Jennifer Aniston Pissed Off Bill O’Reilly

August 11th, 2010 // 113 Comments

With Glenn Beck sucking up all the crazy thunder, Bill O’Reilly has been practically non-existent on the national landscape these days, and to his credit, it’s because he actually has the wherewithal to not incite people to randomly shoot police officers. That being said, Bill’s decided to fake moral outrage over Jennifer Aniston‘s recent remarks on single women having children while promoting her new movie The Switch. Via Us Magazine:

At a weekend press conference, the single actress told reporters:”Women are realizing it more and more knowing that they don’t have to settle with a man just to have that child. Times have changed and that is also what is amazing is that we do have so many options these days, as opposed to our parents’ days when you can’t have children because you have waited too long”
“She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad,’” he ranted on his FOX News show this week. “That is destructive to our society.”
Said FOX News anchor Gretchen Carlson, “She is glamorizing single parenthood.”

In Big O’s defense, the median age of his audience is 65, so I’m not about to criticize the man for pandering. (Nipples and boobs here! They’re girl parts!) But setting aside rational arguments about women keeping abusive/deadbeat fathers around, did he ever stop to think about Jennifer Aniston’s feeling? Just because she’ll never find a man who won’t cheat on her because her vagina is an icebox, she should remain childless and alone forever? That’s a little harsh. I mean, granted, her children will inevitably flee their mothers frozen grasp at a young age, it’s still harsh. This a real person we’re talking about.

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    • sean

      I like having sex with 12 year old boys,

      • bunghole

        @sean Damn that gets funnier each and every time.

        @fish Blow it out your ass, you commie lib hack. What O’Reilly said is echoed by plenty of people, many of whom actually *study* human behavior.
        Funny we never see any of Olbermann’s wacky diatribes here…wonder why?

    • I don't get it

      I hate Bill O’Reilly for making me agree with that pathetic Aniston.

  1. dufresne

    I like her.

  2. Taz

    Imagine your penis one inch from those lips and her looking up at you like that

    • Drew

      I’m sure the dicks of most guys that post on here could fit it in there without her having to open it up.

      I find it incredibly ignorant and an antiquated mindset that society says that children can’t be raised properly without having the full family package. Destructive? Please. He’s basically implying that single parenthood should be condemned.

      Then again why am I even bothering? Bill O’Reilly has proven himself on several occasions to be a fucking ignorant mouthbreathing moron anyway.

      • Drew

        I also want to add. I adore Jennifer Aniston. Maybe I’m biased, because I despise O’Reilly anyway.

      • luke

        Obviously you are a liberal prick. O’Reilly was implying that raising a child is very difficult, even with both parents around. It may be a good fit for her to have/raise a child on her own (because she has the $ to hire a nanny), but expressing that thought to everyone is irresponsible. Young girls that idolize her may think that having a child on their own is easy because of these comments, and the truth is it isn’t. A family of a man, woman and child is the best way to raise a child. I have a great respect for single mothers who had no other choice, and she has the right to become a single mother, But glorifying it is wrong. O’Reilly was also correct when he said good fathers are underappreciated.

      • Jen

        im making a stereotypical judgement here….Drew, you are a gay man that wants a baby?

      • jumpin_j

        Luke, you’re a conservative ass. There. I’m rubber, you’re glue. And further more, na-na-nana-nah.

        I think I just blew Luke’s mind. Too intellectual.

      • Jen

        Note: i dont give a shit about Bill O’Reilly and if gay people/single women want kids, GO FOR IT.

      • Deacon Jones

        Do me a favor and give me your take on what O’Reilly was implying to his producer when he stuck a vibrator up his ass (see below).

      • Marc

        Maybe you should call Laurence Fishburne and give him some of your sage advise on ideal family matters.

      • Pass

        Funny how everyone seems to hate lukes comment but as far as I could tell he’s the only one that actually supplied points with his arguement. Most everyone else just supplied their views without any explination to the reasoning behind their feelings. Im not saying he’s right but I just thought that should be pointed out.

      • LiberalWithBrain

        No, I’d say most hate Luke’s comments because he opens with the ignorant line “Obviously you are a liberal prick.”
        JA glorified the options women have these days, not single motherhood. If a wanna-be-mommy is going to run with her decision based on one celebrity’s out of context comment exclusively then she needs more help than her unborn child will.

