Jennifer Aniston Got a Haircut

February 22nd, 2011 // 107 Comments

Jennifer Aniston apparently removed a few inches of her hair before attending the Madrid photocall for Just Go With It and people can’t shut up about it. Which is amazing considering this same afternoon Minka Kelly walked out of a building in a black tank top and turned her head to the left. THE LEFT. But I guess we’re just going to ignore that, is that how this works? Don’t cover the important news? Because I wasn’t certain until now.

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  1. god she’s nauseating. i’ll light her hair on fire when i see her then she can look like travolta. people were diggin on that too yest

  2. Jimbo

    I would do that soccer mom…

  3. Jennifer Aniston Haircut Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    I love her, but I thought that was a wax statue!

  4. Michael Jackson's Brain

    Blonde does not work for her. At all. Keep “The Rachael” dark!

  5. jojo

    Jennifer Aniston is a bore. And after all the bitching about hating the cut, what does she do? She goes and gets the ” Rachel 2.0″.

  6. Tony Y

    This is The Rachel with less volume.

  7. i love her, but she looks like a wax statue!!!

  8. Anyone else think the title of this post should be: “I’VE GOT A GOLDFISH…oh, I thought we were talking about shit that doesn’t matter.”

  9. Kevin

    She still looks desperate…

  10. Colin

    The difference is SO obvious! The other one was an evil ice queen cut, but this one just screams frigid bitch.

  11. Hugh Gentry

    she looks much worse. bring on the extensions.

  12. Kelly

    She’s looking worn out.

  13. Shart

    I think she is nice looking. Brad picked the wrong honey.

  14. Deacon Jones

    She probably loved getting upstaged by a blond with huge tits, half her age in movie she headlined…

    • Kevin

      That girl is hot. I almost considered seeing the moving because of that blond.

      • Jimbo

        From what i hear, save your $10 bucks and just Google Brooklyn Decker. There are some hot pictures of her on the Internet or get SI swim suite addition…

      • Hah!

        I saw the movie, it’s funny and hilarious. If you love to watch a funny comedy and just want to be entertained…just go with it. It’s a fun movie to watch, not to mention the hot babes in the movie…they both rock ( Aniston, Decker and Kidman.) Your money will not be wasted at all, specially if you are a person with great sense of humor…and not like most of the serious critics who want to just rate good movies to recommend for Oscar or Globe Awards.

  15. Jennifer Aniston Haircut Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    This.. somehow makes her look less like a perfect frigid ice bitch. Still hate her though. The mom pants are rough.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Wanna see an *old* face – check out KardASSian!! At least JA looks natural, healthy – not a botoxed nightmare. JMHO.

  16. Isn’t this the same basic haircut she’s had for like 20 years?

    compare this to batshit crazy and scary as shit Angelina Jolie, and I bet I know who Brad Pitt is imagining when he strokes off at night.

  17. SlapKatyPerry

    Screw all of you, she looks fresh, young(er) and quite pretty

    • Paul

      A fresh, young,quite pretty baseball mitt.

      • Ann

        Love how the Loons get on every Aniston post with guy names and call her old. Every guy I know thinks she is much hotter than Skankalina.

    • Linda

      I think she looks great. Wasn’t everyone saying great things about her when she was in a bikini a few months back? It’s not “the rachel” haircut either. She just changed her hair a bit – big deal. Still looks awesome.

    • Linda

      I’m not a “fan” of either one. I think they both look great and are beautiful women. Just because I said she looked great doesn’t mean that I don’t like Angelina.

  18. Jennifer Aniston Haircut Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    She is the first girl I ever searched for on the interweb. Circa 1995. She still looks amazing!

  19. I just saved 15% on my car insurance.

  20. Eric

    The only hair I care about is the stuff between her legs.

  21. Glenn Beck

    looks like shes goin for that perma-smirk thing like that blonde chick from V

  22. In a related story, David Schwimmer cut his fingernails.

  23. Jill Ess

    As women age, they are supposed to cut their hair shorter.

  24. true dat

    not good enuf for brad. never was

  25. anonymous

    Did she just give an interview complaining about “the Rachel”?. Here she is pretty much sporting a version of it.

  26. Kayle

    the blonde with the fake tits did nothing for me, i see hotter girls at the restaurants in the mall,lol…anyways, I think jen looks good :)

  27. Rough banging the internet with an iron cock

    This post makes me want to punch the wall…

  28. Jester

    Since her poor Jen schtick wasn’t working she’s going all in with the Mom look to see what that nabs her. Obviously she hasn’t seen your Kelsey Gammer pics of him eating his fiance’s face

  29. bitingontinfoil

    I like – she looks good! Nice to see a few “age” lines on her forehead as well. Nice and natural and pretty. Looks sooooo much better than the Angeloonie hag (now THAT’s a psycho).

