Jenna Jameson on The View? Wow, really?

April 18th, 2008 // 91 Comments

Thanks to pioneers like Kim Kardashian, porn stars are now considered legitimate guests on The View. This trailblazing led to the most awkward, surreal, WTF interview I’ve ever seen when Jenna Jameson appeared on yesterday’s show (video after the jump). It’s almost like inviting a hooker over to your house to meet your mom, grandmom and your uptight Republican sister who’s head’s about to explode. OMG what if Jesus is watching?! Fortunately, there’s the calm watchful eye of Whoopi Goldberg. She doesn’t say much, but you know she’ll throw them old bitches down if shit gets out of hand. I’ve seen Sister Act 1 AND 2. Trust me, you don’t fuck with the Whoop.

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  1. jane

    It’s called “Fish and Fowl” now

  2. lipper

    The first image above looks like a huge anus with hemorroids. Nasty! Why do that to your lips. Just looks plain retarded. Damn.

  3. John McCain

    That girl has had the back of her throat tickled so many times they should have announced her with “Please welcome…Ted from LA!”

  4. Mandy

    She would have aged OK if she did not do cosmetic surgery.

  5. p911gt10c

    Damn, how could a woman so fine go and fuck herself up like this. Poor Jenna.

    Oh, and #2, you’re a loser.

  6. Jaffo

    From the interview:
    Whoopie: ‘So, what’s it like to chug seven cocks at a time?’
    Jenna: ‘Um…lilke liberating for women and stuff? Tee hee hee…’
    Whoopie: ‘Um, yeah, ok. So, can you still take a normal dump or is your back door, you know…um, sort of totalled?’
    Jenna: ‘Tee hee hee. No, it’s fine! I block it up with a bug ripe grapefuit!’ (Drools and has to be helped to sit upright)
    Other View Chick: ‘Wow–what a neat life you’ve led! What’s it like to be a prostitute?’
    Jenna: ‘I like totally take offense to that! I am like SO totally NOT a prositute!’
    Whoopie: ‘Wait, you get paid to have sex, right?’
    Jenna: (drools and looks cross-eyed at something shiny on the floor)
    Other View Chick: ‘Jenna?’
    Jenna: ‘I have a vagina! YAY!’ (bounces up and down clapping her hands as a large ripe grapefruit shoots of her ass and shatters the camera lens)
    Whoopie: ‘We’ll be right back!’

  7. restingonlaurels

    good for her for being so honest. i wonder if we’ll see a randal comment on this one…

  8. IKE

    WOW!!! She sounds pretty darn intelligent. Sure, I should have figured that becoming the biggest thing in porn took a bit of sense, but I find her (speaking) very interesting.

  9. Shea

    Awesome 7… just awesome

  10. tp

    She’s a fatty

  11. haha #7. You just know that uptight Elizabeth bitch on the show was dying being around JJ.

    #2 – loser!

  12. Ted from LA

    The blond woman from the view is a bigger whore.

  13. BoboTed

    Why did Jenna think it wise to have her stretched out labia surgically removed and placed around her mouth?

  14. RENEE

    I don’t know, having the phrase “I am not afraid” tattooed on your back just somehow makes it quite obvious… how afraid you really are. Poor girl, I feel sorry for her. Not having a mom while growing up really seemed to eff her up. It’s too bad she hates herself so much. She seems like she could have had real potential for something other than just porn. But man, she sure did destroy her body. She used to be so pretty; now she just looks ridiculous. Send in the clowns…

  15. Jenna's a platypus, with extra puss (the oozing, yellowish creamy kind)

    LMAO # 7. Awesome work Jaffo. 14 too.

    Even her face looks like a used up vagina.

    Her new movie that she went on the view to plug has about the same quality acting and plot as all her other movies.

  16. restingonlaurels

    seriously, is no one else noticing the derth of randal posts?

  17. Gia

    I heard on the Howard Stern radio show years ago that Howard had Jenna’s dad identify which pussy was his daughters and he guessed it with no problem. Gross! I thought Jenna would have aged nicely without having work done. Now she looks freaky.

  18. restingonlaurels

    howard stern in general stirs the disgust within me, but that is absolutely sick and wrong!

  19. IFuckingHateYou

    Barbara Walters is fucking sleeping while Whoop-te-do is yapping away – around the 2 minute mark.
    I hope she was awake enough to move when all those critters crawled out of JJ’s snatch and started looking for fresh meat – and yes, JJ’s pussy is so used up that Barbara’s 189 year-old vagina looks fresh in comparison.

