Jenna Jameson still quacking along

August 29th, 2007 // 106 Comments

God help me I don’t know why, but Jenna Jameson has become my favorite person to look at lately. I can’t even comprehend that she’s a person anymore. She looks like the result of some terrible experiment to mate a human, a duck, and a Saturday morning cartoon. And I knew Tito Ortiz was tough, but tough enough to bring himself to have sex with this thing? He’s like Wolverine and a beer keg smooshed into one.


  1. jeff

    I bet he can’t even feel the sides of that thing…and besides, why the fuck would anyone want to? It’s like risking your life by hanging off the edge of a cliff. I bet that whore has every std known to man.

  2. woodhorse

    #48 that was very touching but YOU ARE OFF TOPIC. Now I’m just damn confused.

  3. MrSemprini

    Dang! Michael Jackson’s getting whiter by the minute!

  4. PairTens

    Everything you say is funny because it is so fucking true. Jesus, she used to have such a hot face and now she is just RUINED. It doesn’t help that every time I see that giant bald ape she is with, I can’t help but picture him fucking her in that duck mouth with all his monkey strength. I give him about three more months of sleeping with her before she is literally hamburger meat head to toe. Poor girl.

  5. david

    i think she looks better now!!!!!! are u guys insane?

  6. nagger please

    Why do white women want monkey lips?

  7. Alesia

    Jenna Looks Like She’s Been Under More Than Sweaty Men, I’m Thinkin Under The Knife Too :) She Looks Pretty Hot On check out vid

  8. hahahahaha!!!

    Wow, i never really looked at a picture of that Tito guy but yeah, he’s seriously fugly!!!

  9. starscanfrighten

    Compared to Britney, she’s looking pretty good.

  10. whatever

    I can see up Tito’s nose!

    Hmmm…no brain.

  11. whatever

    What is it about Tito that makes me want to smash his face in with a bat?

    I don’t even know the guy. But just looking at that douche bag makes me want to hit something.

  12. smegma

    After all those years of a tiny little voice in her mind saying “duck!” just before all the money shots, instead she becomes one. Tito looks like a lazy slob, maybe he just wanted a girl with an already-torn rectum.

  13. bmose

    @21-so fricking sad. From a 10 to a 2, Whats up with these LA skanks–they look like they all got Joker disease from the first Batman movie. Very POSH!

  14. haw haw

    Ironically Tito hooked up with her after she was all “tapped out” – get it?!?!?! haw haw haw haw haw haw….no.

  15. Tito

    I love Jenna! She’s so…so…sticky…and salty…

  16. Health Class Teacher

    I have to admit that in all my years of teaching, I never warned any kids that dozens of anal gang bangs will turn you into a duck. A black chick, maybe, but not a duck.

  17. David

    You people are crazy, she looks fine.

    Maybe she partied.

    Say what you want but treated well, a woman like that can provide hours of entertainment.

    Tito’s a lucky guy.

  18. Jennifer

    Oh come on she still looks like the angel cuteness Jenna when she smiles.

    Its just that pouting posing that makes it looks fucking stupid.

    Shes still an adorable pixie and I want to put her in a dollhouse. (In a non psychotic way.)

  19. whatthe

    what is the purpose of this post? i’m pretty sure there are other celebrities doing more interesting things than just…living. FIND SOMEONE ELSE FISH

  20. Moefoe

    awww she used to be so pretty. but what can you expect. After more shots in the face than 50 cent.

  21. David

    Oops, I thought this was Joan Rivers!

  22. Chauncey Gardner

    Awesome – more hideous pictures of Jar-Jar Jameson.

  23. Texas Tranny

    This sucks………………….cock, lots and lots of cock.

  24. What the hell happened to this woman? i saw her dance about 9 years ago at a club and she was gorgeous…looking at her now I don’t even think it’s the same person

  25. Faye

    She’s really gone downhill.

  26. snickers

    So….. her shirt DOES say “I fist bad boys” right? lol

  27. Texas Tranny

    No it says “I LOVE to fist bad boys”

  28. Tito is a brave man – Chuck Lidell twice and now that thing!

  29. Annie Rexia

    That’s what happens when you get put on a diet of cum and dirty sanchez’s. Svelt body. Fucked up face. Actually, she kind of looks like a blow up sex doll. She’s just half blown up.

  30. @67

    Yeah, a pixie that just got fininshed bangin’ the 7th fleet!

  31. jrzmommy

    *shakes head walks away*

  32. Texas Tranny

    Awwww come on now Jrzymommy, say something please

  33. Well…. she used to be hot…

  34. STILL???
    God she’s been “quacking along” since yesterday!

    New post please

  35. havoc

    I know she had cootchie surgery.

    Maybe they, you know, switch lips or something????

    Just throwing that out there.


  36. MonaLisa

    Well, maybe her Pussy’s gone all out of business, looks like her armpits are doing all the work now…zoom in on those!

  37. Mami

    He has the biggest head ever….

  38. jrzmommy

    TT–I………just can’t. It’s all been said.

  39. Goldstein...

    …I love the alacrity!

  40. Dr. Mike StJean

    Folks, this is person in the early stages of HIV.

  41. Crap-apple

    What does her shirt say? “I’m a Bag of Bones” or a “Bag of Cum?” I need my glasses.

    I couldn’t touch lips like that with a steak knife. I’m so glad I’m a straight girl because I couldn’t take that if I was a dude or a dyke. If my girl came home with those “flappers” I’d be all “that’s it, I’m outta here. C-ya!”

    Fucking phoney-baloney, plastic, shallow, ain’t got no brains between them, posers.

  42. Shallow Val

    She likes “Bad Boys” huh?
    Like the ones who gang-raped her when she was a teenager? (Look it up…)

    Grow up and become a woman you dumb coconut.

  43. joni

    She looks slightly transvestite-ish. If I saw her shopping at Target in West Hollywood I’d call it a worthy effort, but knowing that she actually IS a woman and Jenna Jameson makes me angry at her, and I don’t even know her! There’s no excuse for a real female to look this way (decade of porn notwithstanding).

    What a degenerate.

  44. BlohansDeviatedSeptum

    Hey Tito, the phrase “Go Fuck a Duck ” isn’t meant to be taken literally.

  45. Kimberlee-Shantel

    # 41 : “Bob” :

    In comment to yours, She might not look as well as she used to when she was “Barely 18″ and still had fake breasts, but just the point that she made by quitting pornography all together shows that she appreciates how she looks. She got rid of the fake breasts, and I think she looks better natural than plastic, but if you like your women pumped full of rubber…Get a blow up doll.

    To make my point more clear, I do admit she’s not as ‘pornographically pretty” as she was 15 years ago, but this girl still gets thousands for showing up to events, where as…People ask you to leave. ;)

    Shantel. <3

  46. Mama Pinkus

    I believe the “Trout Pout” fad can be historically traced to the beginning of Angelina Jolie’s career.

  47. YourWorstNightmare

    WOAH! What are pics of my grandma doing on this website??? Oh wait, my grandma isn’t THAT wrinkled.

  48. Anne

    Why are you guys making fun of her? Have you seen that thing she’s with? His head looks like a cabbage patch kid that got left outside too long. Good lord…I must go rinse my eyes out with bleach…I just got tag teamed by ugly and it hurts like a motherfucker.

  49. Eevahn

    Jeez, what a big head he’s got.

    As for Jenna: she’s one ugly mother f—–. WTF happened.

  50. Miranda

    This is the most extreme combination of anorexia and boob implants Ive seen in a while. Its distgusting. EAT SOMETHING!!!

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