Jennifer Lawrence Will Completely Lose Her Shit If You Tell Her A Spoiler

January 21st, 2014 // 7 Comments

In case the Internet needed more proof that Jennifer Lawrence is its one, true love, here she is going absolutely fangirl while meeting Damian Lewis before proceeding to completely lose her shit after the Access Hollywood anchors tell her a massive Homeland spoiler. At one point, she’s genuinely crying which, for the record, I did not do when Bob Borreli spoiled an episode Breaking Bad for me on Facebook. I simply held a deep-seated grudge that will one day manifest itself in ritualistic violence. Two totally different things.

WARNING: Contains Homeland: Season Three spoiler. Obviously.

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence Cleavage SAG Awards
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  2. Jennifer Lawrence Cleavage SAG Awards
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    That’s the same expression and pose her unofficial sex doll has.

  3. Will the “ritualistic violence” toward involve rum? Please, let it involve rum.

  4. Why is she so fucking adorable. Jennifer, you’re kind of ruining it for me here. I’m trying to be a cynical asshole on the internet and reduce every celebrity to their physical appearance. But your personality is making me fall for you.

    Help me out here. Give me something to hate you for. Date Justin Beiber or something. I don’t do well with any emotion that’s not hatred.

    • Yeah, I don't think so

      You’re a moron.

    • Really ?

      Me too. I want her to be a shitty person…but, she’s genuinely excited to meet him and then clearly broken that she knows the end of her fave show.

      This from a girl who’s breaking records for oscar nominations and just made a movie with Christian Bale ffs.

      So yeah…count me in the fan column now too.

  5. Kristin1979

    She does seem rather fake… I da know, sometimes she seems genuine and other times she seems really cheesy and over the top. I want to keep liking her but she also rubs me the wrong way sometimes too… I da know (when she’s on, she’s ON)

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