1. The alleged photo posted by an alleged hacker, that Weiner “can’t say for absolute certain isn’t a photo of him”.

    What does it say about the guy that not only can’t he identify his own underwear, but he’s completely lost track of how many photos he’s taking of his throbbing package.

  2. fapappy

    Wait a minute bro..Thats my Junk, What the Hell are you doing with my skin hammer? I swear you’d better send it back or so help me… My wife will grant me use of my balls, and there will be trouble mister. Should never have gotten that detachable penis in the first place..Guess I had to learn the hard way.

  3. newt gingrich

    he’s waiting to see who among the GOP side of the aisle “can’t say for absolute certain wouldn’t swallow.”

  4. Cock Dr

    Tony, you didn’t do this right.
    Helpful hint, if you want to show off your throbbing erection get the Hanes underwear out of the way. How the hell do we know what’s under there? A squash? Legos? Bottle of hand lotion?

  5. Dano

    Lady Gaga is up early

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