    Never really liked her acting – but after seeing her in a few interviews she seems pretty cool and down to earth.

  30. Louise

    She’s starting to show her age. Botox is never a good look.

    • Clarence Beeks

      It’s not Botox that is making her look different. She put fillers in her face. I don’t like it. She looked great before, IMO.

  31. Tompkins

    She always sounds like a real idiot, so I guess that’s why everyone makes such a big, big, big deal about her hair cuts. Too bad she didn’t get a new hair style, too. This look, looks like she gave a pair of scissors to her tree trimmer and asked him to cut her hair while he was there since he was trimming the trees anyway, you know, why have him make another trip.

  32. Sugar

    Her highlights are terrible. All that money and that’s the best she can get done?

  33. Joker Card 53 and 54

    I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair…, I’m gonna cut that man outta my hair.

    Oh, I forgot, no man can stand her, an old spinster at 40 with no prospects, there must be really something wrong with her.

  34. Mandy

    She’s going to be that crazy cat lady on the block that lives all alone with her cats.

  35. Smiley

    Oh and Jen, not feeling to do.

  36. aretha

    “The Home For The Elderly” is moving IN, folks!!

  37. SlapKatyPerry

    The hatred for this poor woman gets stronger with every story; you act like she ran over your cat and slashed your tires give her a break the dating pool in hollywood is about as deep as a pothole.

    • no. it’s time for her to fuck off forever. she’s had fuckin twenty years in the business, and never entertained me once. how long should any actor have? her presence in any context anymore is displacing some hottie half her age from work, and from my eyesight..

      and she’s not fuckin poor, she made a million an episode the last cpl seasons.

      • Hhhmmm...

        Excuse me? she entertained a million of her fans…and they love all her movies. She doesn’t do it for you alone, and if you don’t like her..I truly believe that you will never like any of her movies even if it’ the greatest…because haters like you will always find flaws to people or celebrities you will not like..ever! Just do us a favor and just be the one to diappear, and save us from your nasty and rude comments. In fact, bring all the loonss with you too…that would make us all happy.

      • Flo's flow

        @Hmm Speak for yourself. I’d rather have the nasty and rude comments.

    • Hahaha!!

      @ Flow’s, I think hmmmm…is not speaking for you because you are one of the loons. The hint? you love rude and nasty of many attitude the loons have. Hmmmm, is speaking for all the Aniston’s fans and people that love her. Got it?

  38. lissyc

    geeeeez, I would love to see what all you people look like. Especially for someone in their 40′s. Yes you all think Brooklyn Decker is hot now, but will be bashing her in 20 years and saying she’s ugly just because she got older.

  39. Fuckjudger

    The fact that she hasn’t had kids, and her general fitness level means that she has got a really, really tight cunt. Besides, you can tell from the look on her face.

    In the unlikely event that my massive man-weapon would actually fit, I suspect there would be some tearing.

  40. babooda

    Cut a couple of inches more off and give her a goatee and she would look exactly like Brad Pitt!…Then maybe she could steal Angie from Brad!

  41. Ticonderoga

    Oh No….Not….The….Rachel…..again………

  42. scustinfemmeberlake

    OMFG! she looks completely same now!

  43. Jennifer Aniston Haircut Minka Kelly
    Commented on this photo:

    “Smell my arm pits, smell them now!!!!”

  44. Jennifer Aniston Haircut Minka Kelly
    The Ugly Truth
    Commented on this photo:

    i think she should go even shorter, like her bob on friends. She looks younger already.

  45. Kerri

    i think she looks great! she has a very pretty face, she’s always dressed well and has an insane killer body! i don’t know why some of you people say bad things about her. every single one of you would love to be with her and if you say you wouldn’t, you’re a liar or gay. brad lost out big time when he left her. this is someone you want to have kids with. not the train wreck nasty whore he’s with now.

  46. Talk Hard

    She looks good. Nice and natural and I can’t resist those always on headlights.

  47. Sumsum

    Instead of “The Rachael” this ‘do shall be named “The Barren Womb”…damn you Angie!

  48. Joe Blow

    Keep your “chin” up Jen.

  49. The whole world

    Note to Jen:
    When the biggest news of your acting career is debuting, not a new movie, but a new haircut, it might be time to consider a new line of work. When has Meryl Streep EVER debuted a new hairstyle. Just sayin. Something to think about.

    Your friend,
    The Whole World

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