Jenna Jameson knows how to save animals, I obey

March 11th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Jenna Jameson unveiled her new PETA ad which suggests, to save our furry brethren, you should “Pleather Yourself.” Okay… done. Now what? Take a nap? On it. Wow, I rule at this. Fear not, woodland creatures, I’ve got you covered. (No pun intended.) Zzzz….

Photos: PETA, Splash News

  1. BellaNY1


  2. I dont care if Im first

    P H O T O SHOP

  3. Mel


  4. I dont care if Im first

    Hey look I have losers above AND below me!!

  5. i bet her pussy smells like old fritos

    at first i was totally against howard the duck’s sex change but clearly it worked out in his, i mean her favor.

  6. Inside what Jenna ?

  7. Eat Me

    She doesn’t hold a candle to Betty Page.

  8. Eat Me

    Lindsay is channeling Marilyn, and this scuz is channeling Betty Page. What a bunch of vapid airheads.

  9. Jumpin_J

    So I’m confused. Did she have even more work done? It looks like she still has her duck lips but finally caught on that boobies are good and put her implants back? If so, best career move EVER!!!

  10. makes no sense

    yes using fossil fuels instead of cow hide makes alot of sense. dumb asses @ PETA.

  11. Hamper Lint

    #9 and #7, I am not sure who “BETTY” Page is, but I know who”BETTIE” Page is.

    I think she looks nice.

  12. Nikky Raney

    she used to be pretty

  13. Ted from LA

    Ted Baxter and Herb Tarlek would love this pleather shit.

  14. Nikky Raney

    nice armpits

  15. Something to make you laugh.

    Check it out.

  16. 420

    I would never have guessed that it was Jenna Jameson on the poster without having been told first.

  17. Meanwhile…Debriefing Meeting (underneath your house)
    -: I think the last ‘Inquisition’ went pretty well – back on the last Kate Hudson thread. Well ok. Some of the links weren’t really working. But, other than that – certainly no one expected us. Comments?
    : I thought the French jibber-jab really worked. Time to reach out past the freedom fries. And I heard that Sarkozy can still pull chicks.
    -: Oui. Next.
    : Of course no one was expecting it. It was 4 in the fucking morning ! No one was awake !
    -: That’s semantics. This is debriefing. Semantics meeting is Wednesday. Next.
    : I fell asleep. And I don’t even have a fucking robot.
    -: Well. Ok A.C.C. I think you’re combining debrief with semantics… but we can work it out.
    : (Why is this guy even here ? I thought he lived in Sri Lanka.)
    : (He got a free flight on points)
    : Look Binky – all this Arthur c. Clarke does is bitch ! ‘Where’s my robot ? ‘ ‘When are they starting the Jupiter project ?’ Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. How’s this asshole helping the Inquisition ?
    : WTF – The guy’s got ‘vision’. We all need ‘vision’ and the ‘big picture’ as they say in the industry

  18. Sure, after she’s done a few animals, NOW she wants to save them. Too little, too late.

  19. 1 MILF Hunter

    #19 – Of course she wants to save them, they could be some she did.

  20. #20: Ah, so it’s not just a job to her…it’s personal. What a dear she is.

  21. : Define ‘Pleather’. I’m hoping it’s not a Rom Jeremy flic.
    -: Define ‘Nuef onze dans le maison job’
    : Is this a test ?
    -: No don’t worry. We have Tim ‘scoop’ Russert on it.
    This should all be cleared up in no time.

  22. Ron* (oh merde – always losing the ‘dramatic effects’ points)

  23. :It’s ‘Meet the Press.’
    Not ‘Meet Reality.’
    -: Picky. Picky.

  24. Yeah, reality and the press are pretty much polar opposites, generally speaking.

  25. Walizalawonga

    Wow, and the best of it all is we get to enter to win the STD her bikini is soaked in! WHA!?!?

    Jenna -



  26. Oh shit and Babel Fish defines mon Francais est :

    “Nuef eleven in the house job”

    Whatever. But what do they know ? I’m betting they voted Bush/Cheney.
    Twice !
    (What the hell is 9 ?) (Not that I’ll lose any sleep over it.
    No offense Lsy )

  27. Walizalawonga

    I think Jenna should be the front woman for

    PUTA – People Utterly Tired of your Ass

  28. Mike

    She has short legs.

  29. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Why do women get lip jobs? They look disgusting and like a duck. Do they honestly think they look prettier like that!??! *vomits*
    And honestly, why is an STD-infested whore promoting PETA? I can even understand Paris Hilton but not a porn actress…that’s the lowest of the low.

  30. jstunnah

    i dont like it

  31. So #28-30
    Inside job ?

  32. 31 too ..etc…just like feel free to go with it….whatever…etc

  33. billionaire

    She looks damn hot. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e.c o m” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  34. Cliff Notes : Knee Ya Ha Ha. I think that’s Korean.
    Binky : SHHHHH…Go Away. ‘Park’ is Korean. ‘Knee Ya Ha Ha’ is one of our Chinese friends.
    Cliff Notes : I still think Korean. Well. Alright. Vietnamese maybe.
    Binky: SSShhhh….Knee Ya Ha Ha is our Chinese friend. DEAL with it.

  35. Baby cakes


  36. # 36 Do you speak any Chinese ? (Manderin)

  37. She’s looking kind of good again, actually. Her ridiculous Posh haircut is growing out pretty well with the aid of some quality weave, the Botox and sundry other procedures are wearing off and settling in, etc. She doesn’t freak me out nearly as bad as before.

  38. She looks good.
    Wonderland Alice.
    Inside job ?

  39. Didn’t we meet once in Hong Kong ? Alice ? Kowloon ?
    That night.
    Chungking Mansions ? 16th floor ?
    Or. Maybe it was just The Queen of Hearts.
    Cliff Notes : Ok. Binky -Knee ya ha ha- is Chinese. Don’t rub it in.
    Binky : I knew you’d figure it out.

  40. Hmmpf..Pleather yourself, indeed. And, how many naugahides had to die for that outfit?

    Oh well, she’s looking less duckish but more horseish…maybe its the pleather?

  41. Inside Job

    Knee Ya Ha Ha: the only inside job your’e gonna get is a broom stick up your wack ass.
    Cliff Note: subject known to enjoy feltching and is a drooler, pimply ass cheeks, like to have the pus licked by lovers.
    Binky:”this is not the inside job I was referring to”
    Spitzer: I know a good place to…

  42. I wonder how many lab animals have died testing some cure for her various communicable diseases? I’m feeling the need to get tested from just looking at her…

  43. jdrevv

    She’s looking bad these days. Porn has taken a toll, she looks worn out and abused. I guess that’s the price you pay for being a “role model” to young ladies everywhere. Please just drop off the radar, already JJ!

  44. Kia

    Obviously a lot of time was spent altering the image, but couldn’t they have found a better black wig than that? It’s all sorts of nappy.

  45. toolboy

    i hope air brush/photoshop boy got OT for this shoot.

  46. Observation

    Not the Bettie Page picture but the other ones she looks like a white Lucy Liu.

  47. Rocky

    Wow, she looks great in that photo. There’s a word for it, oh yeah…airbrushing.

  48. Nice outfit in the ad.

    Pretty panties………………..

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