Jenna Jameson says something about cats and dogs having too much sex (?)

Jenna Jameson posed nude for a new PETA ad encouraging pet owners to get their animals fixed. Apparently, when we’re not around, our furry friends are sex-craved maniacs who constantly get their Discovery Channel on. This explains why my cat bought a jacuzzi… Anyway, here’s some advice from a porn star:

“Until dogs and cats can go on the pill or wear condoms, we need to help them practice safe sex–by spaying and neutering,” says Jenna. “Millions of homeless animals are turned in to shelters every year because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them all. The answer is as easy as ABC: Animal Birth Control, which means get your Fido or Fluffy fixed!”

I don’t think PETA thought Jenna’s ad through. Not only am I too tired from masturbating researching animal stuff to take my cat to the vet, but I’m pretty sure he’s not getting fed either. And, on that note, nap time.

NOTE: Included Olympic simmer Amanda Beard’s nude PETA ad because what can I say? I love animals. They make awesome friends or the perfect snack. Go for the gold, Amanda. U.S.A.!

Photos: Splash News