Jennifer Aniston Said ‘Retard’

August 19th, 2010 // 139 Comments

Because old people say the darnedest things, Jennifer Aniston apparently dropped the “R-word” on Live with Regis and Kelly this morning which has already prompted outrage from organizations for the retarded even though her use of it seems to be pretty accurate to me. Us Magazine reports:

On Live with Regis and Kelly Thursday, the Switch star, 41, was discussing dressing up as Barbra Streisand for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar when she let the word slip.
“You’re playing dress up!” Regis told her. She replied, “Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!”
Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc (a nonprofit advocate for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities), tells it was “extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate.”

I think she summed up acting fairly. Anyway, I love how this is turning into Jennifer Aniston vs. The World month. First, it was Bill O’Reilly, now it’s only a matter of time before Sarah Palin stops defending Dr. Laura for repeatedly saying “nigger” and starts firing shots from a plane at downtown Manhattan. “Racial slurs, yes. Retard, NO! *ratatatatatatatatat*” That being said, if Angelina Jolie isn’t the end boss, this whole thing is officially retarded and I dare the Special Olympics to say otherwise.

I should probably go cut a check.

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  1. Anna Wintour

    She is proof that an average looking woman can be made into perfection. There must be something wrong with her mentally for Brad to have left her. She is physically the ideal for all women.

    Her personality is a little clunky in interviews. She’s lame. But damn, Brad couldn’t look past that? There must be something very very wrong with her upstairs

    just sayin

    • Me

      Sometimes relationships just don’t work. It doesn’t mean that there is something truly messed up about one party, just they weren’t right for each other.

    • ILoveMatureWomen

      That’s why i find her so attractive she comes across as little dorky in her interviews. I like the fact that she is not perfect, needy and insecure. like i said before she needs a strong man that can make her feel loved and wanted, flaws and all

  2. Me again

    Courtney Cox is prettier. But Jen just has the something…

  3. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Just as the Roman empire did not fall to Barbarians but to its own internal decadence, America’s eventual collapse will not be brought by immigrants or hijacked planes, but by its own obsession with that fucking retarded, RETARDED, R*E*T*A*R*D*E*D, REEEHTAWAWAWAAAAARDED political correctness.

    “OMFG, aliens are laser-blasting all of DC and blending prisoners into people-shake!!!”
    “Now now, ‘alien’ is such a derogatory term. You do not want to upset our visitors by dropping names that have acquired negative connotations through use in pop culture. We prefer ‘person of non-terrestrial origin’ if you don’t m…” ZZZZZAP!!!! BLEND!!!! SUCK!!!!

  4. rob frost

    We need to rebel against the P.C. police by saying retard as often as possible.

    I’m personally going to commit to saying it 20 times a day.

    I’ll start now: RETARD.

  5. STFUP

    Anything that might piss off Sarah Palin gets an A-OK from me! Now THERE’S a retard! Wow! lol

  6. nick

    shes a biiiioooootch, who should get her big chin fixed, she looks like half a moon!

  7. yawn

    the irony of this is that the mentally challenged advocates no longer consider the word “retarded” to refer to mentally handicapped individuals.. so cant we have that word back to use the way we’d like?

    its quite a bit different than the other non PC pejoratives.. sometimes the others ARE used to hurt people.. nobody is out to hurt the mentally challenged.

    i see it all as misplaced outrage.

  8. lol

    “Retard” is suddenly un-pc because nowadays shittons of people are having kids with downs syndrome or autism. But frankly, i don’t care… retard is one of my favorite expressions and I’ll never stop using it *waits for all the sanctimonious mommies of retards to start screeching*

  9. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    But nooooooobody said anyting when Obama referred to himself as “bowling for the Special Olympics Team” on Jay Leno????? gimme a break…it’s a word…not a statement….

    • Bored with life

      That’s because that would make you a cross burning racist if you said anything bad about Obama…

  10. RetarsRUs

    Sarah Palin has a little retard; Sarah palin is a retard!! Oh, and so is Chinnifer Manniston!!

  11. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    “Because old people say the darnedest things”? 41 is not old! I’m so sick of people making fun of any actress or celeb that’s over 30 calling them old. What can they do about it? I’m sure if Jennifer could turn back the hands of time she’d do it, most of us would. Why make fun of her as if aging is some failure on her part? It happens to all of us.

  12. Jodi

    BIG WHOOP,she was referring to herself,like she’s the first person to ever use that word.

  13. Nice legs for an ageing superstar! “Keep on truckin” Jennifer! I understand u can make good $ raising Alpacas! U might keep this in mind for when the studios stop callin. Perhaps u should git some mommy jeans Like jessica? How’s the Box on the release , I got 50 down on “Red”

  14. I’m gonna invite all freinds over to watch Sunday nite HBO 7-9pm mdt oh that;’s rgt. they are all working , at least that’s what say anyway%

  15. Stunned

    Wow. Seems as if the ignorant Jen has lots of company. SMH

  16. Eric

    So what? They ARE retards.

  17. come on w/ that comment. who even says the R word. That seems low class, no what I would expect from her. she must use that term in her everyday life to use it so casually. funny, people will remember that for a long time.

    hollywood news

  18. Bored with life

    She is a retard. She’s ugly and has no talent. She’s not worthy to lick Angies ass after having taken a dump.

  19. joe

    I draw the line with Orwellian re-education,
    when it comes to calling an illegal alien…
    a immigrant. Ridiculous!

  20. joe

    Don’t forget to call a Serviceman a service person,
    a policeman is a police person, a fireman a fire person ect. …
    Say it wrong and your sexist. What a steaming load.

  21. Fuck Me!!!

    She could call me a retard all day long if I could kneel between those legs and tongue-fuck her pussy!

  22. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Give me a break. Can we not say anything? I bet she wasn’t saying it to make fun or offend anyone. GET A LIFE PEOPLE

  23. Christi

    It hurts if someone we love is handicapped, or different in any way, when we hear certain words or phrases. But there are hundreds of other offensive words besides the “r” word yet there are no restrictions on them. And they hurt others equally.

    How many of us have said “I didn’t see that sign, I must be blind!!” Or “I didn’t even hear you call me, I must be going deaf”. Do we not care about the blind and deaf? Why do we not say “the b word” for blind or the “d” word for deaf?

    I used to always use the term “brain dead” when talking and couldn’t think of what I wanted to say. “I’m so brain dead, I can’t even think straight”.

    My best friend of 30 years passed away and the term “brain dead” will never sound the same. Even if someone uses it in a light hearted way, just as I used to do, it will always hurt to hear it. It will hurt everyone who loved her for the rest of our lives. But even if someone says the words “brain dead idiot”, I know they are not really attacking my dear friend or brain dead people in general or those who have lost someone in that way. I realize they are just being human. Yes, it bothers me to hear those words but should I expect the rest of the world to not use the term in any capacity? Should they have to start saying the”bd” word for my sake?

    I wish all the words that caused hurt could go away. But that will never happen and we can’t change the world. But we can change how we react to it. We all say words that are hurtful to someone…somewhere. We need to realize that the words that hurt us are no greater than the words that hurt others.

    Until the rest of the world starts saying “bd”word for brain dead ..I will not be saying the “r” word for retarded. Because I am a strong believer in fairness and equality and that just plain old isn’t fair. And I would never use the word with malice. I do not wish to cause hurt to others…but my hurt and the hurt of the people I care about is just as important as the hurt of anyone else.

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