    • Shit Taco

      I’m totally with Luke. You don’t get to just glorify whatever the hell you want because you somehow think it’s your “right” to do so.
      I bet about 95% of the people who berate Bill O’Reilly have not once sat through an entire Factor, and therefore wouldn’t realize that he is extremely educated and fair. Oh, and his median audience being 65? GOOD. They’re more conservative, but when they were 25, the country wasn’t falling to shit like it is now. They’ve obviously seen what works and what does not. So to the stupid wacko liberals out there who think anything they want to do is their “right” – I hope you wise up for your sake and everyone else’s, because you’re the ones who are destroying what should be the strongest nation on earth.

      • Anon

        Hate Bill, not too keep on Aniston but have to agree with lukes interpretation or bills ramblings.
        Also Drew if you’re a girl i bet a donkeys dick could fit between your “lips” without you opening up.
        And it doesn’t reflect badly on the guys.

  3. Taz


    • Crusty

      Without necessarily agreeing with BO, here’s a simple question:

      Statistically, does a child have a better chance of success (define how you like) if said child is raised by a single parent or by a married couple?

      Unless you choose to ignore the massive amount of data on the subject, the answer is “married couple”. Does this mean a single person cannot successfully raise a child? Of course not but the statistics are there for a reason – they’re not made up.

      So while we can all pile on Bill O’Reilly for a variety of reasons, the simple fact is, in this specific case, the man is correct, again, unless you choose to ignore the overwhelming amount of evidence on the issue.

      People are often clouded by their disdain for conservative commentators and fail to see that nuggets of clarity can occasionally escape their lips.

    • Freckles

      Totally agree. What Anniston meant to say is you don’t need to settle down with a guy if you are rich, can afford 14 nanny’s, can afford health care, dental, college fee’s. etc.

      For the rest of us mere mortals who struggle to put food on the table single parenthood is damn hard and not remotely glamorous!

  4. ClassyDirtyChick

    I love her. I wonder if she can suck dick.

  5. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d ass rape that aging ho.

  6. lady jesus

    I feel like this post suffered a stroke. What’s with the weird sentences that don’t make any sense?

  7. i’d knock her up if she wanted one. at least if it’s a boy there’s a chance of boyish good looks thru middle age and hi iq. and a son is perminent male attention she may otherwise never have. not to mention i might wake up that ice box of hers once and for all.

  8. Cock Dr

    The SW writer should spare some compassion for Bill O’Reilly too.
    Imagine what it must be like to be that old & so unredeemingly ugly inside & out. He has to look at that in his gold & diamond encrusted gilt mirror every day, and live in a world where gays get married & the president’s name is Obama.
    The prescription drugs he must need to take are probably very strong.

    Jen looks cute. Hope she finds that monster smash hit movie script & a guy who’ll stick around for breakfast the morning after.

    • ClassyDirtyChick

      Hell YEAH

    • Shit Taco

      Well you’ve obviously never watched a single hour of Bill O. With your mentality you’ll be lucky to make it to his age. Speculating his prescription drug situation just makes you sound stupid.

      As for his gold & diamond encrusted gilt mirror – something tells me he doesn’t have one of those and you’re just again sounding like an idiot who doesn’t know much.

      If he were to own a mirror like that, it’s probably because he put himself through one of the most esteemed colleges in our nation, obtained applaudable work, and earned it for himself.

      If i wanted to make stupid speculations like you, I’d guess you’re an illegal sitting at a public library switching between yahoo pool and the Superficial because you couldn’t find a ride to Home Depot today and have nothing better to do.

  9. She normally doesn’t do it for me, but she does look pretty damn cute here. Tip to all ladies – if you have to be fully clothed, summer dresses are the way to go.

  10. Internet

    She has the same exact body as my girlfriend.

  11. Rough, the new blaq

    lol Why do I keep forgetting to watch (GB) this guy?

  12. dude!

    Fish watches O Reilly and G. Beck?? Figured Fish would be MSN all the way, oogling chrissy “tingles up my leg” matthews. Who would have thunk it?

  13. swan

    Jennifer Aniston has NO CLUE what she is talking about! She has never had a kid. She has no clue how hard it is to raise a kid as a single mom. To wish that on yourself or anyone is stupid. For all of the single moms doing it because the dad was deadbeat, etc. you should get Mr. O’Reilly’s utmost respect.

