Jennifer Lawrence Has Leaked Nudes (Yes, That Jennifer Lawrence)

August 31st, 2014 // 67 Comments
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UPDATE: Naked pictures? What naked pictures? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Baby Jesus’ birthday isn’t until December, but apparently his dad looked down upon the Internet and went, “Eh, fuck it, Labor Day’s close enough,” because here are leaked nude photos that popped up on reddit and are ALLEGEDLY (If I could make that blink, I would.) of Jennifer Lawrence. Although none of them are confirmed, and I for one, am certainly not saying that, yes, they are specifically the labia of Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence star of The Hunger Games. That would be reckless and irresponsible. I will, however, say that it was definitely Gwyneth Paltrow who leaked these. They had the distinct smell of sandalwood quiche.

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  1. Ed

    There VIDEOS too! Not released yet but here’s the proof

    Apparently there’s a facial video, but I’m not buying that until it’s leaked

    • GB

      there are like 4 stills of that. sure looks like her. I can totally bust a nut to her nude pics but the semen covered face and semen bubbles in her mouth are a boner killer for me. it’s like never wanting to believe your wife or gf can take a dump like the rest of us. anybody with me on this?

  2. LaToya

    Oh boy, is it really J-Law? Or Photoshopped? Whew! I wonder how Chris Martin reacts to this. Nevertheless, jet-black hair looks good on her!

    Get your pregnancy gag items and other prank stuff at! :D

  3. tee

    I know this site loves boobs, but photos that were hacked and stolen.. don’t you have any ethics or morals? This site’s becoming one of those revenge porn sites– you’re gleeful in another’s humiliation.

    • cybrrble

      Shrug – works for me. But I always thought her boobs were bigger. Guess I can’t use these as an excuse to demand a refund!

  4. Ed

    There’s apparently a screen shot of a list of hacked pics this guy has. There’s a ton of people from A to Z. Candice Swapoel is on the list.

    This guy leaked that chick Mckayla Macaroni, or what ever. She’s 15, I think. This guy’s in some deep shit. I hope he releases the Candice pics before the feds get him

    • Hmm

      Well “Macaroni” is currently 18 years old for one so they would have to prove when they were taken. Also “Macaroni” would have to admit they were real, something she is unlikely to do, so…

      • Ed

        Definitely underage though. This guy has been collecting these for years. According to Mary Elizabeth Winstead, those pictures were from “years ago”

      • Guest

        They were stolen from iCloud, old pics could have still been there despite deleting them however long ago from a phone.

    • cc

      ‘Candice Swapoel is on the list.’


  5. Thank you, universe.

  6. Ed

    Here’s the list of celebs that have been hacked

  7. lovecraft

    There is a story on the Huffington Post about this and they say a rep for Jennifer Lawrence said the pictures are real. Mary Elizabeth Winstead even went on her twitter and admitted her pictures were real and shame on you for looking at them.

    • cybrrble

      I just can’t describe how much shame I’m feeling right now. Dunno how I can live with myself

    • Shame, my ass. If you are a celebrity and still stupid enough to let photos like this be taken, don’t bitch when exactly what you would expect to happen happens.

      • tee

        Yeah, when you take photos with your personal property, you definitely expect someone to hack into your phone to steal and distribute them online for profit. Regular people do it, too, except only a-hole ex-boyfriends seem to be shitty enough to leak them.

      • anonymous

        Don’t take naked pics….then you will never have to worry about it.

        If you do take naked pics, expect that one day someone will find them and if you are rich and famous, expect them on the internet.

    • Winstead – Scream Queen trying to become a household name.

  8. Note to self, buy stock in aloe as soon as the markets open.

  9. Ed

    Kate Upton’s pic just got leaked. Massive tits

  10. Ed

    Victoria Justice said that hers pics are fake, and I believe her, but now this guys leaking more pics and it’s definitely her.

  11. Ed

    Guy put up an edited Aubrey Plaza nude. Tits and vag.

  12. Hmm

    LMAO, they are calling it The Fappening. You gotta love the Internet.

  13. Ed

    More Kate Upton. It has the MLB player in it. Legit

  14. Ed

    LMAO at “The Fappening”

  15. lovecraft

    Jennifer is talking about it on her Twitter so the pics of her are 100% authentic.

    • Harley

      She doesn’t have a Twitter account, so whichever one you’re referring to is a fake. However, her rep did confirm that the pictures are real and that Lawrence is seeking legal action against the hacker(s) and anyone who posts the images.

  16. I just…I’m just so happy. This is better than waking up to the smell of bacon.

  17. mx3

    she’s got great tits, a great body, pretty face. nothin’ to be ashamed of. beautiful girl in her natural form!

  18. Jennifer Lawrence Side Boob
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, please, “whatever”, shut your greasy zit-covered face. Yes, we get it, she has very sharp knees, now fuck off.

  19. lovecraft

    Jennifer’s lawyers must be quick because Fish took those pictures down really fast.

    • cybrrble

      Yeah I noticed that lol. But whats the point? He could say he got them on twitter which means they are global now – can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. But I agree Fish probably doesn’t want to be a test case.

      But for a sight that honors boobs, Fish must be having a heart attach esp with Kate Upton’s out there – the Holy Grail of boobs!

  20. I can’t tell you who it is. But you can use your imagination.

  21. Ed

    Tits are too small. Not her in the vid

  22. CJake

    if you want these’ll have to go out on the internet and find them. They will all be gone from easy access sites in a week. Some of the best pics out there for you detectives are..

    Selena Gomez
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Victoria Justice
    Kate Upton

    Not to mention the others. It must be KILLING fish to not be able to post these.

  23. Hmm

    Just saw a new pic of Jennifer Lawrence, umm, wow.

  24. You can’t hack a Polaroid. Just sayin’.

  25. 20 years of internet porn has my penis jaded to the point that celebrity nudes barely merit a “eh, she looks fat”. If they’re not going to do some extreme insertions or shit on a midget, I won’t even remember them tomorrow.

  26. Arlmlo Schlongfooster


  27. Jeff A.

    Lots of fakes mixed in and headless bodyshots although it’s still women…

  28. Mike

    Dammit! I was hoping that they hacked some pics of Bruce Willis. Some anal or feet pics of him.

    Thanks for nothing universe!

  29. Some dude

    In retrospect, preceeding this post with Coco’s naked butt was a real error. Just as I was about to head to the Pirate Bay I caught sight of that monstrosity and thought, ‘you know what? It can wait.’

  30. Cock Dr

    It’s a goddamn happy Labor Day for some of us.
    People complain when the site doesn’t show tits. Hope this shuts their pieholes for a week or 3.

  31. margaret

    Not a big surprise they all look great naked. Ali Michael is delicious in every way.

  32. diegoga

    she’s stunning, really.

  33. Short Round

    Sad that movie advertising has come to this. “Leaked” naked pictures to push the next Hunger Games. To use a beautiful woman in such a way. Enjoying her flawless body while pretentiously complaining about the moral decay. But after seconds of intense soul searching I have decided… I think I can live with it.

  34. Apparently the photos are every where now. One of the pictures of J Law looks suspect. Anyone see the one with here wearing tennis shoes and equating on the leather chair. To me that looks like a photo shopped face on a different body.

  35. These leaks are epic. Looks like I chose the perfect week to take a vacation.

  36. AndrewMacCloud

    The sperm facials of Jennifer are simply hilarious
    Worthy of a second Oscar nomination..

    pictures can still be found on the piratebay under the title The.Fappening… Don’t miss it

  37. GB

    Anyone know how old Ali Michael was in her pics? She looks very young in some.

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