Jennifer Aniston Might Be Engaged

On Sunday night, a blurry Jennifer Aniston was spotted with what looks like a ring on her engagement ring finger while arriving at the Waldorf. Monday night, she’s spotted still wearing it outside The Daily Show although it’s clearly not a diamond ring, but some sort of gold ring with writing which is more than enough to start the “Jennifer Aniston is engaged rumors,” so let’s speculate:

1. She stole Justin Theroux from his girlfriend of 14 years.
2. They immediately moved in together.
3. They’re already taking couple photos and letting Terry Richardson publish them.
4. She’s starting to get tattoos because Justin’s into them.
5. She’s 42 and going to die soon.

Weighing all that evidence, you can’t tell me it’s that far of a stretch to assume Jennifer Aniston let Justin propose to her with some sort of quirky ring because their love is so “special and unique,” i.e. he has no money, not that that’s an issue in this case. “Hmm, you’re not rich, and this looks like a pimp’s pinky ring, but you’re kind of handsome in that weird, rugged biker way that might make Brad jeal- YES!”

Photos: Fame, Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News