Jennifer Aniston is a Homewrecker Now, The Circle is Complete…

June 14th, 2011 // 89 Comments

Since what feels like the dawn of time, Jennifer Aniston has constantly portrayed herself as the poor innocent victim of an “uncool” Angelina Jolie. The wholesome girl next door left to die by a tattooed homewrecker in her quest to collect all the world’s children. So going through that experience, you’d just assume Jennifer Aniston would be sensitive to avoid ruining a relationship herself, except she’s over 40 now, so fuck that shit, mama’s gonna die soon. Page Six reports:

Sources tell us Hollywood costume designer Bivens “is devastated” after [Justin] Theroux abruptly ended their relationship as he got close to Aniston
Aniston, 42, and Theroux, 39, met last fall on the set of “Wanderlust,” due in October, but in recent weeks they have become inseparable.
A source told us, “Heidi is heartbroken. She was completely blindsided. She and Justin had been together for years, they had a home. Then he met Jennifer and everything changed. At first he claimed he and Jen were friends.”
A rep for Bivens confirmed to Page Six: “Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when she was 20 years old and he 24, and yes, she just moved out of their home last weekend. She has no comment.”

Of course, some might say this is Justin Theroux‘s fault just like it was Brad Pitt‘s for banging Angelina Jolie on the side, but those people need to shut the hell up because “Jennifer Aniston: Homewrecker” is a way sexier headline than, “Dude Gets Bored With Same Vagina He’s Been Looking At For 14 Years.” I’m not going back to retail.

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  1. just here for laughs

    If the name fits…

    • Honest Abe

      I’d wreck her home! Rip her tent, smash her box, crush her cave, log her cabin, roll her trailer….

  2. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Weeping Sore
    Commented on this photo:

    For the love of…. Aniston has scraped so low in the barrel she’s coming up with 40 year old guys who live in tee shirts? Did she miss the midget with gout?

  3. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    OK, perhaps he has many awesome hidden qualities.
    Or maybe Jen likes balding bears.
    I give this one 6 weeks.

  4. Frank Burns

    Gross! Old people sex!

  5. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Willis Dikfitt
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    She’s the poster child for a failed relationship . She bangs everyone to lure them in and then she’s dumped . Keep it up Jen .

  6. oneone

    Myyyyyyyy, what a good choice, he seems nice…. muhahahahaaaaaaa

    • cc

      There are women who make bad choices in men, women who make terrible choices in men, and then, in a category of one, there’s Jennifer. I still find her attractive, but she strikes me as being an epic twit.

  7. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    Hm… they’d actually make a god couple. Unless she’s taller than him.

  8. the captain

    this is an official warning.
    always smiling like everything is o.k.
    she is egomaniac filled with hate & anger because she is jealous on jolie & brad.
    …………she has just nothing.

    • Clarence Beeks

      It has been OVER SIX YEARS since she and Brad broke up. STOP dragging Brad and Angie in this.

      fucking ridiculous.

    • Crabby

      I totally agree with you! When she was with Brad, at every award show they went to she had that same smug look on her face. Like ” Look at me! I married Brad Pitt! Don’t you wish you were me?!” Then when every thing fell apart she played the “victim” and blamed it all on Angelina Jolie. As hott as Angie is, I doubt that she’s to blame for that marriage’s demise. If Jennifer wasn’t such a self-centred., selfish twat, then maybe she would’ve given Brad some babies and get over herself. I mean he stayed 6+ years with her. That wouldn’t just fall apart over night. With Angelina, he saw what his life could be like and decided to leave that media cyborg Jennifer.
      I hope fame can keep you warm at night in the long run, Jennifer. Or stealing someone else’s man. She is so pathetic!!!!!

    • Mikka

      totally agree .. that happy face is just a facade!!
      in my country they are called “Moscas Muertas!”

  9. 15piecesofflare

    Just looked up Bivens. She’s cute. Guess Justin’s making a bid for fame.

  10. What, she couldn’t steal a Madden brother?

  11. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugh…is her ego that small that she needs to constantly have it stroked? Now she needs the power trip of being able to break up someone’s relationship just because she can? She’ll kick him to the curb in 2-3 months. Class act Jen…

  12. Gabe

    LOL Chelsea just lost half her “comedic” material.

  13. rough

    That Bivens woman is “devastated”? why does it have to be always about her? Cant she sacrifice, for the masses well being?

    Its always me, me, me. with everybody…

  14. Sorry, no dice. That dude and that chick weren’t married. Not the same.

  15. Hugh Gentry

    I’d turn my back on my family to nail Aniston.

  16. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Yuri vanden Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    She is sooo freakin’ hot. I would last about 5 seconds before erupting in a geyser of prostate gumbo.

  17. Abby Normal

    Angie hasn’t dribbled the squeezings from John Mayer’s Ku Klux penis, Jennifer doesn’t look like a Chinese newspaper printed on a bag of bones.
    It all evens out.

  18. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    Congrats, Jason Lee, on banging Jennifer Anniston!

  19. V

    Good. Can we stop giving her pity movie roles now? Enough. Let’s just say what’s been in everybody’s minds for 8 years: her movies suck, she’s annoying and unlikeable, she’s not Rachel Green anymore, Angelina is a greater actress, Brad Pitt is not hot anymore to begin with.

  20. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if Jennifer minds sharing him with “The Machine.”

  21. Deacon Jones

    This is called a mid-life crisis for a 40 year old.

    Guys buy Porsches, women try to validate to themselves they’ve “still got it” by fucking / stealing younger men from other women.

    Human nature is fucked up.

    • Rancid

      You speak words of iron.

