So basically she shot gallons of Internet stories from her breasts all over Meryl’s face. That’s really the only way to look at it.


So here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s My Super Sweet 16 promo that Viacom immediately yanked off of YouTube after everyone Googled it last night. Fortunately, they made an official MTV embed available that will probably aggregate your demographic info so they can better market a reality show about gun nuts knocking up teen moms in a New Jersey beach house. America’s A Shithole, I believe they’ll call it:


And here’s Jennifer Lawrence’s “wardrobe malfunction” if you consider a dress separating like it’s supposed to then snapping right back into place after revealing absolutely nothing a “malfunction.” And I wouldn’t blame you if you did. The sexual possibilities are practically endless:

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  1. oh, that “malfunction” is intentional–it’s just a convenient multi-purpose dress…rip it at the crotch there as she did and you can go straight from the SAG awards to the AVN awards.

  2. Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
    Cock Dr
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    She’s cute but that dress is a navy blue snoozer.

  3. Freebie

    She is so fresh and beautiful. She didn’t rip her dress, it was a two piece and I guess because she stepped on it when she tripped it came apart. She handled it gracefully. Love her.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    Needs 1000X more dress ripping.

  5. Jennifer Lawrence Justin Timberlake Bradley Cooper SAG Awards
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    justin timberlake making a last grasp at relevance.

    • BB

      Lawrence so far outclasses both of those tools they don’t even have any business standing next to her in tandem. Especially not TImberlake. I’d successfully forgotten about him until this. What an asshole.

      • Eh…while I have no liking for Timberlake, I wouldn’t exactly call Lawrence anything special.

      • winter

        he does not out class or out shine anyone fyi she is plain looking and nothing special.. she is what 20-24? but looks much older.. and her voice is unattractive as well as her face.

    • zomgbie, you seem to be forgetting that masterpiece of a single that he just churned out.
      *puts gun in mouth*

  6. She is cute and sweet and a decent actress, but Oscar caliber she is not. She has just been anointed as the current IT girl and is getting all these awards and accolades that she really does not deserve.

  7. Jennifer Lawrence Robert De Niro SAG Awards
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    ” so Robert are you ready for that blowjob i promised you”?

  8. Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
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    Does anybody else think she looks like a retard when she smiles ?

  9. mel

    i have a desperate (and embarrassing) desire to spend a good hour or so sniffing this gal’s bum!

  10. whatever dogg

    When it separated she shoulda just snatched off the bottom part right there & wore it hooker short the rest of the night. She’d add to her wacky reputation, and I’d pop a boner, it’s win-win.

  11. Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
    Toe Jam
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    Does anyone else get a lesbian vibe from her? No? Just me I guess. Either way, she’s definitely hot.

  12. just a girl

    Her dress didnt rip…its not really a two piece either..its a connected two piece if that makes sense..the part that you saw was a sheer piece that holds the shirt together to the rest of the dress..Ive worn a dress like that and its just a way to make the dress layered…she just grabbed her dress to lift up so she could walk up the stairs, and unfortunately the bottom part slipped out of her hands making it look like it ripped :)

  13. I think she’s gorgeous. I think she’s talented. I think it’s a total drag that we haven’t gotten to see any exposed flesh from her lovely lady parts.

    Those of you who don’t like her have the right to your own opinion. You also have the right to eat shit and die.

  14. Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
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    It’s good to have an it girl that isn’t a piece of shit with verbal diarrhea. I’m looking at you Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Paris Hilton do I need to go on?

  15. winter

    If she wasnt an actress I doubt anyone would give her a second look, she sounds like a man and has a very plain face. and her acting is only so so ..nothing special here ,move along move along!

  16. Jennifer Lawrence SAG Awards
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