Jenna Jameson took her boobs out

August 22nd, 2007 // 215 Comments

Jenna Jameson has apparently decided to retire from making porn, and on August 1 she went to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and had her breast implants removed. Us Magazine has the interview:

On why she had her implants removed
“When I had implants, I felt uncomfortable. I would be shy at the beach. I know it sounds funny, but I’d wear high-necked clothes – unless I was at an adult-film convention. So I thought, Why don’t I be who I am and get my real ones back?”

On how removing the implants changed her
“Even for women with naturally large boobs, getting a reduction is so freeing. I feel like I can stand up straighter…before, when I jogged, I had to hold my boobs. I looked like I was molesting myself!”

On how she felt postsurgery
“Ecstatic. The first thing I did when I got home was open my bra. I wasn’t supposed to but I did. I was so happy, I cried. It was like looking into the mirror when I was 17.”

On whether she’s done with porn forever
“Yes. A hundred percent.”

On who will play her in a movie about her life
“I would love Scarlett Johansson to play me. I think Rachel McAdams is amazing, and Sienna Miller.”

Wow, look at that face. I can’t imagine why she would stop making porn. When I close my eyes to fantasize this is basically the only thing I ever picture. And, yeah, maybe I do wake up to the sounds of my own screaming, but that just means it’s working. What’s working, you ask? The sexy, uh, sex stuff. You wouldn’t understand. It’s a grownup thing.

NOTE: While getting her implants removed, I think Jenna Jameson turned to her plastic surgeon and asked him to make her look like a duck. And boy did he deliver. Greatest plastic surgeon of our generation, anybody?


  1. Canadian Cowgirl

    Does she have Greek in her? Cuz I’m hungry and I could use a little Greek in me!Teehee!

  2. Malffy Hernandes


  3. sportsdvl

    How do you go from being stunningly gorgeous to looking like a freak of nature?

  4. Hydro74

    I spent so much time throwing up to her pictures I missed my chance to scream “FIRST!”


    And wait … I don’t think it’s fair to call JJ “stunningly beautiful” at any point. For a cum-guzzling whore she was beautiful … kind of like being the best athlete at the Special Olympics.

    Did anyone read her back tats? “I am not afraid” and “I was born to do this” – given the fact that the thousands of guys who will be reading that will be doing so while sodomizing her, it does all make sense.

  5. She is nasty.

  6. Carli

    Yuck, you can see her incision bandages sticking out of her lowcut dress. She looked so much better as a porn star.

  7. Annie Rexia


  8. Rmc

    her boobs still look fake…just smaller…so whats the point…also she still has tape on them…which is gross…but so is she…also is she a fish? Look at those lips. I hate her.

  9. p0nk

    it was either retire or do the rest of your films with a bag over your head.
    in related news, Tito Ortiz was caught in bed with Ron Jeremy.

  10. kathy

    ok, yes, she is a skanky washed up porn star….but on the other hand, good for her. women who have fake boobs are obviously trying to compensate for something missing in their lives. maybe she can find something better to do with her time now. poor whore.

  11. Binky

    ‘I was born to do this’ – Joan of Arc on her back.
    I remember when the guy read that during the ‘climax’ of Super Jugs 3. Very moving.
    errr…not that I’ve seen the show…

  12. Daisy Duck in the house AKA Eagle Chick

    Do my lips make my tits look big?

  13. regular joe

    the same doctor removed her brain four years back, if y’all recall. At this rate, there won’t be anything left in ten years.

  14. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Human beings must be the only speicies on earth capable of eliminating their only reason for existence. Good job Jenna.

  15. PC

    She can’t just remove her big implants and without putting in smaller implants. Otherwise she’ll have two saggy bags.

  16. Texas Tranny

    I love the dress.

  17. regular joe

    everyone’s favorite cum dumpster, jenna jameson. Why is prostitution legal all of a sudden if you film it?

  18. Observant cowgirl

    Is she sucking sunflower seeds with the shells….she has to suck on sumething now aye?

  19. ssdd

    *shudders*…. my god .. how does one revert like this?.. does she have AIDS, seriously?

  20. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!! Bye bye subscription to Club Jenna

  21. sane-o

    HI, EVERYONE, this spooge sponge didn’t have her implants removed. The hypocritical liar had smaller implants put in. Anyone who saw her first movie knows that naturally, she’s as flat as keira knightley.#17….good point. why is it legal when it’s filmed? I wish they’d make a corollary law stating it’s legal to smoke weed if you film it.

  22. ssdd

    And are those ‘blisters’, or ‘ring worms’ … ..or wtf on her back in pick 7 … fuck im getting sick.

  23. lambman

    pretty much she pulled a Tori Spelling and let her eating disorder get her so skinny that her implants don’t fit anymore.

  24. hollyj

    Tats like that are so classless. She’s used-up old sailor. Its screams “TRASH” ..She should’ve just tatted “I HAVE NO CLASS” across both scapulas.

