Jenna Jameson still quacking along

August 29th, 2007 // 106 Comments

God help me I don’t know why, but Jenna Jameson has become my favorite person to look at lately. I can’t even comprehend that she’s a person anymore. She looks like the result of some terrible experiment to mate a human, a duck, and a Saturday morning cartoon. And I knew Tito Ortiz was tough, but tough enough to bring himself to have sex with this thing? He’s like Wolverine and a beer keg smooshed into one.


  1. Koi fish farm girl

    Here fishey, fishey

  2. Cowgirl


  3. Cowgirl


  4. sportsdvl

    A good example of what can happen when 1000′s of cocks have been slammed into your mouth.

  5. TS

    Holy jacked-up mugs-
    What the fuck is wrong with this chick?

  6. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    With that Rasta hat and Britney’s boots, I know what my next ensemble will be!


  8. JrsyGrl

    Why are we only concentrating on what SHE looks like? What about him? He looks like he’s trying out for the sequel to Mask.

  9. mrs.t

    Yes, she is hideous, but what about fucking Tito???? Double Y chromosome, anyone?

  10. TS

    She looks like Tito grabbed her by the back of the head, stretched her face out (like the alien in MIB) and punched her right in the mouth. I just dont get it when these chicks to this shit.

  11. Tito

    I can’t believe I have to be with this duck billed bitch.

  12. mrs.t

    Yes, #9….yessssss.

  13. Cowgirl smoking peyote

    I’m confused by her wife beater, I mean top, is it “I heart bad boys” or “I punish bad boys”? Either way, something tells me that she does more than that to any man she encounters!

  14. Cowgirl – I left you a message on your site

  15. TS

    Rocky Dennis

  16. Goldstein

    I don’t know what Tito is so smug about; he got her about ten years too late. Jenna is the mid-90′s was one of the all time great fuckers. She was cute and round and innocent looking with great hoots. Her scene with Rocco in Jenna Loves Rocco is a real five-stroker. I’ll never forget the time Jenna let Vince Voyeur cum in her mouth. That was the first time I had ever seen a girl do that. Little did I know that it was not something most girls are eager to do, but Jenna really sold it. I’m sure she’s still a great fuck, but looking at her makes me wistful for those days in college, the room smelling of sunflower seed oil, my sweat pants around my ankes, unable to move, completely spent, all thanks to Jenna. In her current incarnation she is a dead ringer for my second cousin’s wife, who had a massive stroke. She suffered brain damage, and ever since then she’s been dressing exactly like this, except she drools and has to have her twelve year old daughter help change her diapers. Very sad, but not as sad as Tito thinking he scored some kind of prize. Hey, Tito: if you were walking around with Amanda West, McKenzie Miles, Skyy Cherry or Rebecca Linares I would be impressed. But you’re not, so I aint.

  17. JrsyGrl

    LOL @ #16.

  18. Hemlock Queen

    Tito must have punched Jenna in the mouth. There’s no other plausible excuse for her quacker.

  19. G Money

    She’s doing heroine and looks like a skanky crack whore

  20. fee cees

    he has sexy feet.

    when she’s not posing, she looks more normal & cute.

  21. @14 I think the T-shirt is saying she like to fist bad boys. And it seems like Tito likes a little fisting

  22. combustion8

    grape ape grape ape grape ape!!

  23. TS

    I remember Grape Ape. OC, Just like Tito.

  24. combustion8

    punishment.. thats exactly what tito got when he went up against chuck.

  25. Sara

    Honestly, she doesn’t look that bad here.

  26. KO

    It Tito is so bad-ass lets see him go up against Kimbo.

  27. I wish she were dead , she is not good for anything , well ok let me say , she is a fuck…. horrible psycho bitch , bull shit

  28. Mdiz

    Jesus… enough of this used up porn star…

  29. Cowgirl

    #23—Oh, thanks for the elaboration (word?). He does look like there is something up there though aye?

  30. breh

    this is disturbing, she looks half human half duck :S

  31. whatever

    Fucking Fish…posts a picture of Howard the Duck and thinks it’s Jenna Jameson! He must be partying with Lohan again.

  32. Splooge

    What the hell is the big deal? She had her lips surgically altered so that she could more efficiently gobble up my splooge.
    You are all making it seem like a bad thing.

  33. kimberlee

    if she put on 10-15lbs and quit the lip injections, she’d look normal.

  34. STeve

    Tito looks like something they dug out of Michael Vick’s pit bull graveyard….no offense to the dead dogs.

  35. Screw you Superfish

    Superfish and Senator Craig : Best Buddies??

  36. Kimberlee-Shantel

    It’s actually fairly humerous how people can say she’s so ugly and what not yet she made her fortune by selling her body and most everyone here is a 50 year old man, home wanking it to her pictures post this website. ;)

    -Shan <33

  37. anna


    @ 1 lol! Ha Ha

  38. my comment

    Very wrinkled armpits.

  39. bob

    hey “shan <33″ she’s ugly NOW. she made her money before the ugliness attacked her body (along with what i’m sure is many a V.D.). do you get the difference? one is past tense & the other is present.

  40. bones

    i don’t really know much about this dude, but i’m assuming he’s a major douche solely based upon how he wears his sunglasses on his neck.

  41. Jess

    I heard somewhere that she had cancer or something. I mean thats awful..but if not…whats her deal…and as for Tito…I never knew a humans eyes could be so close together hes the closest thing to cyclops.

  42. elle

    she’s quackers

  43. SLUGGO

    Punishment is right.

  44. Conchords

    Yo, Shan<33: I don’t see anything humerous (sic) about it, and what not.

  45. woodhorse

    Amen mrs. t! Tito better take what he can get. I don’t think he’d do very well with a Personal “Giant SWM with huge lawnmower head seeking species-confused nympho…”

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  47. woodhorse

    Can someone tell me why they are advertising that he likes her to fist him? That would make TMI the understatement of the decade.

  48. Hollywood Agent

    I know that this slut shaves years off her age, but, come on, she has to be at least 55 or more. Even at 55+ she still looks like a yellow, bathtub rubber ducky. I hope she slips down the drain soon.

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