Jenna Jameson wants Tito Ortiz back

Completely validating my theory that porn stars are soulless husks of humanity, Jenna Jameson wants Tito Ortiz back and is already milking this thing for all its worth by giving exclusive interviews and mugging for the paparazzi (above) before the dude’s even done being cuffed. RadarOnline reports:

Jameson called police Monday morning complaining about being “thrown down,” by her boyfriend Tito Ortiz. Jenna’s father witnessed the alleged domestic abuse at the couple’s home in Huntington Beach, California and called 911.
Jenny’s twins did not see the incident. has learned that the UFC fighter has just made a $50,000 bail and was released from jail.
It’s not known where Tito will spend the night, because Jenna said “I’m in love with Tito, I hope he comes home soon, but he can’t.”

Is she seriously smiling for the paparazzi while holding her kids in a crime scene? Because I can pretty much draw Jenna Jameson’s labia with my eyes closed, but that has to be the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen her do. Danny DeVito could somersault out of her vagina and I’d be less offended. Not to mention more aroused straight.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Tito claims Jenna Jameson has an addiction to Oxycontin and when he discovered her stash, she called the police and falsely accused him of domestic abuse. A likely story…

Actually I’m not being sarcastic. That sounds entirely plausible.