Jennifer Aniston Said ‘Retard’

August 19th, 2010 // 139 Comments

Because old people say the darnedest things, Jennifer Aniston apparently dropped the “R-word” on Live with Regis and Kelly this morning which has already prompted outrage from organizations for the retarded even though her use of it seems to be pretty accurate to me. Us Magazine reports:

On Live with Regis and Kelly Thursday, the Switch star, 41, was discussing dressing up as Barbra Streisand for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar when she let the word slip.
“You’re playing dress up!” Regis told her. She replied, “Yes, I play dress up! I do it for a living, like a retard!”
Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc (a nonprofit advocate for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities), tells it was “extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate.”

I think she summed up acting fairly. Anyway, I love how this is turning into Jennifer Aniston vs. The World month. First, it was Bill O’Reilly, now it’s only a matter of time before Sarah Palin stops defending Dr. Laura for repeatedly saying “nigger” and starts firing shots from a plane at downtown Manhattan. “Racial slurs, yes. Retard, NO! *ratatatatatatatatat*” That being said, if Angelina Jolie isn’t the end boss, this whole thing is officially retarded and I dare the Special Olympics to say otherwise.

I should probably go cut a check.

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    • pOLK

      If she’d flash her beaver for us, I’d give her a pass. But she didn’t, so we get to bash her and her barren womb.

    • Rather

      Exactly. I care about this about as much as I care about someone using the expression, “That’s gay.” which is to say, not at all.

      I have gay family members and I have “mentally challenged” family members, but I’m grounded enough in reality to understand that calling something “gay” or “retarded” does not necessarily mean that the speaker feels hostile towards either group.

      • Lil Bon Bon

        Most of the time words like “retard,” “fag,” or “nigger,” aren’t even used in a pejorative way. They are just terms people use to describe people who did something stupid or are acting annoying.

        Ex:. You friend just dropped soda on your carpet.

        You say: “You fag, look what you just did.”

        It has nothing to do with being gay.

      • Thinking man

        “Rain man” was Tom cruise. I believe horse meant the guy who couldn’t pronounce Raymond (whose name nobody seems to remember but was played by Dustin Hoffman) almost bankrupted a casino.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      If you find this bothersome you you are retarded.

      • RaraAvis

        You are totally correct. “Retard” no longer is related to those who are mentally challenged; it refers to sheer stupidity. The only people raising issues about it’s use are those who make money by calling attention to it.

        I find it more offensive that this moneymaker thinks he speaks for the mentally challenged. I’ve been guardian to my younger sister for decades. I now use that authority to say “STFU, retard”.

      • the word just means slow. it comes from french

      • oops, not slow but late. temporary retardedness on my part..

    • HMmm..

      I bet half the people who will complain about this have children who use the phrase, “that’s so gay”. . well when I was young the phrase was, “that’s so retarded”. It is not appropriate but if it was an ingrained part of your vocabulary and you are in conversation and let your guard down it could slip out. I bet she feels bad and is very unlikely to let it happen again. Kids who use the phrase “that’s go gay” don’t see what is wrong with it. Try explaining it to one of them. Not an excuse but a reason for the behanviour.

  1. Just about everyone on the planet has used that word. Big fucking deal!

  2. Alpha Pablo

    Like it’s horrible or something.
    This morning, I heasrd the same word from three different co-workers.
    Big deal and by the way…. FUCK POLITICAL CORECTNESS!

  3. josh

    She should seriously concentrate on finding a mate somewhere instead of showing herself at frivolous tv shows.

  4. Cock Dr

    We treat some retards where I work. At taxpayer expense of course.
    The director gets all bent out of shape when we use the word retarded, so we use “intellectually disabled” in medical documentation or in his presence, and much, much worse things than ever Jennifer Aniston did when he’s out of earshot.
    Now if Jen has said “ugly assed cross eyed mongoloid motherf*cker” then there might be some justification to the ARC outrage.

    • pOLK

      Glad to see you are posting on the Superificial at taxpayer expense, too, you loser. You make the retards look like geniuses.

      • Cock Dr

        No taxpayer monies are wasted by my postings. Quit your whining.
        The retards are a very separate department…thank god!

      • youreadick

        I hope you die a slow, painful death. Get a new job, fuckwit. You’re not worth the shit on their shoes.

    • Sizzle

      Nah, I know what you mean. In college, I spent two summers working at a camp for disabled adults and kids. To this day, I still refer to it as “‘tard camp,” and most people find that horrifying.