    • Chupacabra

      No, monogamy is bullshit. the “crisis” is that we all should be fucking whoever we want, whenever we want while we still can- living in hunting/gathering tribes where the paternity of a child doesn’t matter, but NOOOO we have to have all this post-agricultural religious bullshit where we treat women like something men have to buy and own with a ring and shit. Fuck modern sexual mores. Fuck em.

  22. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    I loved him in ´Inland Empire´, though sadly, I’ve found out he’s a midget.

  23. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    nice outfit asshole

  24. legs

    LOL. Aniston and her PR team are always as quick as a lighting in denying rumors but they declined to comment on this one which means IT’S TRUE and could not further comment. i bet they’re brainstorming now on how to damage control her FAKE good girl image as she always claimed to be. bahaha!

  25. cc

    The Smart Water seems to not be working.

  26. Clarence Beeks

    People who get together at age 20 will grow apart by their mid 30′s. There is a lot of growing up and changing in those years. I am glad I did not marry at that age. Most people I know who did are divorced now. I know those 2 were not married….

    Who knows what that dude was telling JA about his relationship? Only JT and JA know.

  27. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    Fist girl I ever searched for on the interweb.

    I’d deposit “prostate gumbo” anywhere she wanted and a few she didn’t.

  28. anon

    LOL Of all the guys she could have chose, she decides it’s his house she wants to wreck? It’s been said for years that she’s a bitch. The whole Angelina Jolie thing just covered up that fact and let people sympathize with Jennifer.

    Good for him though…what guy wouldn’t want to bang JA to get into the Hollywood A-List? He can always reconcile later. It’ll be easier to do when he shows this ex how many zeros have been added to his bank account.

  29. Basil Pemberton

    I cannot side with those that equate this with “hot ‘
    This was never much more than lukewarm , and it’s cooling off

  30. The Critical Crassness

    If he left his former girlfriend for Aniston, she must have been a real gem! How bad a whiny piece of work do you have to be for Jennifer to be a better choice for your boyfriend…Really?

  31. Like his girlfriend didn’t see it coming. When has Aniston ever not hooked up with a co-star? Public knowledge. If she was going to complain, it should have been during casting.

  32. blackhole

    Certainy Jennifer Aniston has been put into the role of “victim” regarding the situation with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but “cast herself” is absurdly inaccurate. Sure, she’s responded to others asking about it, but I’ve never seen, heard, nor read anything to suggest she’s ever raised the subject herself.

  33. Basil Pemberton, Esq.

    A lady would never flaunt herself in such an unseemly manner

  34. bing

    Jennifer please buy an airbrush kthxbai.

  35. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s hotter than Jolie.

  36. NTT

    He looks like David Arquette. hmmm.

  37. Lissa

    Homewrecker my ass! If you can’t get a man to commit to you after 14 years with nothing more than “living together” then you have become his convenience which will inevitably become inconvenient the moment something more attractive walks through the door. It’s not like they were married, and he obviously wasn’t committed.

    • Chupacabra

      Again, post-argiculture “civilization’s” idea of women as property to be bought and sold. I was married once, had a big wedding. Got divorced 2 years later. I think commitment is way over rated. Humans weren’t meant to be monogamous.

  38. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    To be fair they weren’t actually married like she and Brad were.

    • Choyce2020

      So Justin & his GF being together for over 12 yrs doesn’t count for anything? Give me a break!!! You’d be singing another song if you were Justin old GF for certain. Face it Jen became what she claimed she hated the most a home-wrecker!!! Wonderful if Jen would like some zero water to help her swallow her judgmental condemning words…hum???

  39. Jovy

    I find this woman repulsive. No I’m not jealous, I just prefer women to look like women and not men. Plus does she own a brush?

  40. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    Ugly dress.

  41. SMB

    …yeah, yeah, yeah, rachel broke something in some chick’s house or whatever …but wait, did ya’ll see the ad right below it??? they’re trying to bring back high-waisted jeans??? like the ones your mom wore in 1989??? (or, yesterday, if you’re from wisconsin) …christ, what’s next…zubaz?

  42. TaT

    Miss innocent. Who “took” Tate Donovan away from his pregnant sweetie, waaay before Brad Pitt was even in the picture. It looks like what goes around came around to Maniston, in the form of a dark haired beauty with REAL talent named Angelina. Who, by the way, may have done an uncool thing, but except for the one woman she dated. Has been married to every man the media has associated her with. Can’t say the same for costar hopping Maniston. They all keep dumping her. Why? Because it’s obvious she gives it up just as fast, if not faster, than Jolie.

  43. Bo

    the radio that Pitt had moved on with Jen less than a week after that first blind date without him even being told by jen that they were through !!!

    Way to go jen !!

  44. crb

    j must have a massive ego/malignant narcissistic personality disorder to keep harping on the thing she screwed up after all this time.

    how DARE bp leave her to get what he wants out of life!

    now: 2 wrongs make a right?

    bitches are just plain crazy…

  45. Jennifer Aniston New Boyfriend Justin Theroux
    Commented on this photo:

    eeewwww, he is nasty looking

  46. goldencarousel

    Justins Ex-Heidi. Had already become his Ex. (He had already broken up with Heidi) before he started dating Jennifer Aniston. And as for Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston both have had cometic surgeries on there noses, both have had more cosmetic surgeries then there noses. Angelina Jolie and Brd Pitt both have there looks in pictures and movies altered by professional software. Both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anistons natural looks before cosmetic surgeries was average, with Angelina Jolie sporting a naturally big pair of lips with average facial and body features.

  47. TAMMY

    because she is a bad whore, no talent and kissing ass Jenifer

  48. Annie

    Hey stop jealous bitter skank. Leave Jolie alon

  49. BOB


  50. Lina

    Jnifer Aniston fake from inside and out. No more victim player. But she become a homewrecker

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