Jennifer Aniston Reminds Me of Someone

January 18th, 2011 // 213 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Aniston in the latest issue of Allure where she apparently pretends to be a topless little girl sleeping with her teddy bear because that’s hell to the yeah not at all creepy. Except I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen something like this before. Something that also stretches the boundaries of good taste while featuring a middle-aged woman.

If I only I could put my finger on it…

Oh, that’s right. John Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter posing for GQ. While some might consider that an insult to Jennifer Aniston, I consider it a compliment because for once she’s confused as the “other woman” instead of the cheated upon. It’s the dawn of a new day!

Photos: Allure


  1. dmbishop

    Does this mean that Rielle Hunter slept with John Mayer?

  2. Inmate 12236969

    I’d rather fuck octomom yeah I said it and I’m a sick bastard.

  3. 10 years ago I wanted to do Jennifer Aniston. But not as a 10 year old.

    • i’d have done her in a heartbeat then too. it’d have been the only way id ever have watched that gay show

      • watching her and Lisa Kudrow in those short skirts was the only reason watching that show. i would probably do Jennifer now if she offered herself. except in that outfit. doesn’t look hot. The outfit Rielle Hunter is wearing is hot. She doesn’t look like a lolita in that outfit. more like an adult that is into dolls a lot.

  4. Hey look, it’s Barbara Streisand. Except younger and with far less talent.

  5. Jennifer Aniston
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    she has a nicer stomach than most women half her age, how the hell???

  6. Jennifer Aniston
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    is it just me or does the stylist girl look really hot?

  7. Jennifer Aniston
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    Jesus Christ that looks nothing like her! They took away any of her character and made her look like every other pointy faced, blond haired, blue eyed bimbo.

  8. Jennifer Aniston
    Kayne East
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Jen caught Kim K.’s flu.

  9. Jennifer Aniston
    Cock Dr
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    Just show your tits already. It’s not like they’re getting any younger.

  10. cc

    Yes, she looks plastic and yes she is a flake but I’d stil bang that like the shutters on a Cape Cod home.

  11. nonminti

    why ask her to come to shooting when you can pick any other girl, make her blond and laid-back on the pillows, then airbrush her into Aniston? not vice versa.

  12. me

    this looks like an ad for Snuggles fabric softener. Puke, puke….and …oh yeah, choke on puke.

  13. She looks like a Japanese girl trying to look like an American woman, trying to look like a Japanese girl. At least, I think. I may have gotten it backwards.

  14. Jennifer Aniston
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    omg she looks so stupid! and airbrushed to death. a teddy bear, really aniston?

  15. Jennifer Aniston
    Zombie Kitty
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    It’s Heidi Montag’s long lost sister!

  16. V

    I think once you’re over 25 you look stupid posing as a Lolita. and once you hit close to 45 posing as a lolita you’re begging to be made fun of.

    • pap

      Jenifer Aniston might get a mental problem to took these pictures because they tried to make her like a baby doll although she a middle -aged women. going down to the hill

  17. Jennifer Aniston
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    OMG! Why are her bangs so messed up? They’re so crooked!

  18. Jennifer Aniston
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    photoshopped much? this looks nothing like jen aniston.

  19. Jennifer Aniston
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    She reminds *me* of Britt Ekland here…of course, Britt Ekland would’ve been totally nude, and’ve had properly trimmed bangs. Point: Sweden.

  20. Alaran

    This looks like Jonbenet Ramsey’s autopsy.

  21. Melchor


  22. Brooke

    This photoshoot doesn’t really work for Aniston, but I love when older women do the little kid stuff. It’s creepy and gross to see a woman who could pass for a high school student in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, but when a 40-something looks like she’s about to say “goo goo ga ga” It’s just awesome. I don’t know why. I don’t jerk off to it or anything (with my imaginary penis), but if I had to have sex with a porn star it would be someone dressed as Little Bo Peep.

