Jennifer Aniston Deepthroating a Banana in Lingerie

May 12th, 2011 // 74 Comments

Remember all those times I said Jennifer Aniston‘s acting is like watching your sister get an abortion? That was a typo.

Adding… Someone’s getting Day Man’d.

Jennifer Aniston


  1. The banana dumped her 15 minutes later.

  2. Sheppy

    Ok, that’s hot!

  3. Any Guy

    ah, THERE’S the Jenny Anderson that gave me a chubby in ‘Leprechaun’. straight brunette hair… YUM. yes please.

  4. Rob

    Guys, come on. Let’s be fair! It could just be a plot twist where she turns into a monkey…

  5. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Im pretty sure this pic wont be photoshopped with a dick going into her mouth

  6. OK, that first pict is 100% win. Never knew she had hips. She looks awesome as a brunette.

  7. doesn’t it have to be down her throat to be deep throated? she barely has any of it in her mouth,, boooo

  8. Deacon Jones

    Too bad she was that sensual in real life. She’d still be married.

  9. Ron Mexico

    She deserves an academy award for acting like she enjoys the phalic foods – that took some good actressing.

  10. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Charlie doing Charlie work.

  11. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    She clearly is not-human, she has gotten consistently hotter as she has gotten older.

  12. TomFrank

    I sense the hidden hand of Photo Boy in this post’s love for Jennifer Aniston.

  13. Ismoss

    She has just validated her reason for existing.

  14. Bucky Barnes

    It’s only hot until you remember that John Mayer’s penis has been where the banana is, at which point you have to conclude that the Center for Disease Control should probably be paying her to keep her mouth closed.

  15. sadly, “someone” doesn’t seem to know what “deepthroating” is. I think a Superficial staff trip to Thailand is in order…frequent posters should be invited also.

    • Amy

      If they have any teenage sisters the trip might pay for itself.

    • Deacon Jones


    • TomFrank

      Well, to be fair, this is from a green-band trailer. The MPAA probably has strict rules about how much of a banana can be orally inserted before it is no longer “Appropriate for General Audiences.” There just might be some Jennifer-Jason-Leigh-in-Fast-Times-at-Ridgemont-High-style fellating going on in the actual movie.

      Then again, this is the site that saw a snapshot of Selena Gomez pushing Justin Bieber’s nose to the uppermost part of her chest, and called it “motorboating.”

  16. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Fuck, what a body she still has.

  17. Coyote

    This is the first Movie Jennifer has done that I actually want to go see.
    And Yes i think she may be hotter now then she ever has.

  18. Plastic Fantastic

    Why is CHARLIE in a movie with Jennifer Aniston?!?

  19. fx

    if she did that in real life she’d still be married to brad pitt

  20. oh_dear

    Although what her banana was doing in lingerie I’ll never know.

  21. it looks like all she is doing. unless the script is really good. this movie is gonna is do what Jennifer aniston was supposed to do.

  22. Cock Dr

    Thank god for Netflix.

  23. cc

    I always think Jennifer Anniston must be very difficult to live with in person. I mean, seriously, how much bullshit could you put up with if, even one day a month, she dressed up like that and let you do her from behind? I think I could handle anything short of being shot at or waking up to a knife pressed against my throat.

    Okay, I’d draw the line at her saying ‘Hey, let’s stay up late and watch The Bountyhunter again.’

  24. So that’s how she got cast as Rachel.

  25. Bob

    This…this is a movie I’m going to see!

  26. Fuck her in a some super dark room and lingerie, KEVIN SPACEY IS ALIVE BITCHES

  27. MrsPlant

    Please let this movie be good. I love me some Jason Bateman, but I just can’t sit through really bad movies. Life is too short.

  28. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    nice O face. I give it four Falcon Punches.

  29. Ned

    Unreal. She gets hotter as she gets older. What other 42 year old looks that good???
    I just had a spontaneous orgasm

  30. Brooke

    I wouldn’t have even noticed that was Jennifer Aniston if you hadn’t mentioned– she’s actually pretty hot in this. And I love Kevin Spacey, so… I might have to see this. And that dude from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia… is that show still on? I stopped watching after Danny DeVito hopped on board. First season was funny, though.

  31. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Does anyone else get redirected to a different page than the home one? WTF

  32. tlmck

    She should definitely keep the hair.

  33. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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  34. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    How you doin???

  35. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
    jim eh
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    Nice body, broken face/nose.

  36. cc

    Imagine that body coming out of a shower? Zoinks.

  37. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Thats not Jennifer.

  38. Ari Ola

    Jennifer Aniston performing a blowjob, even on a banana certainly excites me!! In fact, I could watch a whole movie of her licking, sucking and swallowing.

  39. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    Fap smear

  40. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    @Vicki Surprisingly enough it is Jennifer Aniston. Look closer…or more carefully and stuff.

  41. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
    I'm Obama and I approve
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    I’d like to get her between Michelle and I and make an Oreo.

  42. I’m so watching this.

  43. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    She looks damn hot in this section of the trailer… *sigh*

  44. Jess

    Oh gosh, she needs to stop trying to be all “Ooh, look, I am a sexpot too!”. It just doesn’t suit her.

  45. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I watched this commercial like 25 times now

  46. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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  47. Jennifer Aniston Lingerie
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    ahhhh yes it is jennifer its off the new horrible bosses trailer duh

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