Jennifer Aniston Banned Heidi Montag From Movie Premiere

February 10th, 2011 // 68 Comments

Heidi Montag has her first motion picture cameo (That looks a lot like this.) in Adam Sandler’s new movie Just Go With It, but apparently she wasn’t allowed to attend Tuesday night’s premiere thanks to Jennifer Aniston who finally got to be the one to tit-block somebody, albeit just a soulless mannequin devoid of human emotion. Us Weekly reports:

“I was so excited! This is the first movie I’ve ever been in and I can’t walk the red carpet because Jennifer Aniston decided I was ‘too polarizing.’ … I’ve been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life and it’s just really upsetting that she would do this to me. … She should know how hard it is to make a career for yourself and to have someone like Jennifer Aniston go out of her way to make things hard for me is really disheartening.”

I’m having trouble buying this story for two very specific reasons. 1. The source is Heidi Montag. 2. Jennifer Aniston agreed to a promotional spot featuring Tila Tequila. At that point, shame and decorum flew out the window on the wings of a midget queef, never to be seen or heard from again. More than likely, Heidi didn’t want to show her face in public unless she’s getting paid $500 to tandem bike with Spencer, so she made up a story attached to a relevant star that would inevitably get reprinted by idiot keyboard jockeys obsessed with tits. Ha! What a bunch of maroons. So easily manip- godfuckingdammit.

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  1. MarkM

    Now if only Barack Obama would flip the Internet kill switch on Heidi…then we could ALL have a great day!

  2. Jennifer Aniston Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    she can play the lead role in the “Mask ” remake without makeup…

  3. Deacon Jones

    God, I would pump her doggy style every fucking night. Every.

    Looks like Aniston is resorting to the same tactics the middle-aged women managers at my work resort to, they attack the next crop of hires like insecure maniacs.

  4. Drundel

    Hmm… you’d think Aniston would ban Brooklyn Decker as well.

  5. babooda

    The only thing more fake than her body is the shit that comes out of her mouth!
    How could anyone give any credence to the statements made by “Spencerbot Heidi”.

  6. midgetporn

    funny lil’ skanky slandering bitch ..
    did jen also ban her from the hills after party & get her fired from the hills ? ahahaaaa so funny this desperate slut ..
    deacon you are splatt ,,
    as andy cohen says in his blog ..
    ” i’d rather stab myself in the eye than work with her ” ..
    i think that sums it up for 99.9% of the population …

  7. seth

    I have a new found respect for Jennifer Aniston, now if she can do something about the Kartrashians!

  8. jojo

    Kids, take note. This is your face stuck on useless whore.

  9. There’s my blue veins!!! Yay!!!!!


  10. Smaug

    I LOL at her misfortune and hope it continues

  11. Joe Blow

    The camera flash is bouncing off her plastic face with a blinding glare

  12. chelsea

    Jenn A. is a smart girl… hahaha.

  13. Once you’re in a movie with someone, it’s kind of hard to keep their reputation from affecting yours. Just ask Ray-J.

  14. Arturito

    You know, when you point out the obvious, it makes me smile all day long.

    J.A. did go for the op with Tequila, why would she pass on “Mega-Montag”? But if MM wasn’t bitching about something, she wouldn’t be relevant – except for that whole “punchline of every joke in Hollywood” thing.

  15. It’s like Meg Griffin not wanting Neil Goldman around, only in real life.

  16. Elle

    Probably the only chick on earth that Barbie can take one look at and say “she’s too plastic, it’s offensive”.

  17. burton

    JEN A. is a million times sexier and attractive than this plastic faced moron, Hiedi is younger yes, but she looks like a 40 something plastic surgery nightmare…for someone in their mid 20s she sure dont look it!

  18. Jennifer Aniston Heidi Montag
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  19. TomFrank

    I read “I’ve been such a huge Jennifer Aniston fan my entire life” as “I was eight when Friends premiered. Eight.”

  20. if this could also happen to all other reality tv garbage, I think we’re set!

  21. The New King of Egypt

    Heidi, winning the “reality TV” lottery and keeping yourself in National Enquirer type news (like The Superficial) by creating fake dramas with that douche Spencer and turning your previously cute body into a freakish slab of meat because doing so gets you attention by such rags/erags is not in the same category as making a career for yourself.

  22. Rico

    I don’t like Heidi Montag but I always new Jennifer Aniston was a c u n t. You can tell she is just by watching any interview she does. Aniston comes off like a total bitch and always has. Elitist and condescending. I believe this story.

  23. ThisisnotTigerWoods

    Between Heidi’s overall body and Jen’s gorgeous legs, I won’t be able to stand up for a while!!