    But he is right in a sense. (not an a fan but he is right) To wish that upon your child and yourself does not make sense. Kids need two parents. If you are a single mom you figure it out but she has no right to say it’s a viable option or a choice because MOST moms make far less $$ than her. Another clueless celebrity statement.

    • Kerri

      i wouldn’t say she’s clueless. a couple of my friends make a fraction of her money (but still do well) and are raising a child on their own just fine. you make it work.

    • red

      YOUR statement is pretty clueless. There are a LOT of single women who are self-sufficient out there… enough to be able to afford a comfortable life with children on their own. Aniston is one of them.

      If it tells you anything about my distaste for Billy Boy, I’d rather have sex with Aniston than O’Reilly, and I’m a straight woman.

      • Weird Al

        Yeah, and there are a lot of straight women who get the taxpayer to fund them because said female didn’t have enough self-respect to pick a decent guy or use condoms. Lots of men have become “baby’s daddy” instead of dad. Also crime stats for the children of single parents reveal that kids with an absent father have far higher crime rates.

    • anonymous

      Jennifer Aniston statement is stupid simply because she has no kids. She might as well complain about itchy balls because she knows as much about that as she does raising kids.

      As far as not needing a man in the picture? Again, JA is a hypocrite considering she hasn’t gone a significant amount of time without a man in her life. I think she does 2 movies a year just to gaurantee her a couple short term bfs she makes of her costars.

      • swan

        thank you, anonymous.

        she has no right to make such statements because she doesn’t know.

        @red, my statement isn’t clueless. Yes, there are a LOT of single women out there who are self-sufficient but that does not mean raising a child as a single mother is better than having a partner. I was a single mom and I am no longer a single mom and believe me, it’s better for the child and the mother to have a partner raising the child with you. Believe me. So if “red” and “kerri with the “couple of” single mom friends are single moms, then your points are valid. If not, go home with these single moms and see what it really takes to “make it work.” It’s the hardest job out there. And ask the kids for once…is it better mom is alone doing this or would you be happier if a great man or woman was here helping us out?

        GET REAL. You may when you actually have a kid.

  14. Deacon Jones

    You know what’s destructive to society?

    “In her complaint, Mackris produced quotations from phone conversations between herself and O’Reilly in which he suggested various sexual fantasies he had for her. A widely publicized portion of one conversation included a scenario where O’Reilly would massage her with a loofah in the shower. At one point during the conversation, O’Reilly referred to the loofah as “the falafel thing.” “Falafel” eventually became a short-hand reference to the affair.

    The complaint alleged a number of other sexual conversations and encounters from O’Reilly toward Mackris,[2][3] as well as O’Reilly stating that radio talk show host Al Franken would “get what was coming to him,”[4] and that any woman who crossed him or Fox would be destroyed.”

    This guy is such a fucking hypocrite

    • Deacon Jones

      Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit – Plaintiff – Andrea Mackris
      Complaint #81 –
      “During the course of Defendent Bill O’Reilly’s sexual phone rant, it became clear that he was using a vibrator upon himself, and that he ejaculated. Plaintiff was repulsed”

      WHAT??! Fox News wasn’t OUTRAGED that Bill FUCKED HIMSELF WITH A VIBRATOR?! I’m outraged for the lack of outrage!!


      • Cock Dr

        Thank U DJ.
        I’d forgotten about this little tidbit, probably because it involves Bill O’Reilly jamming a vibrator up his own ass while jacking and who needs to dwell on that for a second more than necessary?

  15. natalia

    I don’t like either of them, but O’Reilly is kind of right. Kids need to have both a mother and a father figure present to develop psychologically. You NEED to go through the Elektra/Oedipus phases of your childhood to grow into a functioning adult.
    Not to mention, being a single mother is insanely hard work. I guess unless you’re Jennifer Aniston and can afford to pay for a nanny to raise your kids.

    • natalia

      Wow, I spelled Elektra like the film, I do apologize, I meant Electra.

      • Kerri

        i love how you all assume just because she’s super rich, someone else will raise her kids. lot’s of mommy/daddy couples do this all the time but that’s ok because at least there’s a daddy in the picture to make the appearance of a NORMAL family? give me a break. sandra bullock for example seems very hands on. i am sure jennifer aniston would be too. stop being so bitter. she is single and if she wants to have a baby, she certainly should. i know i would.