      Whatever, bitches, you didn’t work there. You don’t know how stressful a job like that is. Why do you think most ER doctors have such morbid senses of humor? Called a coping mechanism…

      • Me

        It’s called gallows humor. Many jobs with a high amount of stress have people who engage in it.

      • spreadthewordtoendtheword

        Wow, how horrible…. Were you there for a paycheck, or because you are compassionate?? I think we know the answer to that

  5. God

    It’s only ok when Rush Limbaugh says it.

  6. spon

    Was she talking about herself? Because then it would make sense.

  7. Taz

    open those legs just a little bit more

  8. Randal

    Hate speech is gay.

    Political correctness is the only thing that is truly retarded.

    Randal OUT!

    PS: i am not the real Randal. He’s in Bermuda.

  9. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey. I can use it in a sentence. Follow along:
    Obama is a retard. There. Did the world as we know it end? No, but if the retard keeps pulling the stunts he has been pulling we will be in deep do-do.

  10. When good girls gone rough

    I forgive her. Anything but “COOL” or “UN COOL” to describe a scenario from her…

  11. Eh

    The problem is that it’s using a word that describes a group of people as an insult. It’s really no different than a lot of other derogatory words. Yes it’s accurate, and yeah some people are retards who are not intellectually challenged, but it’s still used as an insult, right? And it is a word referring to a group of people that don’t have a choice about who and what they are.

    And I know if I were a retard, I’d be insulted being compared to Rush Limbaugh.

    • Amy

      Trust me, I know people use the word ‘retard’ as a flippant comment without meaning anything negative. However, I think the issue is it is one thing to use a derogatory term for a group of people who can defend themselves. It is another issue to use a derogatory term for a group of people who have to have others defend them. How can this issue be compared to other groups who can defend themselves. Just a thought from a mother of a child with Down syndrome.

  12. dude!

    uh huh

  13. what an ugly dress. in ten years itll be a moo moo

  14. dude!

    I can use the word retard in a sentence: Obama is a retard. There. Did the world as we know it end? But if the retard keeps spending money like a drunken sailor, we are in deep do-do.

  15. It’s because she worked with Joey.

  16. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    i love you jen. your dress is fucking ugly.

  17. McFeely Smackup

    Since we all agree that we don’t use the word retard to refer to mentally challenged people any more, that frees up the word for us to use for COMPLETELY DIFFERENT people, right?

    Personally, I disagree that “retard” is a perjorative, it’s ACCURATE and it got a bad stigma attached to it because…hold on to your hat…because it was accurate and people wanted new words that sounded LESS like the actual issue.

    I get a little sick of the fact that every few years we have to change names of things because the old name is too recognizable and people can’t hide behind it anymore.

    So fine, the retards are pissed that we use the word retard. what are they gonna fucking do, unite and protest? Not unless someone herds them into a short bus and drives them to wal mart to buy fat crayons and poster board.

    • Preach it, brother! (And by brother, I’m not implying that you may be of the African American persuasion. Simply that I feel a kinship wit you at the moment. Not that there’s anything wrong with being African American.) (Whew! I think I’m covered now.)

    • Cock Dr

      Actually I think the politically correct zealots assume that a word they get offended over should & will be entirely retired from use in the english language.
      For example they expect us to quit saying “fag” & “retard”…. & those words are just too much fun to quit saying. Just don’t use them in letters to the editor or fundraising documents for your charity of choice.

    • XFX

      Thanks, that made my day!

    • asdf

      I wish that more people would realize that things like “mentally handicapped” are doublespeak, and simply used to make something unpleasant pleasant. The way political correctness is going, they’ll probably replace the Department of Defense with the “Ministry of Love”. In fact, they’ve already changed it to defense from Department of War, probably for the same reason they’ve made “retard” socially unacceptable.

      • Lynn

        I can’t believe what I am reading! My daughter has Down Syndrome and I hate that word. I’m sorry, but I don’t want my daughter to watch tv or a movie and have to hear that word. You guys need to grow up and stop using that word. If you guys had a child with special needs you would not want them to hear that word either. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!

      • spreadthewordtoendtheword

        I agree, shame shame!!

    • Amy

      After reading your post and the responses, I have to say, if each of you were attempting to speak an intelligent thought about this issue, you sorely failed. It’s sad you had to use sarcasm and filthy language to attempt an intelligent conversation. My son was born with Down syndrome – he is four years old. He is one of the most joyous people I know and teaches those around him every day.

