Jennette McCurdy Got ‘Sam & Cat’ Cancelled

April 2nd, 2014 // 43 Comments
I Can't Imagine Why
Jennette McCurdy is nearly nude in these leaked lingerie photos
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Before I begin, wasn’t there a thing not too long ago where everyone was geeking out over how old 14-year-olds were looking? When the hell did that slam into reverse? Because it seems like every 21-year-old looks goddamn 12. It’s like Chris Hansen is taunting me… testing me… Anyway, back to some Nickelodeon show that let’s letting me type the words leaked lingerie photos over and over again for Internet money. “Man-Cat,” I think it’s called. NY Daily News reports:

The future of “Sam & Cat” is hanging by a silky thread after sultry selfies shot by one of the show’s thong-clad stars, Jennette McCurdy, were leaked online last month.
Now production on the top-rated kids’ comedy has ground to a halt, and the show — despite its popularity — hasn’t been renewed for a second season.
Sources said McCurdy, 21, has also been feuding with her co-star, Ariana Grande, 20, and others at Nickelodeon — and her discontent began in early March when the eye-popping nearly nude pictures went public.

According to Jennette McCurdy, this has nothing to do with the Internet seeing her boobs and everything to do with Nickelodeon paying Ariana Grande more. A situation that I’m sure didn’t cause a leaked photo scandal to happen a full 24 hours before April Fool’s Day, yet right after Ariana won a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress. That would imply that women are petty and vindictive, and that’s just something we don’t do here. This is a safe place. (Trigger Warning: That link, and every single thing surrounding it.)

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  1. It would be pretty fucked up if they cancelled the show over this bullshit, but it’s a show on a kid’s network, so they have to pretend that their stars are sexless robots.

    And how the fuck can Nick pay Ariana more than Jennette? Iirc, Jennette has made a lot more money for them and is coming off one of their biggest shows of all time “iCarly”

    These “child” stars really are always walking a very thin line. Because their audience is kids, they have to keep pretending to be kids no matter how old they are. Kids ruin everything.

  2. Jennette McCurdy
    Commented on this photo:

    she is hot. But something is off in this pic…

  3. 1) Jenette shouldn’t be paid less than Ariana, seeing as she’s been around longer and made more money for Nickelodeon.
    2) I think Jenette leaked her own lingerie pics to get out of Nickelodeon, and branch into more adult roles. I doubt she’s all that concerned about Sam & Cat ending, especially if Ariana is getting paid more than she is.
    3) I don’t see why people think these two are hot. McCurdy’s face is ehh, and Ariana has a permanent look of fear on her face (but, hey, some of you might be into that, I don’t know).

  4. The should kiss and make out…I mean up.

  5. Call Aaron Carter and offer him some steroids and 300 a week and problem solved.

    Team Ariana.

  6. Inner Retard

    Anyone else see Lindsay Lohan’s future in her eyes?

  7. The future of “Sam & Cat” is hanging by a silky thread after sultry selfies shot by one of the show’s thong-clad stars, Jennette McCurdy, were leaked online last month.

    Who’s writing for the NYT these days? Courtney Stodden?

  8. Maybe Vivid will buy the rights from Nickelodeon.

  9. Bonky

    I would pay good money for a video of these two going to town on each other.

  10. My first reaction was, THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!
    But then I realized that maybe Jeannette could move onto more adult roles with less clothes.

  11. Who cares about Sam and Cat? I want to know who cancelled CatDog.

  12. Ragnar

    To be clear, MCCurdy didn’t get the show cancelled. It sucked ass; thats why its gonna get cancelled.

  13. Dude STOP WITH THE FACTLESS REPORTING, Both of those girl said in interviews that they were done after the first season MONTHS ago to focus more on music, Nickelodeon isnt cancelling them the shows contract with them ended after the first season. Plus those pics werent any worse then the ones of her from other magazines and ones of her in her bikini. And her and Ariana are best friends and not fighting. Make sure u get all ur info correct before u spout lies. And next time u decide to FAKE QUOTE make sure u put WHO said the quote so the next time u CANT avoid a defamation suit. LIARS!

    • Hugh Evers

      Someone is ready for timeout. Mommy and daddy can review your browsing history. Did you think about that before you tried to play grownup?

    • Hey, Jeremy Bailey, I mean dribble-dick — Fish was quoting NY Daily News, so send your shitty rants to them. And BTW, this blog is mostly for shits and giggles. If you keep taking it so seriously you’ll give yourself a stroke before you’re 15.

  14. Jennette McCurdy
    Commented on this photo:

    On a side note every picture I have ever seen of Ariana Grande where she is looking at the camera she looks like a deer caught in headlights. I haven’t seen the show but if this is how she is in front of still camera it must be a disaster in front of a video camera.

  15. whatever dogg

    You can legally film them licking each others pussy. This is good.

  16. Jennette McCurdy
    Commented on this photo:

    Cancelled, Good! Do we get to see her sausage wallet now?

    • She a ho

      maybe. But I’d bet there has been many nights of four or five clack duded runnin a train on Ol Jeanette….

  17. Jennette McCurdy
    Commented on this photo:

    “The future of “Sam & Cat” is hanging by a silky thread after sultry selfies shot by one of the show’s sexy, satiny thong-clad superfluous stars, Jennette McCurdy, were lecherously leaked online last month.” – Courtney Stodden, NY Daily News

  18. Jennette McCurdy
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s Ariana Grande? She looks 13 years old…which is kind of disturbing.

  19. Have you seen this show? As you’d imagine, all four of my nephews (three to fourteen) like it. (Thank you, we’re all very relieved about that.)

    But Grande’s character apparently has some form of traumatic brain injury and was left with the faculties of a six year old. McCurdy’s character is played as some kind of rage-addicted butch-lesbian stereotype. It is one f***ed-up kid’s show.

    • Boris

      This should be official description of their show on IMDB. I also knoticed that most Nick shows fit “f***ed-up kid’s show” description.

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