Jenna Jameson says something about cats and dogs having too much sex (?)

August 10th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Jenna Jameson posed nude for a new PETA ad encouraging pet owners to get their animals fixed. Apparently, when we’re not around, our furry friends are sex-craved maniacs who constantly get their Discovery Channel on. This explains why my cat bought a jacuzzi… Anyway, here’s some advice from a porn star:

“Until dogs and cats can go on the pill or wear condoms, we need to help them practice safe sex–by spaying and neutering,” says Jenna. “Millions of homeless animals are turned in to shelters every year because there simply aren’t enough good homes for them all. The answer is as easy as ABC: Animal Birth Control, which means get your Fido or Fluffy fixed!”

I don’t think PETA thought Jenna’s ad through. Not only am I too tired from masturbating researching animal stuff to take my cat to the vet, but I’m pretty sure he’s not getting fed either. And, on that note, nap time.

NOTE: Included Olympic simmer Amanda Beard’s nude PETA ad because what can I say? I love animals. They make awesome friends or the perfect snack. Go for the gold, Amanda. U.S.A.!

Photos: Splash News

  1. schak

    there is no such thing as too much sex.

    ask my goldfish.

  2. qwerty


  3. qwerty

    damn so close too

  4. literarycritic

    That’s some damn good photo retouching. She looks hot again. I didn’t think that was possible, considering what she’s done to her face in the last few years.

  5. Photshop Guru

    I tip my hat to you my ‘shop bretheren. Miracle Workers you are.

  6. Kim

    Wow! That’s alot of airbrushing! They were actually able to make her herpes sores on her mouth vanish. Too bad they can’t make her vanish all together.

  7. rough daddy

    and who asked for her opinion? why am i being subjected to this?

  8. Ephae

    Olympic simmer? Swimmer.

  9. She’s still fugly ho

  10. This from a chick who has not only eaten more sausage than an entire Italian festival, but perpetrated cannibalism by swallowing billions of potential humans.

  11. Darling Nicky

    Why doesn’t she look leathery anymore? What happened to her rawhide hide?

  12. literarycritic

    I just saw the photo of the other chick, the swimmer. Amanda BEARD is right. That face belongs on the front of a Mack truck.

  13. Tony

    Being comfortable in your own skin should imply not wearing 10 pounds of make-up on your face either.

  14. JPRichardson

    For years, Jenna was my favorite pornstar. I still can’t understand how that ended. I need to fill the hole she left. I need to fill her hole.

  15. omg.. i mean i know she is a bimbo.. but it blows me away when someone can say something SO dumb and know that its being recorded and will be reproduced for others to read. although i guess being such a bubble head doesnt let her realize just how empty her words are.

  16. britney's weave

    jenna should’ve practiced what she’s preaching.


  17. Stroker

    Funny. She covers herself up when she built her career on letting people watch her take a cock in both ends and spewing all over her face. Irony….

  18. Drunkman

    Even airbrushed she’s ugly

  19. Hecubus

    Holy shit, best ad campaign ever. That worn out skank next to those words, they’ve totally convinced me.

  20. joho777

    I like the look of Jameson’s ad. And the other poster, too. They will do good for PETA.

    But PETA should have anticipated that the press would ask Jameson why she supported spaying and neutering of pets. And provided her with a short clever script.

    Leaving her to respond using her own wits wasn’t exactly first class planning.

  21. genea

    Wow~~~~~ Jenna is fucking gorgeous and sexy in this picture~~she is the hottest lady at You guys can check more photos and information of her over there

  22. Wait… were there actually words in those pictures?

  23. kirsten dunst

    oh yea, and whoever came up with this schemag is really brilliant. get their attention with a naked whore whos slept with more people than the entire population of ohio. works every time.

  24. Ted from LA

    Did you see the abs on Amanda? Beard is right.

  25. Ted from LA

    I wonder how Amanda hid her dick in that picture. Must he a photoshop deal too. Whoever painted that tit on Jenna deserves an award of some type.

  26. steve

    FLAG is backwards in Amanda’s ad.

    The blue part of the flag is always supposed to be to the top left…whether hanging vertical or horizontal

  27. The end of America

    We are now so degenerate that we use whores as spokesman for our causes? Wooooowwww I am stunned (just kidding nothing surprises me anymore. Not after seeing MSN homepage all week with the shit about Miley Cyrus and her breakup. What is she 15, 16?)

  28. mimi

    praying for Amy

  29. Ted from LA

    Praying for mimi who is busy praying for Amy.

  30. woodhorse

    So has she been spayed? God knows I am sick of all the little porn puplets inhabiting the streets. They smell.

