Your Internet Girlfriend Photobombed Taylor Swift

January 13th, 2014 // 22 Comments

For those of you who live real lives instead of a candy-coated titty land where moral decay and excess rule the day, the Golden Globes were last night and, holy shit, were they boring as fuck. So we’re going to get through them as quickly as possible starting with Internet darling Jennifer Lawrence Photobombing Taylor Swift who for some reason got to sit at Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep‘s table. And by some reason, I mean she’s Satan’s daughter. She practically came right out and told us.

Jennifer Lawrence Taylor Swift Photobomb Golden Globes

GIF: Maggie- but LIVE / Photos: Getty


  1. JimBB

    What a shame that we were distracted, and therefore missed out on Taylor Swift’s insightful observations to Ryan Seacrest on the nature of social vs. moral justice, man’s role in the universe, and assorted other topics.

  2. Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Long hair is better but she’s still super cute.
    Nice jewelry…wow check out the emerald rock on her hand.

  3. NUTS

    I love the glance from Seacrest like “oh God, what are you doing?”

  4. YaY?

    Taylor Swift is a cunt.

  5. truth

    holey Moley

  6. Jennifer sensed her evil and decided to walk away.

  7. cc

    What a crock of shit. I saw American Hustle…she didn’t deserve a damn thing. Her performance was capable, at best. Worthy of an award? Hardly.

    • Louis

      Agreed, she is so overrated and mediocre.

    • Seriously, one of the most overrated actresses ever. She is nowhere near the caliber of true top tier actresses and it is a joke and an insult to them to keep giving this chick awards. Fuck, she got out-acted by damn near everyone in the Hunger Games movies including Josh Hutcherson, who quite frankly is a terrible actor.

      You have actresses like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett and then this chick, WTF?

      • Apparently someone, who has more influence than those of us on The Superficial, thinks differently. And more power to ‘em. I like her.

      • I never said I don’t like her, she just can’t act worth shit. She has no business winning awards for best actress when she is nowhere near the caliber of actresses like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench and a host of others way more talented than she is.

        People will eventually get tired of her and she will fade away and they will replace her with the next it girl. Search for “Jennifer Lawrence Overrated” on the internet and social media, it is not just me, half the damn internet thinks she is overrated.

      • Charmed

        Punch in anything/anyone popular + overrated and you’ll get a shitload of results. Selectively isolating areas of public opinion doesn’t buy you anything.

        My own opinion – I’ve thought she was good in the films I’ve seen her in but I’m sick of her press-schtick. There’s this attitude from commentators that going against expectations/the grain is somehow keeping it real and down to earth, when it’s really just another way to draw attention to yourself.

        She’s playing the same game as everyone else, no matter how adorable the first or second story about her may have seemed.

  8. Mary

    Is anybody else sick of the Jennifer Lawrence hype?

    • Beer for thought

      Nope, I have a feeling she will always be awesome. Over-hyped maybe, but that’s not exactly her fault.

  9. Gary

    Two of the most untalented, media hyped people in Hollywood

  10. ↑ The inevitable, predictable backlash.

  11. anonym

    I think jennifer is very annoying and overrated.

  12. anon

    OMG people who cares does she affect you in ANY way…no. So why care what she does with her life, it’s not like you’re going to marry her, it’s not like anyone’s asking you to be her best friend. Personally I have an undecided opinion on Lawrence, but that doesn’t mean that you can throw all this crap that is dumb and doesn’t mean nothing into her face. Like wtf has she done to you? Does her life affect you? Uhm no?!?!?! SO STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT AND LIVE YOUR LIVES AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT CELEBRITIES ARE DOING

  13. Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes
    Commented on this photo:

    Short hair has gotta go.

  14. Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Chubby, America has guys too!

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