    It’s not like I’d expect Jenna to be the standard for class and elegance, but does she have to over-advertise her own skankiness?

  25. lulu

    yeah, she should definitely ask for her face to be removed too. The one she had before was waaaay prettier.

  26. bob

    why is her face 8 shades of orange lighter than her back?

    yeah, those are her natural tits, my ass. those would be the floppiest pancakes if they were. it just shows how retarded she is if she thinks the world is going to believe that those are not just smaller implants.

    i can’t decide who is uglier, her or victora beckham.

  27. Texas Tranny

    Ever watch Weeds?

  28. teeteetdot


  29. Morning Wood

    She looks like a white Grace Jones with a protein deficiency…

    I slid a few bills in this chics garter at the Gold Club quite a few years ago.
    She looked good in broad daylight then but years of self abuse have obviously taken its toll and it is definitely time for her to leave the arena.

    Just damn..

  30. Britney's Nappy Weave

    This bitch is nasty, plain and simple. She has had so much botox injected into her face when she trys to emote, it looks like she’s constipated. And her lips are WAY too injected. For the love of God, just grow old gracefully and GO THE FUCK AWAY! What is wrong with this Hollywood type people? So sad.

  31. Sabalon

    She used to be a knock-out. Now you couldn’t pay me to touch her.

  32. PC

    I’m no fan of the porn stars, but even I will admit that she used to be really beautiful. What has this woman done to herself? Once you screw up your face with plastic surgery, I don’t think you can go back to your natural face. She must really hate herself if she’s mutliating herself this way.

  33. PC

    I took a closer look at her face and she’s had at least 3 things done: cheek implants, possible nose job, and lip plumping. Oh, and she has those big horse-teeth veneers too. The boobs definitely have implants, just smaller than before.

  34. sharpeidude

    A movie about the life of Jenna Jameson?

    SCENE ONE: Jenna stops to eat at Denny’s

    Waiter: “What kind of dressing do you want on that salad?”
    Jenna: “Something high in protein would be great!”
    Waiter: “Well let me whip out my salad shooter and take care of that for you….personally.”
    Jenna: “Mmmmm…..let me shake that for you…..oh yeah!!!!”
    Waiter: “Ohhhhh yeahhh….”

    (Porn-guitar riffs in the background)

    Fucking pure acting brilliance.

  35. Hello my name Is Clovis and I'm an alcoholic

    Did we get the old writer back or something? For the past two days I’ve been laughing after I read the posts.

  36. Shallow Val

    I have never been so disgusted by a picture in my life. It’s Daffy Duck mixed with Madam, my grandmother and a really really bad post-op.

    What an unholy mess. Pobrecita.

    What’s worse are those ridiculous lips and the fact that she thinks holding her mouth open a la sexy porn pose actually looks good. She looks like she got too much novocaine and can’t keep her lips from parting.

  37. adeliza

    Until these posts on here about her, I had only heard of her but never seen her.
    What did she use to look like?

    Any safe for work, non porn pictures of her out there when she was “cute”?

    From what I am seeing she and Posh Spice have the same pig fetus thing going on.

    Why do attractive women feel the need to make themselves look like freaks?

    I’m sure I wouldn’t know!!!!!

  38. Robert

    Jenna is going through a mid-life crisis.

  39. SHallow Val

    37 adeliza

    I looked and it’s like looking at an apple that turned into an orange. Bwahahaha.

    No really, she WAS cute, buxom and fuller.

  40. Ooba Gooba


    What do you consider porn-guitar riffs?

  41. So.. f’ing.. creepy looking…

  42. bob

    and didn’t she have work done (besides her boobs) before she got into the porn industry? so it’s not even shocking that she’s fucked up her face again with plastic surgery.

    34, that was brilliant.

  43. jrzmommy

    She personifies Venereal Disease

  44. may

    On who will play her in a movie about her life
    “I would love Scarlett Johansson to play me. I think Rachel McAdams is amazing, and Sienna Miller.”

    HAHAHA i love how she thinks that any one of these actresses would even think about playing her in a movie. out of the three, i think only sienna miller would be that desperate. and the fact that she thinks her life is worthy of an entire movie is just pathetic. get over yourself jenna. you’re a total has-been.

  45. my comment

    calm down.

    she had smaller ones put in.

  46. Now if she would only get rid of those nasty ass tatoos.

  47. Lola

    ” Jenna is going through a mid-life crisis.”

    And she’s not even middleaged.

    Jenna, get rid of those lips and EAT something !
    x x x x

  48. my comment

    After all that surgery on her face she can’t make human expressions anymore.

  49. El-Coyote

    47 – what irony… Huge lips… Zero appetite….

  50. nope

    nope im sorry, that position has already been filled by the quack who worked on tara reid. maybe they are brothers though… who would have thought 2 such AMAZING plastic surgeons would come from the same family

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