Jenna Jameson still quacking along

August 29th, 2007 // 106 Comments

God help me I don’t know why, but Jenna Jameson has become my favorite person to look at lately. I can’t even comprehend that she’s a person anymore. She looks like the result of some terrible experiment to mate a human, a duck, and a Saturday morning cartoon. And I knew Tito Ortiz was tough, but tough enough to bring himself to have sex with this thing? He’s like Wolverine and a beer keg smooshed into one.


  1. nick

    She must have some kind of health problem. No other way to describe a decline like that. Maybe getting pentrated by innumerable penises and other objects qualifies as a health problem. I can’t imagine dating a pornstar. Gross.

  2. D. Richards

    Man, Jenna fucked herself up. She has officially turned her face in to a gigantic vagina. No wonder she quit porno for good (yeah, right), you don’t have to pay to see her pussy anymore, it’s on her face now! Also, can Tito’s jaw get any more pronounced? He looks like an ape. A big, dumb fucking ape. Poor guy, now wonder he’s fighting all the time. His girl’s been nailed on camera by tons of well-hung guys, for over a decade. I’d be mad too, if i had to stick myself in to a person that looks like a human asshole.

  3. Emily

    how can everyone tell her she looks so nice, she looks like shit and needs a wake up call before she is dead

  4. Jack

    Um, don’t you think that women who do porn already have some psychological problems, often starting with childhood sexual abuse – which Jenna has admitted to?

  5. hi jena you are so sweet and beutiful girl and i like you so much evere day i go in your websaight its so nice

  6. changa

    Bloody shame. I would guess she is dying of leukaemia or something: I don’t know what happened. Perhaps the big funny looking guy in the terrible suit is kindly looking after her because he cares. You’ve all had your fun, you should allow her the dignity to pass away in peace if she really is fading. However I hope she recovers.

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