      • Cock Dr

        Rarely do I come back to a “cold” posting, but I did this one because I thought it likely that there would be some upset people.
        I salute those who love & care for “special needs” people in their family. You guys are heroes. Any one with a bit of sense will never use derogatory titles (and retard is derogatory) within earshot of you & your darling.
        Please consider that many special needs children, when they mature physically, also change in personality. They have enough awareness that they can perceive their own differentness and inability to take on tasks which seem simple to the general population. This frustration plus the prod of the libido creates some very unhappy people. People who act out. People who can be dangerous.
        The overburdened social safety net often winds up with such cases because of the family’s inability to safely deal with these issues. The professionals that work with these people face some dreadful things. I’ve seen a 60 year old lady MD cursing like a sailor to peers about having feces thrown on her, or having to call for security because a special needs male outweighing her by 200 pounds tried to force her in the corner for a humping.
        I certainly won’t fault her for saying retard & it is no indication that she or anyone else who uses that word lacks compassion.
        You just can’t police the language like that. The word is out, the word is loose, and it will be used. But those of us who occasionally use it will try to keep it away from you.
        This is a cold post. No one will likely read this. Oh well.

  18. Corky

    OMG that is sofa king we todd it!!

  19. Turd Ferguson

    Smokin bod and great gams!

  20. jkhjkh

    i thought REAL retards were called “mentally differently abled” or some other pc bullshit. if these idiots are taking ownership of the word, then theyre basically shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Sizzle

      Interestingly enough, the proper medical term is still “metal retardation” or “mentally retarded.” This is especially true for people who have mental retardation for no underlying reason (down syndrome, etc). Some people are just mentally retarded.

      I used to work with them. I had to fill out a lot of forms (and wipe a lot of asses).

  21. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Retard isn’t something you call a Retard!
    It’s something you call your friends when they act Retarded!

  22. missywissy

    Somebody define the word “retarded”.

  23. HORSE

    Rain man nearly bankrupted a casino and he was a re-tard…

  24. kurgen99

    I try and say reTard like in the Hangover. It’s more classy.

  25. McFeely Smackup

    Slang: Disparaging .
    a. a mentally retarded person.
    b. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.

  26. Id

    What about spastic? Can we not say spastic now?

  27. josh

    Ha, 41 comments at the moment. Like your age Jennifer, you old bag.



  29. Bilbo

    We call those freaks retards because they are retarded. “Mentally challenged” is just gay as hell and tells more about the person using it than the retard itself.

  30. Bilbo

    Oh, and I would suck Jenny’s colon dry.

  31. jenna

    Ouch! Look at those roots!

  32. jenna

    Look at her roots!

  33. jenna

    Someone needs to touchup their roots. ouch

  34. jenna

    Sorry for all the posts. My computer was slow and I thought my comments didn’t go through.

  35. LifeIsPreciousBaby,LoveIsSoRare

    Why is she famous? Because of Friends?…Realy? She’s famous today because of FRIENDS?? That show freaking sucks! Not to mention it’s been off NBC for years. Time to move on…

    • McFeely Smackup

      It might have something to do with the 23 movies she’s been in SINCE Freinds went off the air. Does that qualify her for famous? If being one of the top paid television actors on one of the longest running sitcoms ever doesn’t qualify one as famous, and then 23 movies on top of it doesn’t do it for you, well there was the marriage to Brad Pitt too.

      If that’s still no good, her father has been on Days of Our Lives for 35 years. She might be able to sponge a little street cred off that.

      • LifeIsPreciousBaby,LoveIsSoRare

        Pitt dumped her. That should tell you so something…

      • LifeIsPreciousBaby,LoveIsSoRare

        By the way, name a movie she was in that was good in any way, shape or form. She sucks. She is alright looking, but she sucks. Being the daughter of someone semi-famous doesn’t count.

    • asdf

      I didn’t see it, but a lot of people I know liked Marley and Me, so there is a movie that she’s been in recently that didn’t suck.

    • mcfeely smackup

      She was in Office Space, one of the greatest office themed movies of all time.

      Beyond that I haven’t seen any of her movies, and since she’s an “actress”, meaning a female actor, then by definition they’re not HER movies, she just plays supporting characters in whatever male actor is the lead, like every other actress.

      So basically, shes as famous as any other actress, no more no less.