    What was I saying? Oh yeah, John Edward’s mistress… fuck that bitch. And fuck me, because I actually voted for Edwards in the primaries back in 2004. He seemed like such a hard working, moral young man… can you believe it? Politicians can’t be trusted! What’s the world coming to!?

  23. Amz

    see looks like one of those fake dolls that are suppose to look real and men have sex with

  24. Jennifer Aniston
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  25. jet

    i sort of think she looks like Barbra Streisand

  26. theroughone

    Is it true “Only my pillow knows” by brilliant lyricist Cathy lee Gifford was playing in the background?

  27. Jackie

    That’s nacho face!

  28. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Are you people nuts? Why in the he’ll would anyone want Brad Pitt? He got what he deserved a trashy ho that makes out with her brother and announces to the world she had sex with Bilky Bob on the way to an award show. Go buy some more kids maybe she can moleste them. Get a life Jen is way better than either one of those scrubs!!!

    • Blech

      Chelsea, I know you’re pissed because your fifteen minutes are up, but geez.

    • Blech

      And in case you hadn’t noticed, Jen has been around the block way more than Angelina.

      Who’s the trashy ho now?

      • Susanna

        You’re right, Angelina is not a trashy ho, she’s a nasty ho. She had a thing with her brother, how can you defend that. And don’t get me started about the necklace with the blood on it. That is just creepy.

  29. Jennifer Aniston
    Jon Hex
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    I am ashamed of the boner I have right now.

  30. Jennifer Aniston
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    Airbrush city…. sheesh.

    She’s still a hottie, though.

  31. aJ

    Seriously??? I cannot even recognize her. In fact, I really did think it was RIelle when I saw the thumbprints WTF is wrong with her lips? I never thought she was pathetic and desperate until now. JEN…WE KNOW YOU ARE 46…AT LEAST. Anyone who fantasizes ab her with stuffed bears is either a taxidermist or has a disgusting grandmother fetish. i have always been fine with her until now…stop trying to be something you are not…IT IS SO SAD!!!!

  32. Blech

    Here’s Jennifer Aniston sans make-up for your perusal:
    See? She has a pig-face.

    Here’s Angelina Jolie sans make-up:
    No porker here.

    Thank you.

  33. Amy

    She’s trying to trick Brad into adopting her.

  34. Jennifer Aniston
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    all hail ms. aniston! sublime!!!!!

  35. Hanna

    I have never wanted anything more in my life, than to be that teddy bear.

  36. Jennifer Aniston
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    Best Snuggle fabric softener ad ever.

  37. Jennifer Aniston
    Reggie Rhino
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    WTF Is that the Ghost of Rachel Past?

  38. akewlazzmom

    She’s trying to get cast for the next installment of “16 and Pregnant”.

  39. uncle bill

    ……………is it octomom?

  40. uncle bill

    …………….A DUSTER?

  41. Jennifer Aniston
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    Isn’t she about 20 years old for pictures like this? Have some dignity, woman!

  42. Jennifer Aniston
    Zombie Kitty
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    I didn’t realise they done a Senior Citizen Barbie…

  43. Jennifer Aniston
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    Wait wait, it’s Miley Cyrus y’all!

  44. Wait wait, it’s Miley Cyrus y’all!

  45. Jennifer Aniston
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    Come on !!! The whole reason we love Jennifer is because of “the girl next door” look. That sexy, yet innocent look!! What the HELL was Allure trying to do ??? Turn her into another fake Barbie look??? Shame on you guys!!!

  46. ignerd

    actually, it reminds of the Elle Fanning photo in the NYTimes a few weeks back

  47. Jennifer Aniston
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    She looks zoned out lol

  48. Fraser

    Jennifer Aniston looks like Dustin Hoffman. Not arsed.

  49. Jennifer Aniston
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    She looks like Jane Fonda

  50. Jennifer Aniston
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    This is literally the creepiest photo ever posted to this site.

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