Jenna Jameson…I don’t even know

September 12th, 2007 // 130 Comments

Jenna Jameson walked down the runway for the Heatherette fashion line yesterday. Although looking at these you’d think they were throwing some sort of circus horror show. Everything about her frightens me. Didn’t she used to be hot? And a porn star? I’d rather have sex with an angry porcupine than with Jenna Jameson. An angry porcupine with rabies. And on fire.


  1. Is she about to twist those puppies right off?

  2. ts

    what a waste

  3. Uhhhmerica

    What the fuck? Those shoes?

  4. Hemlock Queen

    Eating Disorder
    Eating Disorder
    Eating Disorder!!!!


  5. Why does she look like Makali Culkin in drag?

  6. P

    regarding the last pic: they both have the same fugly face.

  7. RockLobster

    She used to be sexy. Since when does someone stop doing porn and suddenly become the most disgusting person ever, you think it would improve your appeal.

    Tito Ortiz is going to break her in half.

  8. Binky

    Tito may have a few problems explaining that hat in the last pic to the boys in the Octagon…

  9. I liked her better as a pornstar. She gave more back to society that way.

  10. D

    her lips ballooned up overnight like a reaction to a bad food allergy

  11. cbg

    shed be pretty with long hair + boobs removed

  12. jewcrew

    her neck looks super thick in the main pic & she’s got the perma-cocksucker’s cramp going

  13. ssdd

    She’s got that O~so~serious model stare going on … she said she wanted to be a “model” …wow… does she really think she hit the big time with this?? LOL Somewhere donkeykong head Tito is beaming with such “pride” .. LOL

  14. um

    hahaha, she cracks me up. Just…..just look at her. Just, stare. It’s hilarious

  15. Nicole

    She thinks she is a model? #1. Too many tattoos. #2 Too much plastic surgery. #3 A retired whore. #4 Just wayyyyyyyyyyy gross. Put some weight on………please… guys are not finding you attractive anymore. You look bad, skinny like that. Tito just made you to into cardio… Knock off the extreme cardio…. seriously. You have to be burning more than you eat… or you have Aids.. one of the 2.

  16. Riotboy


  17. jua

    her neck tattoo and body look like utter shit

  18. She looks like she has AIDS.

  19. suzanne

    my shoelaces are thicked than her thighs. ICK!

  20. isitin

    You will read the papers soon that she died from Aids.

  21. lee

    She doesn’t even look like a woman anymore…she looks like a tranny.

  22. lambman

    the reason all profession fashion models are between the ages of 14-25 is because after 25 women that skinny all look like crap.

  23. SNFU

    2 words: Donkey Punch.

    Or is that just one?

    I suppose in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.

    This woman is a fucking trainwreck.

  24. Lauren

    What the heck is that under her armpit on the last picture? Some sort of sore or something? Ewww

  25. woodhorse

    Wally just call me, please?

  26. T

    Bitch lost her damn mind. Who is that guy with the makeup?
    I loathe RayBan wayfarers.

  27. steve-o

    She’s working the “Blue Steel” Look in the main pic

  28. Rachel

    Oh god. I knew you’d have a great time with these pics when I saw them! Gawd. Who could rub one out to THAT!? Oh wait, she’s not doing that anymore…*turns back to old JJ porn*

  29. LM

    Not only is she the nastiest thing on earth, her armpit looks like a twaut.

  30. Karen

    She kind of looks like a slightly less scary version of Amanda Lepore now….


  31. BunnyButt

    Jenna needs to give those fake boobs back to Mrs. Beckham.

  32. Wicked Wendy

    I’m scared…….I want my mommy…..

  33. kayla

    Is that her sister?
    and she’s so skinny, her boobs are just like…mounds that rise out of nothingness…it’s so weird looking…
    and that mouth…why…

  34. DeeDee

    OMG – she is dying. I sort of feel bad for her…seriously…the woman needs help. She either has a serious medical issue, anorexia, or a drug addiction. Possibly more than one of the above. It’s wrong to make fun of people who are so obviously ready to keel over and die. Jenna…please…get some help!





  37. Christina

    Hey, at least she’s got nice nails.

  38. aristotrash

    Check out the vein damage on her left leg. Also, Chelsea Clinton is in the audience.

  39. roughdaddy

    how come those extreme surgeries they all look the same,,,duck like…

  40. Ted from LA

    I’m with Dee Dee (#35). She needs serious help. Isn’t this Tito fella you all talk about Micheal Jackson’s brother and a cage wrestling fighter? Can’t he help her? If she was a 9 year-old boy, I’ll bet Michael would help her out… of her undies…

  41. dassda

    So this is what American Men are attracted to!

  42. Nick

    That is grotesque. She was hot?

  43. PoorJenna

    Poor Jenna.
    She used to be the hottest woman in the world, and now she looks like an androgynous cancer patient with a face destroyed by terrible plastic surgery.
    It must be hard to be as insanely naturally gorgeous and pretty as she was and then realize you have desfigurated, destroyed and mutilated your formerly stunning face by one plastic surgery intervention after another and turned it into something disgusting, when not even the first one of them was necessary at all. She’s addicted to plastic surgery, that’s obvious. She’s kind of crazy and/or stupid, it really seems like it too. And not stupid in a dumb way, not at all, she’s a very smart girl… stupid in a having issues and needing to find a therapist way. Too bad that you’re like that Jenna. Who was gonna tell you (and all of your fans) a few years ago you’d end up turning into this. You went the wrong way girl. From being the hottest and one of the prettiest women in the world ever, to an androgynous cancer patient mutilated faced addicted to plastic surgery looking woman. The surgeon who did that to her is a … no comment. At least she’s rich and made millions.

  44. pro panties

    HEY LOOK! Britney’s in the front row in picture #5 in one of KFed’s old t shirts. We’ve seen more of Brit’s crotch lately than Jenna’s, which isn’t necessarily a good thing…ugh.

  45. Now that you mention it, Those angry Rabid porcupines look much better. What the heck is wrong with Tito? He had a very nice wife who begged the UFC to let him fight again and then he ends up with this?

  46. Ernesto

    Dude, I can totally hook you up with that porcupine no questions asked, but you have to bring your own lighter fluid. Call me.

  47. sara

    Dosen’t she have cancer?

  48. farty_mcshitface

    sorry folks, this fugly bitch was NEVER hot. not even accidentally. good god though- she is even uglier than before. as scary as an olsen twin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Jack

    I thought she was getting her boobs taken out…? Oh well, she’s still be a wreck.

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