      • Kitty Furry

        Dude you are a fucking troll

      • brit boys are cool

        I think there’s a fascination with her because Brad Pitt married her. He was handsome at one point and chose her to be his wife. I’ve never thought she was attractive. She is in good shape, but that face is atrocious.

    • McFeely Smackup

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch, you’re probably just having your period. Now go make me a sandwich.

  36. Retards Rule

    Political correctness is retarded.

  37. Quantrill

    Brad Pitt is a stinky freak and he dumped that fine peace of anis for a psycho who used to wear blood around her neck and has shitty tattoos

  38. anonymous

    Since Brad Pitt dumped her for Angelina she is acting like a chicken who lost it”s head.

  39. JENNA

    People nowadays are RETARDED! Yeah, I said it. Everything is taken too personally these days. Get over it if you want to live a free country and have freedom of speech. I have a really good friend that’s gay, and I say, “omg that’s gay” all the damn time. And she doesn’t give a crap. So saying retarded is not a literal comment. It’s become like a phrase. And people need to get their stuck up foot out of their ass and go have a beer and chill. There are far more important and serious things in life than saying retarded.

    • jenna

      That is not me. My name is LOWERCASE.

    • Lynn

      SHAME ON YOU!!!! I have a daughter with special needs and I hope and pray she NEVER runs into you! She is WAY more classy than you will EVER be!!!

      • Me

        Talk about overreactonary. How about teaching your children to deal with it in a mature manner incase they do meet someone you deem immature and hateful. The word only has the power you allow it to have. If you teach your child it’s no big deal, then it ceases to be.

  40. RoniMikey

    Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard.

  41. RoniMikey

    Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard Retard. Don’t use that word anymore,just call em snookie.

  42. JoAnn

    I don’t appreciate the word “retard” at all. I have a downs syndrome sister that I trully adore and life would not be the same without her, she is more precious that the celebrity retards that are out there, so why fret about it….

  43. slapkatyperry

    DAMN IT!!, why is she always .5mm from flashing her tasty cougar twat, FUCK!!
    why Jen, WHY?

  44. Lins

    She is a ignorant desperate bitch. What a lesbian.

    • ILoveMatureWomen

      That’s a bit harsh, most women her age expect to be married and have children by now. her physical appearance is starting to diminish, and the time in witch she can bare children is very quickly running out, hence her “desperate” cry for attention, (her way of coping with reality) on top of all of that the dating pool in Hollywood is dried up. personally i feel bad for her.
      people need to show more empathy and compassion and respect others privacy.

  45. ILoveMatureWoman

    I don’t understand why a beautiful, talented,and intelligent woman is perpetually single, I’d marry Jen, and I would be humbled to have a woman like her. Jen just needs a REAL, honest, loving, and honorable man to unconditionally love her and she’ll forget all about whats-his-name.
    BTW i don’t give a fuck that she said RETARD!

    • Me again

      Heard thru a stylist friend that she is insanely needy and insecure. Brad couldn’t take it anymore. He needs a strong alpha female to tell him what to do.

      • ClassyDirtyChick

        she must have some problem because ….. as said before, no one will step up. Why are the guys not? OR are they making advances and she has such high expections she’s batting them away?

      • ClassyDirtyChick

        She makes extreamly poor ‘men’ choices. I mean who the fuck was that John Mayer Child?!?! What the fuck Jen! Get yourself a nice rich business man, who would love to fuck you alllll day long.

  46. Sarah

    Ok, Mr. Peter Berns, “The Arc” used to be called the Association for Retarded Citizens. It’s now just the word Arc, which doesn’t stand for anything, and the word “retard(ed)” can’t be found anywhere on their website or I’m sure within ten feet of the association’s day-to-day activities. (Actually, it is mentioned on the page about their several name changes. This is mostly for “look at how much more politically correct we’ve become!” purposes.) As others have said, if Peter Berns, The Arc, and anyone else trying to be politically correct agree that the word “retard” does NOT apply to those who are actually mentally handicapped, what’s the problem with using a word that has nothing to do with them? Spending so much time and effort to erase your associations with a certain word, only to run up and claim it whenever it will give you press, is… you know.

  47. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    jen is hot,clean,and straight,brad went for the skanky lesbo,I bet jen knws how to bang you retarded,now,dummy

  48. God


    I think the politically correct term is now ‘tard.

    e.g. He is a ‘tard. She is a ‘tard. Jennifer Aniston is a ‘tard if she thinks that it is a good idea getting skinnier.

  49. captain america

    we say…………………………………YOU TURD!!!!!!!

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