  31. Is it just me, or is Jenna Jameson threatening to have sex with my pets?

  32. Stroker

    Funny. She’s covering up her bits. What with becoming famous for letting millions of people watch her milk cock and get DP’ed and all.

  33. Babalu

    I think maybe Jenna should have been nuetered, I don’t think the spawn of some nasty washed up porn star, and Tito should be allowed, it will be an abomination!

  34. F*CK PETA

    One is only good at getting slammed. The other, swimming. Maybe they should stick to what they know.

    That’s why they join the LOSER’S CLUB: peta!!
    for all retired celebs.

  36. Cash

    What does PETA care? They kill runaway and stray animals by the thousands every year because they feel its better then being domesticated.

    You know what? Fuck PETA, and FUCK any dumb bitch that thinks taking off her clothes for them instead of money makes her a better person in some way shape or form. You’re still a whore honey, you just have a new master and less conscience.

  37. Paolo Maldini

    So a porn star is a good example of someone who tells people to spay their pets? Whats next Dean Martin or Mickey Mantle telling people that we should raise the drinking age to 25 ?

  38. alex

    #7: You are being subjected to this for the same reason you are subjected to betty white telling you to order petmeds online, or A-Rod telling you what razor to use, or Angelina telling you who to vote for… because you chose to view an entertainment medium that, here comes the shocker, thrives on advertising dollars! Let me take a breath after writing that. The beauty of this ad or any other, is that if you don’t want to read it or listen, you can simply turn the page.

    #13: So, your argument is that anyone who wears make-up is not comfortable in their own skin? Doesn’t just like complementing their appearance, playing dress-up, experimenting with colors etc.? I guess then that there isn’t a single woman in the world who is comfortable in their own skin?

    #16: Why? Does she have thousands of children? If she had been “spayed” or had her tubes tied so to speak, she still could not have made porn movies? Good post.

    #17 and #32: Maybe if you try the joke a third time, you will get that LOL from someone you are craving.

    #20: Agree.

    #23: What’s a schemag?

    #36: The strays aren’t being domesticated, that’s the problem with your argument. They are on the streets starving, frezzing, getting mauled by cars, and reproducing. A quick and painless death is more humane to these animals then all of the above. Your argument supposes that if PETA (or whoever) wasn’t “killing them,” then the thousands of strays would find ahppy homes and live comfortably ever after. Again, poor argument.

    #37: Non-sensical. If she were telling people to abstain from sex, then maybe your analogy to a hypocritical situation would be valid. But she never reproduced for a living, therefore her statement is not hypocritical to anything.

  39. whataho

    we all gonna die anyway, who fucking cares what this whore does and FUCK PETA just for the sake of it, and FUCK so many other things around this world that are fucked up, I wanna eat my fucking popcorn in a fucking cinema while watching a fucking movie and go out and sit on a bench in the park and smoke a fucking cigarette in front a fucking bunch of kids and their lesbian moms that probably will turn into drug addicts later in time as they grow up watching fucking telly with fucked up tv shows with tits and asses and fuck their step sisters in the earlobes cause their fucked up parents fucked them up and here some fucking commas for all you fucking idiots that are probably complaining that I didn’t put commas in this fucking long nonsense paragraph. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

    Have a nice day :-)

  40. Malicious Lingerer

    @ 8, no, simmer, she simmers for the gold

  41. kate

    #38 has a lot of spare time.

  42. sam

    fuck genital mutilation of animals, I am in support of teaching abstinence only sex education for your pets.

  43. PostmortemG

    This ad makes me ashamed to be vegan. At least I’m not a member of PETA. Keep eating meat, people.

  44. titsonsnack

    Ugh, fuck PETA in its stupid fucking ass. I’m all for animal rights and shit but PETA is nothing but a bunch of whack jobs.

  45. britney's weave

    @38: she’s pregnant, fucktard.

  46. ___

    #38, WHOA dude, you’ve got wat too much time on your hands.

    #21, Fuck you dirty gook.

  47. rough daddy

    at # 38 who is this jerk off with way too much time on his hands? who put you in charge of the rebuttal for superficial?

  48. kingnoony

    #38. lots of time on his hands.

    #38. too much time on his hands.

    #38. get back to work.

    #38. still too much time on his hands

    #38. PETA sucks.

    #17 & #32 LOL!.

  49. shanaynay

    Um…hmmm…..I agree however, I’m also thinking that porn isn’t exactly great for the people who do it. Ask Shelley Lubben…

  50. camel toe

    Wow, many a deposit has been in that sperm bank.

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