      • swan

        You girls just wait. You have no clue until you actually have a child!!!

        Raising a child alone is extremely difficult. Do not underestimate it or you will be completely shocked if you choose to do it. You will be shocked 2 seconds after birth and you are holding your baby in your hands because after your crotch gets mangled and you feel like crap for 4-8 weeks, YOU have to care for the crying baby! So, all of you girls who haven’t given birth yet, SHUT IT!

        Dream On. I am NOT discriminating against single moms. I am saying it’s ideal for the child and the single parent to have 2 parents. Mom + Dad. Dad+ Dad. Mom + Mom. Who cares. As long as the kid has both.

      • swan

        kerri, this is not bitterness, it’s experience. i was also a nanny to a celebrity. they think they’re “hands on” but they’re not, especially when US weekly is not behind the scenes in the house. I am not bitter. I just think it’s funny when people who have no clue about something decide to preach.

    • hanna

      Someone is showing off their Psych 101. However, noone NEEDS to experience an Oedipal or Electra complex to become a functioning adult. It’s a bunch of Freudian bullsh*t. Tell me Natalia, are you sad that you have no penis?

  16. Jennifer Aniston
    Hugh Gentry
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to cover her in my baby batter

  17. bmoney

    anyone know what happened to the new banner girl????

  18. J

    If she’ll go les, I’ll be her baby’s 2nd mommy.

  19. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    I LOVE her!! Brad was a LOOZER for letting her get away!! Jen your the shitz!!!

  20. har har

    This is so typical of Republican men, they are so sexist, they start foaming at the mouth if anyone dares suggest that a woman can successfully raise a happy, well-adjusted child without a man around. Totally disgusting and not surprising at all

    • republican=american taliban

    • Weird Al

      No, I just don’t want to pay for it. American Taliban, whatever.

    • Shit Taco

      No, it’s because most republicans have morals as opposed to “do whatever you want and then just make taxpayers support it!!”

      Single moms who choose to be single moms (such as the ones pulling Jennifer Aniston stunts, not ones who’ve lost their HUSBAND for ‘good reasons’) shouldn’t get a dime of assistance.
      Women don’t get pregnant on their own for a reason, and that’s because that’s not how it’s meant to be.

      • Cock Dr

        Our society should definitely punish children for their parent’s mistakes & shortcomings……I’m sure that’s what jesus would do. Let ‘em sleep in the street & rummage in dumpsters for their food….it will build character.
        What an asshole!

      • ClassyDirtyChick

        Don’t worry Dr Cock he’s obviously a simpleton with a very basic view on life.

        Do you really think it is That simple mr ‘I Just Shit A Taco’?

        It’s ok, his daughter will end up being a single mum and that will COME RIGHT BACK TO SLAP HIM IN his Ass I mean, one dimentional views.

  21. anon

    I support single moms working their way through college at the stripclub.

  22. g-money

    Liberals’ goal is to destroy the country. The best way they see fit is to destroy family values first

  23. gibby

    Liberals have got to be the biggest pansies this planet has ever seen.

    There is a reason O’reily destroys every other news show on TV. People like to hear what is going on without the typical kool-aid thrown in. Heck even Red Eye on Fox News which airs at 3 am beats most primetime shows on CNN and MSNBC.

    • the reason fox does well is cos most of their viewers have little to no education past 8th grade homeschooling

    • Ifukyurmama

      O’Reilly and Fox News gets high ratings because their audience is made up of old people and retards, the two groups who DON’T know how to operate a computer. Us Libs get our info from the net and from MULTIPLE sources which allows us to make up our own minds. Conservatives want to be told what to think.

      • Shit Taco

        HAHAHAHA you get your info from the net!!!!!!!! THATS SO FUNNY!!!! Good thing you get your info from the net, cause everything on the net is true!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA YOURE A FUCKING RETARD!

  24. Who cares, she is the hottest thing alive and all you loozers who say otherwise need to get out of their basements and try to talk to a real girl instead of just surfin porn.