  24. nonminti

    well yeah,Rachel doesn’t like her,although Joey perhaps would,Heidi is an icon,you can not find anyone as superficial as her,one and only.

  25. One thing’s for sure – If Heidi says it, it may not be true, but it will be retarded.

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Plastic mannequin name dropper. Mannequin.

  27. Peanutty

    This be truethy.

  28. Chicago_animal

    Good if this is true. Heidi is a nobody but a plastic barbie doll. I would rather fuck the barbie doll as it has as much plastic but is hotter then Heidi.

    Tequila is another idiot that should Be gotten rid of…ALL reality stars should just die!

  29. Rhialto

    I almost didn’t recognize this girl with the ultimate ‘stewardess’ looks. But i guess it must be really her.

  30. McLovin

    titblock? I believe the correct phrase is….


    You can start thanking me now.

  31. Jennifer Aniston Heidi Montag
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    Oooooh! Nice back-scoop!

  32. Jennifer Aniston Heidi Montag
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not pathetic and vapid, I’m just drawn that way.

  33. Mimi

    Not that I want to defend the Plastic Zombie who spews fountains of S**T – BUT *this* could be true. Read “Take Your Shirt off and Cry” – written by J. Aniston’s former best friend. When Ms. Jenny hit it big, she F**ked her BFF royally.

  34. Hilarious...

    Dear Horsey Montag: is it possible for you to fuck up more? You have had no career for years; no one takes you seriously thanks to your idiotic drama queen moves & lies with your idiot husband. Finally, you get a small small part in a real film (which must be a first for you), and you feel the need to issue a public statement complaining about the star of the film, about something that she may not have had anything to do with? You had a chance to shirk the “reality tv” label, and you just flubbed it. Congrats; no one will want to work with you now. Better read up on how to give blowjobs, because about the only thing you’ll be able to do after this stupid move is porn…


    not only that but she accused the hills director of molestation & tried to drag his reputable ass thru the mud which is the reason nobody in their right mind would have anything to do with her …
    she was fired from the hills mid season & not invited to the finale party ..
    a person who slanders their own mother & drags their family thru the mud is a piece of fuggin shit…
    the cameo was filmed before all of this happened so sandler probably had no idea how vapid & despicable she really is ..
    he made a wise decision not to have her there ..
    anyway wasn’t she busy in abu dhabi
    ( which she thinks is in saudi arabia)
    filming ‘glee’ the ‘housewives’& becoming a blackbelt in karate , going to egypt ..hahaaa so funny …
    what goes around comes around ..
    she has a bleak future before her ..
    she was banned from hollywierd over a year ago …
    the only thing they can hope for is that radaronlie continues to publish her ‘shopped to hell foto’s giving her the appearance of legs, a neck and a normal size head …
    it’s called DUNZO …


    ahhhh ‘hilarious don’t be so hard ,
    you know the bumfuk trailerpark may give her a job slingin’ chitlins at the community canteen …

  37. cowbulls

    Jen just didn’t want to be pushed any further back in the list of hottest women at the premere. Brooke makes her look like an old used up hag and even Heidi is way hotter.


    uh heidi has the tiniest legs you ever saw & the largest head ..
    in fact she looks much older than jenn ..
    you are either blind , a victim of photoshop or just plain nuts …
    as far as bodies are concerned sorry but jenn has no equal in that department ..
    i’ve seen them both in real life ..

  39. Does Jennifer Aniston have the apology for tanking a movie written into her contract now, or does she force everyone to pretend it might not happen until afterward?

  40. captain america


  41. Gando

    Let this be a lesson for you all. Not all is ment to be thrown in front of the eyes of the party animals because of your own satisfaction. Think twice…..

  42. Nero

    We’re playing a whole lot bigger games than this bunch of demented party animals….. Only people with serious intentions are allowed from now on.

  43. Hey Dolph Lundgren looks pretty good in fuchsia!

  44. Rhialto

    We’ve a whole train full of these self-proclaimed ‘supportives’. And we don’t need any more. Thanks for your understanding.

  45. Superficial Bitch

    That funny or die video “Between two ferns” with zack galaknowayicanspellhisname with Tila and Jennifer was super funny.

  46. rightthenok

    thats stupid, thats like telling an actor that he cant show up to a movies he’s in because the star of that movie doesn’t like the actor. Regardless of what you all think of HM, that was a bitch move on jennifer aniston, like who is she to demand who’s allowed to come to a premier. No wonder brad left her ugly, controling ass for angie. What a bitch and who would think HM would make any women feel insecure….but then jen is naturally insecure of any women with breats within a ten mile radius of her so I’m not to surprised.

  47. rightthenok


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