Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Broke Up, If That Does Anything for You

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have reportedly called it quits after dating for about a year. Does this mean you can date her? I don’t know… Try to woo her the same way Darren did and pitch her an on-the-nose religious allegory script and maybe she’ll give you a shot. While I’ve always had respect for both of their talents, I never really understood what the hell a smoke show like J Law was doing with a guy 21 years older than her who is one scarf away from a separate closet dedicated only to fedoras.

But don’t worry, everybody… They’re not driving the proverbial fuel truck off the tarmac with this relationship. ET reports the breakup was “amicable.”

A source says the breakup happened last month. It was an amicable split and they remain friends. Another source tells ET the pair’s last public sighting was at the Governors Awards in LA on Nov. 11 and although the two were already broken up, they sat together and were friendly. It’s not awkward, the source adds. (from ET)

That’s what happens when you date someone who could technically be your dad. There’s no bullshit when it’s time to walk away. Aronofsky knows what it means to say “if you love it let it go.” Now that Chris Pratt can finally dick anyone he wants, he wants what’s best for his daughter girlfriend…

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