Jennifer Lawrence Is Probably Banging Michael Fassbender Right Now

Jennifer Lawrence has been cleaning up in the awards department, so why not in the gigantic penis going into her vagina department? It’s 2013, girlfriends are doing for themselves! Or Michael Fassbender if you want to get technical which, of course, you would. Nothing’s EVER good enough. Via RadarOnline:

The 35-year-old actor, who earned plaudits for his depiction of a sex addict in the critically-acclaimed Shame, managed to charm Jennifer, 22, at The Weinstein Party after the BAFTA Awards in London on Sunday, is exclusively reporting.
And, Jennifer was so smitten by the charming star that the pair is planning a date night soon!
“Michael and Jennifer were locked in conversation for a long time, he was charming the pants off her,” an eyewitness at the party reveals.

And by charming the pants off her, they mean Michael Fassbender played one of those Indian flute dealies while his penis physically removed her pants. But, seriously, I thought these two already banged while making X-Men: First Class and January Jones got pregnant from the after-splash. Could’ve sworn that was the official story.

h/t Todd

Photos: Getty, Splash News