Jennifer Aniston Was Hot This Decade, Says Spike Awards Show

June 6th, 2011 // 38 Comments

Wait. Is that the birth control patch? I’m gonna allow this.

Jennifer Aniston received the Decade of Hotness Award at The Spike Guys Choice Awards Saturday night and showed her appreciation by entirely skipping the red carpet and only appearing for the few minutes it took to pretend she gives a shit. Granted, I have no idea what she said because the show doesn’t air until Friday, so let’s just assume she made what she thought was a clever jab at Angelina Jolie. I’m thinking something like, “Hey, maybe I should get a tattoo of this, or are those only cool if they’re of stolen children?” That or she just stood there while her nipples got hard on command. It’s a coin toss.

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  1. dude!

    She has my vote.

    • Hell o

      not me, she is a moron with her dyed fake looking hair in her eyes. jennifer, you are not young and hot anymore. you are grandmaw age now dear.

      • Clarence Beeks

        grandma age? only if you are from the Backwoods and started having kids at 16 honey.

      • Clarence Beeks

        Jake, are you 14? Then I can understand you thinking 42 is old.

      • Yuliana

        willfuck the fateSo the truth is: fuck the fate or be fucked, there is no 3rd way.A fuck is not just a fuck with love, beascue when you fuck your love, you fuck each others’ brain out.When you guys make a love, you make a new world, and 2 new lives.Most men were not defeated by fate itself, they were defeated by simply the threaten of fate. Yes, the truth is sad.And then under the imaginary prison, the prisoner survives but he never lives.

    • Jake

      Her boobs are getting very loose and saggy. OLD.


  2. Gordon

    Still got it

    • dude!

      Yes, Gordon, and Clarence Beeks. You guys have taste. We all get old. She is getting older too. She does it with class, imo.

      The other negative comments are probably kids on their mom’s computer in the basement.

      By the way to, the rest of you biotches. . . .I was FIRST! heh, heh, heh!

  3. go to the first page on lazygirls, and you can find at least 30 women who’ve been hot for the last 15 years who are hotter than this friggid cunt, no offense

  4. tony

    They should give this award to her plastic surgeon and the inventors of Photoshop.

  5. It had to be said

    Well, at least she looks like she just got out of bed . . .

    • MarkM

      I was thinking the same thing! It’s great if she looks like that after a night of allowing me to have sex with her (Please God, Please!!!), but if you’re going to be at an awards show, it might not hurt to use a brush.

  6. nooooooooooo

    You can actually see the crazy emanating from her in the picture. As she peers into the audience going “BRAD? BRAD?”

    • The Lord Almighty

      He’s actually in the audience, that’s why she looks confused. He’s saying “I made a mistake, I married a plastic surgery failure that looks like an alien and compulsively adopts foreign kids…. save meeeeeeee”

      • KV

        Yeah… he’s crying for help. That’s why he had 3 biological children with her and adopted all the others. That’s why he’s been with her for the last 6 years. Yeah… a real cry for help.

  7. Richard McBeef

    looks a little meg ryan-ish under that hair.

  8. mark

    shes hotter than skinny and hard faced looking angelina by farrrrr…

  9. jim eh

    I don’t see it, why does anyone find this cunt pretty?

  10. Jennifer Aniston Spike Guys Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    No ass. No talent.

  11. horny pig

    Throwing a dog a bone, but wouldn’t mind giving her my bone.

  12. Venom

    She is still hot.

  13. Clarence Beeks

    while beauty is PERSONAL taste (STOP calling people gay because they don’t agree with your definition of beauty), I don’t understand how people cannot find this woman pretty.

    And though I don’t understand, I won’t argue with people about it. because it is OPINION.

  14. Derek

    OK, I have to admit that she is not so bad looking…especially in this pic, HOWEVER, the reason I find her unattractive is all the god awful movies she has been in for the past decade…

  15. bing

    Hot but shallow.

  16. Okay, so I get that the MTV Movie Awards and Spike Awards just happened, but when does the real award season begin? When are the Who Gives a Shit Awards?

  17. tlmck

    I wish she would have kept the dark hair from her current movie. Way hotter than the blond.

  18. Dale

    Aniston looks like she just fucked one of the producers of the awards show in order to receive a crap trophy and get on camera.

    Why is it that there are fucking awards shows for shitty actors every week? They sure love to pat themselves on the back for being nothing but a bunch of whiny primadonnas and incompetent douches who could never make it in life doing anything but memorizing words someone else wrote and reciting them 50 times to get it right on camera.

  19. Artofwar

    …It’s amazing the way that—freshly f#cked, I haven’t even found time to wash-out the semen that is currently oozing down the inside of my thighs–look, can bring out the sexy in any woman…..Artofwar

  20. the captain

    ………………….W H O??

  21. Always say cunt

    Hot for any woman of any age.

    Not only that, but she hasn’t completely ruined her cunt by squeezing humans out of it.

    I want fuck it.

  22. Veronica

    Birth control patch. Heee! I don’t know why anyone criticizes. A face like that shouldn’t breed.

  23. cc

    She’s still got he old alternate reality wedding band on I see. Isn’t there a book about that called ‘Letting Go’?

  24. Doug

    She’s a Hack, all her movies are failures. She’s not HOT…more like cute. An Executive at SPIKE must have banged her for her to get this award

  25. Jennifer Aniston Spike Guys Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    shes only hot because her hair in always in her damn face – can’t see it.

  26. Jennifer Aniston Spike Guys Choice Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, you can say all that to me and I can’t voice my opinion. This is America and I can say what I want. You don’t know ahynting about my life, but hey, this is America so say what you want. But don’t if you want to offer advice, let me offer you some, grow up and don’t come at people like that because you might be talking to the wrong bitch one day and get that ass kicked. Internet thugs make me sick. Fuck her and fuck you too.

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