  25. Emily

    Well, she’s just promoting her film based on a woman who artificially inseminates herself to have a child. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t going out there and saying “Hey all you 13 year old girls, go artificially inseminate yourself. It’s empowering.” Her message is directed towards older, more financially established women who want to have a child without feeling like they have to run out and find a worn-out old divorcee man with 10 rotten kids already. This was pretty obvious to me when I read it and I didn’t get an anti-father figure vibe from it at all. Many women who are unmarried make a great living working minimal hours or working from home and many of them can provide care for a child by themselves much better than a couple could.

    • Weird Al

      That’s fine. The crux of the matter is financing. If someone is financially secure they can do a good job of raising a kid alone. Good school, security, etc.

      But that’s not how 90% of these cases work out. Ar we the taxpayers going to fund some loser skank who has no responsibility, no good job, and who says “hell yeah we can do it alone” because the criminal “baby’s daddy” walked out on it? Tons of women in Britain get knocked up and become single mothers to quality for child credits and council housing.

    • swan

      have you ever tried working from home while a baby is crying or a 2 year old is slamming his fingers in every drawer in the house. It’s easy, right?

  26. Weird Al

    “what is amazing is that we do have so many options these days….”

    Yeah, I know. And we’re paying for them.

  27. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    they really should list “Jennifer Aniston’s Nipples as Themselves” in every movie & tv show she does. they always sit up & say hi.

  28. Turd Ferguson

    Man she is so hot. I dont care what her personality is all about since I wont ever be with her – but DAMN she looks great. Compare her look and style to Rihanna in the before post. Trashy and attention starved.

  29. LJ

    How can anyone say anything bad about a woman who has tits like that.

  30. Mike Nike

    I agree with Billy Bumstabbin’ O’Reilly on this one. I’m not saying its impossible to raise a child alone, but if you question the kids, you will find a yearning for a father.

    • Greg

      To quote Chris Rock… Yeah, you can raise a kid by yourself, but that don’t mean it’s to be done. You can drive a car with your feet if you want to, that don’t make it a good freakin’ idea.

      • swan

        Bravo, guys, seriously. The kids need a dad or some male role-model in their lives. Even if the kid has two moms, the child needs to have a positive male role-model.

  31. Jennifer Aniston
    Yoda Mann
    Commented on this photo:


    And feirst, beothces.

  32. Matt Triano

    @ luke: O’Reilly doesn’t ‘imply’ anything

  33. captain america

    this is another example of a desperate american LUNATIC who must vannish as fast as possible!!

  34. LostBoyGoonie

    He’s right though. Two parents > single parent. No one’s saying single parenthood should never happen, but it certainly isn’t ideal. Not by a longshot.

  35. Annie H

    Bill O’Reilly is a fucking idiot – who gives a rat’s ass what he thinks? he lost his credability years ago when he was foaming at the mouth about rappers all the while the truth was he was pissed off because he had just learned out that he married Flava Flav AND Teddy Kennedy’s sloppy seconds and thirds and she used to be a total crack whore – and she didn’t tell him before they were married and it made him look bad.
    idiot should have retired years ago, his credability is shit – liberals know it, conservatives know it, libertarians know it. he is sooooo yesterday.

  36. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes. Pretty much the hottest woman on the planet today.

    MARRY ME !

  37. sandy

    First of all I don’t count anyone thats in the news this was Jennifer opinion not anyone elses she must answer for what she believes not to Bill O’Riely or anyone one else but only to one person he knows what she meant . Let take it from here its all right to have three biological kids and three adopted and live together without marriage ansere that one what it does to those children I bet most of you who trashed her are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie fans.Some of you language needs cleaned up .All I can say is judge yourself.Bill O’Riely judges everyone.He is a smart man but can’t control his mouth.I am not judging him he shows it.

  38. Me

    Bill is actually right. Just look at the black community and how fucked up it is. I think something like 70% of black kids are born without a father. This means the mom has to work overtime to pay for the kid, so no one is there to raise him. Hence the crime, high school drop-out rates, illiteracy, and unemployment being so rapid among blacks.

    Now look at East Asians and Indians — perhaps the most traditional and strict in their family values. Their kids go on to become doctors and engineers.

  39. Let’s see, since O’reilly has the highest cable news viewership, more than CNN and msnbc combined – I’d that your statement about the age of his audience to mean that people younger than 65 don’t bother to watch the news. It’s amazing how little thought or ability to think that some people have. Using the Internet for news is good, but only if you visit sites that having opposing views, or get your Internet news from more than one of the major online news outlets.