  20. Janey

    Randal’s traveling with the Pope right now during his U.S. visit. He’ll be sharing his journal with us shortly (“With his pure white vestments gleaming in God’s approving sunlight, Benedict’s uplifting words soon had hearts and minds soaring with the angels above” yada yada yada).

  21. Barbara Walters

    Careful now, #19. Was it sick that Stern did that on his show, or that Jenna’s dad could instantly recognize his daughter’s shredded pussylips even after they’ve been beaten senseless by hundreds of random ropey-semen-spurting cocks?

  22. Between this and Donatella Versace getting invited to the White House, I’m beginning to think this is the Year of The Whore. They’re really making big strides this year. Orange is the new black, apparently.

  23. Harry Ballzack

    @3. lipper – “Why do that to your lips. Just looks plain retarded.”

    It’s not for looks – It’s padding for that high-speed cock sucker she has

  24. J

    whose != who’s

  25. Sara

    Her mouth looks like a weird, inflamed anus…

    Damnit Jenna, why did you too have to succumb to anorexia? You were way hotter before, albeit still skanky…

  26. spaceyQ

    Good for Jenna. Anything to rile up Eliza-bitch Hasselbeck’s feathers. Eliza-bitch is the biggest whore of all with all the Republican cock she’s sucked.

  27. lipper

    My name is lipper for a reason, but I’d never do that to my poor puss. : P

    Padding.. the image that comes to mind is not pretty Harry.

  28. You mean, her mouth looks like a SEXY inflamed anus…

    There’s nothing quite like the rock-hardness a guy gets when he knows the girl is trying not to show how much it hurts.

  29. Ted Mosby

    Those lips are better than Hoover.

  30. restingonlaurels

    well barbara, i find howard stern himself pretty deplorable, but the fact that jenna’s father agreed to even participate in a sick stunt like that is unfathomable, let alone the concept that he actually correctly identified his own daughter’s genitalia. no wonder she’s as fucked up as she is with a father like that.

  31. DNC escort

    I prefer to suck Democratic cock instead of Republican cock. Your jaw feels much more relaxed because you don’t have to open your mouth very wide, and they “respect women too much” to come in your mouth, much less on your face. Funniest part is that their idea of foreplay is to talk to you – endlessly – about how much they empathize with you for all the “adversity you’re trying to overcome” and the “pain you suffer because of your valid choices.” LOL. Fags.

  32. Back in my day we woulda called her a whore!!!

  33. caljenna66

    So nobody else noticed that she hugged the black chicks and shook hands with the white chicks?

  34. caljenna66

    So nobody else noticed that she hugged the black chicks and shook hands with the white chicks?

  35. caljenna66

    Man, I hate posting twice…

  36. why did she ruin her gorgeous face like that?

    Poor Jenna. She used to be the hottest and most beautiful woman in the world, with her natural face, and now she has completely destroyed her face with her addiction to unnecessary plastic surgery, and now she looks like a monster. Why did she have to do that to herself?

  37. Bemused

    ‘Uptight Republican sister?’ Speak for yourself, Jason. And to what political party does the luscious Joy Behar belong? Or the gorgeous Whoopi? Not the party of John McCain!

  38. axel

    she is so HOT! and RICH!

    and you’re all so UGLY! and POOR!

  39. oh and # 1 – 38,

    —-yoIU’re ALL LOSERS BTW !!!!!

  40. Dick Bush

    @7 LMAO… True genius, beautiful!

  41. If I weren’t already a Republican, that bitch could make me one. She should stick to using her mouth on cocks and not politics. I get the feeling she’s never going to do Shakespeare, even as a witch in MacBeth.

  42. oh please

    fucking jenna must feel like you’re fucking the Giants stadium

  43. G

    no one respects her anyway..

  44. Missystar

    Oh my GAWD!!! Forget the rectal lips, check out the turkey neck and armpit grooves. It bears repeating; the sun is NOT our friend. Excessive sun exposure hyper-speeds aging. If you don’t believe me, check out

  45. Gay Proud Lobotimized Republican Retard (in diaper with butt plug dripping down legs and ice pick sc

    Ughhhhhhhhhhh me think she purrrteeee.

    #7 If I were Ted from L.A. I would suck your cock!!!!!!! Awesomeness!

  46. Ted from LA

    If you were Ted from LA you’d be more creative.

  47. Ted from LA (Loose Anus)

    Ted, excreting multicolored (brown and white of course) feces is not really that creative although a curious phenomenon.

  48. Ted dude seriously

    Ted’s Creative Extent from post #13

    “The blond woman from the view is a bigger whore.”

    That was amazing, Ted! Very good!

  49. Tiffany Shea

    Wow, thanks for crediting me on that tip,

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