UPDATE: Jenna Jameson passed a piss test

April 29th, 2010 // 31 Comments

A day after allegedly being thrown into a tub/pushed/harshly padded/whatever the story is today, Jenna Jameson flew to Vegas and took a piss test which she actually passed, according to TMZ:

We’ve learned the results of the test, administered Tuesday by American Toxicology Inc. in Las Vegas, show Jenna’s urine tested “negative” for the ten major drugs they were screening for … a list that included cocaine, weed, meth and oxycodone — the major ingredient in OxyContin.
Now, after receiving the results of the test, Jenna is reaffirming her claim telling us, “I am definitely not addicted to OxyContin or any drug.”

Because drug tests taken 24 hours after the fact in another state are concrete evidence, this throws a wrench in Tito’s defense that he found Oxy pills on Jenna causing her to flip out and falsely accuse him of abuse. At this point, I honestly don’t know who to believe which means I should’ve stuck with my gut reaction: Gang bang gone wrong. I mean, why else was her dad there? Afternoon tea?

UPDATE: TMZ reports both sides just withdrew their allegations which are now “dramatically distorted and misinterpreted.” Game over.

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  1. lettusaurus

    wow, kinda don’t care.

  2. Astrologically

    Aries tiger is the virtual profile of lie-about-your-addiction

  3. jim x

    Wow, can’t believe I actually do care….

    Enough to have even just researched this, but Oxycontin is supposed to take at least 3 days to be nondetectable in one’s urine.

    So, looks like the pendulum swings back to doubting Ortiz. Which would also mean her dad is an unbelievable piece of crap. A porn star’s dad is a complete frigging bastard – is that possible?

  4. Paul Marr

    I saw these two at a hotel pool party in Reno a couple years ago….she is super small and his head really is that big, it looked like a pumpkin with bleached hair

  5. Mr. Mister

    The Jenna Jameson Story : “What’s Jizz Got to Do with It?”

  6. looking forward for the next tito ortiz fight in ufc. guess we’ll be seeing another chuck and tito fight inside the octagon, heard they’ll be coaching opposing teams in ufc..

  7. Dumb NoTalent Ho

    She stayed up all night studying for it…..

  8. Stains

    Sigh. She’s had bad, bad plastic surgery. And her body has gone to crap-yes she’s skinny, but there is no muscle tone anywhere. Drug skinny. I feel sorry for her actually.

  9. misterfister

    Did she actually pee or just use the urine she had in her mouth at the time?

  10. faded

    Wow, a piss test. How 1980′s.

    How about a blood test, or even better, a hair sample test? You know, something that you’d can’t actually dupe?

  11. oh i know

    was it a blind-folded taste test?

  12. Well, looks like Tito’s plan to get Jenna’s multiple millions is kaput. Judge wouldn’t have awarded any custody to him, anyway. It was a pipe dream to begin with.

  13. Rick James

    From sex symbol to “I dream of Genie.”…. Or, maybe not…

  14. Tito Ortiz once offered me $50 for a blowjob. I accepted.

    This does not make me gay in any way, shape or form.



  15. whatthe

    All one needs to pass an UA is synthetic urine, which is very easy for a woman to conceal “down there”. Especially if you’re like Jenna and can stash/fit just about anything in your cooch.
    Supposedly oxycodone can be undetectable after only 48 hours.

  16. Peter Griffin says...

    Meh…passing a piss test means nothing since Tito alleges that he caught her with pills in her possession, not TAKING pills. That little slut probably has a treasure trove of meds to throw down her jizz-coated gullet. The fact that she managed to refrain from doing so for 2-3 days means nothing.

    I should be a lawyer!

  17. Mr. Mister

    It was the piss collected off her face in the latest Golden Shower scene. It wasn’t actually her piss unless you play by last-touched-by rules.

  18. Brit Boys Are Hot

    Damn, his head is as big as Frankenstein’s! WTF? They are both irresponsible to bring a child into the world looking like they do. That poor kid is going to need cognitive therapy for the rest of his/her life.

  19. bar room hero

    She looks like a duck.

    …a meth smoking duck

  20. small asian penis

    Again, her face is all jacked up. Bad doctor.

  21. The first battle, he won again! Tito is released, it is true, hit her.there’s no excuse for this, although he junkie.And then the collapse of his left and avoiding fights TUF. He healthy enough to abuse his wife, though. If he has not released would have had to fight Lesnar and Carwin beast as punishment for that Mrs.Pornstar next to Dana at Ringside

  22. captain america

    I think this will be complicated for him to solve: 1 + 1 =??

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  25. wayko

    Her urine right. she probably sucked her laywer off for his or hers.

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  27. m65

    she used to be sexy

  28. is she in any new upcoming movies?

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