    Also, the statement about Glenn Beck, is just ignorant. Yes, it fits the standard rhetoric of the uninformed, but those who occasionally watch Beck know that he routinely stresses non-violence stronger than anyone in the public eye. He encourages people to be peaceably involved – the key word is peaceably.

    Glad you just write a gossip column. I’d hate to think I had to depend on you to get anything right.

    • Shit Taco

      YAY! agreed. glad to see there are people on here who are informed. i assumed i’d be the only one on Bill’s and Glenn’s side!

      • Cock Dr

        You can work the vibrator on/in Bill next time he makes a booty call…..would that satisfy your hero worship?

  40. blockhead

    you go girl !
    keep pissin’ o’ reilly off & that junkie skeleton bug-eyed blockhead hahahaa
    i enjoy AJ’s bitchin’ jealous rages ..
    now that she needs 3 wigs for that big ol’ bald head & her arms & legs look like veiny sticks , her true spirit is starting to show ..
    funny payback is a bitch ..
    the older & more haggard & plastic AJ gets , the more JA looks healthy , happy , friendly & NATURAL …hahahaaa

  41. Cyrus

    You mean to tell me a guy paid to make cultural commentary is commentating on an aspect of our culture? Quick, sound the horns!

    This is his job you fools. There is no such thing as real journalism in America anymore. It’s all celebrities and scare tactics.

  42. Just wondering if every commenter on here is a total immature, uncouth douchebag, or what? (Excluding me of course.)

  43. Bigo

    What does this moron know about rasing a child? Do we have to condemned women who have to raise their children all by themselves because their so called fathers left them?

  44. melanie

    lol he’s a perfect example as to why we don’t need men in our lives. Who watches that show? Radical conservatives.

  45. Muse

    Have any of you met anyone who is a product of a single parent/foster home with one provider/two same sex parents? Or read the research that supports that children can lead perfectly healthy/if not better lives outside of the old protocol? The old-fashioned nuclear home setting with one mom and one dad living in a perfect house with a white picket fence is merely a stereotype. Should we even get into the MASS amount of problems a dysfunctional marriage can bring (i.e. violence, alcoholism, adultery, abandonment, verbal abuse)?

    Now, I’m not saying that couple in the Chase Sapphire commercial doesn’t work for some, but the point that lots of people seem to be missing is that what works for some does not work for all. And Jennifer Aniston’s character in this movie is a well-established, emotionally strong, financially independent woman; what she is not is the 12 year old, impoverished, uneducated, illiterate, crime-ridden, misguided girl looking for love that you and the racist Bill O’Reilly have concocted. This is a stable, grown, adult woman who wants a baby to create her family- and she doesn’t need your “taxpaying” help.

    So Natalia, where do you teach psychology/sociology/anthropology? Swan, would you like a medal for having a child/children? Get over yourselves and accept two things: 1- No one on this board claimed being a single parent was easy; and 2-You do not know what works best for everyone, because families no matter how “mainstream” or “different” they are, will never work into the cookie cutter shape you cut out for them. People do what works for them, and contrary to what you may believe, people have succeeded, can succeed, and will continue to succeed free of the mold you built in your narrow minds.

  46. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m a tall attractive and intelligent Aryan male I would be more than happy to make a donation to the lovely jens child account – O Reilys right though kids shouldn’t have to deal with physco single moms and being a test tube baby too.

    A word to Jen Friends is over forever get yourself a hot male model like Madonna get some kiddies from the deal then retire with the dos equis guy

  47. tina

    i see o’reilly’s point, and it shouldn’t be glamorized, because not everyone has the resources and help and support to be a successful single parent (or millions of dollars, like aniston does), but i dont necessarily think that was her intention. she’s entitled to her opinion just as much as o’reilly. on the other hand i think he was just referring to impressionable teens, adult single parents are usually in a different kind of situation

    anyways, what 12 year old looks up tp jennifer aniston? the only one they care about is that shitdick justin beiber

  48. Ben

    How is Jennifer Aniston glamorizing being a single parent? I’m so sick and tired of the conservative right making a moral issue out of everything, then turning around and sexually harassing co-workers (that’s you, Bill O’Reilly), visiting prostitutes (that’s you, Vitter), or sucking cock in airport restrooms.

  49. Jennifer Aniston
    Commented on this photo:

    Great boobs for a 40 year old.

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