Jenna Jameson looks ridiculous in a bikini

August 14th, 2007 // 195 Comments

You know what’s normal behavior for a skeleton? Being buried. Or maybe getting hung up in a classroom. But not running around the beach doing whatever it is Jenna Jameson is doing here. And what the hell happened to her face? She’s a duck, right? She’s a duck now? Like to communicate with her you have to quack and maybe flap your arms?


  1. p911gt10c

    you know you look bad when people can actually say “She looked better when she was doing porn!”

  2. rabidbunny

    Has anyone considered the woman might have AIDS??

  3. Christ on a Crotch

    She looks retarded with those ridiculous lips (the ones on her face).

    Sad, so sad, when a woman grows old disgracefully. Fade away into the woodwork, stop letting your ego lead your life; you’re old, your done. Hang up the stilettoes and strap-ons and join a knitting circle, grandma.

    Tracey Lords did it and she is graceful and still gorgeous. When everyone is a porn star, no one will be.

  4. Skip Smith

    Good call #3.

    We know she doesn’t have an eating disorder.

  5. Where is the rest of her?

    I was always told she was hot…


  6. llllllllll


  7. Chauncey Gardner

    What…the…fuck? You know, I never thought this cooze was that attractive, but she’s beginning to look like that hideous Madam puppet that Waylon Flowers used to cart around.

  8. Dorkfest


  9. FACE

    She was never that hot and here is the proof. In a year you will be able to see every nasty sex act and johnsons she blews on her tired plastic surgery ridden mug and that torn down body. I have seen better looking AIDS patients.

  10. e. e.

    Same evil comments as always when a woman shows up in a bikini. And the truth is the same too — she looks better than all of you (or your girlfriends). Face it lardasses.

  11. p911gt10c

    #3 Considering porn stars get tested 12 times a year(at least) and the fact that people who do have it don’t usually loose ridiculous amounts of weight point to her being aids free.
    On the other than, she does suffer from incredibly low self confidence and huge body image problems. I heard the Olsen twins offered to feed her the other day.

  12. HIV Skeeter

    She forgot to spit that last load.

  13. Chauncey Gardner

    This shit used to give me fucking nightmares… en/7/78/Wayland_Flowers_and_Madame.jpg

  14. kelly

    I swear I would have believed that was an actual cartoon.
    An ugly..cartoon.

  15. my comment

    Something is seriously wrong with her.

    It’s not that she’s so skinny, or orange or covered in disgusting tattoos, it is just that her face has taken on a definite plastic surgery clownishness. Nothing can fix that.


  16. veggi

    I’m sure Jimbo would still hit it. Jimbo would hit anything (Victor too). Jimbo would undress and finger a homeless woman, telling her that’s how to make the wheel stop jiggling on her shopping cart. And then – this is the best part – smell his fingers all the way home.

  17. LayDeeBug

    There is NO WAY I’m going to believe that woman is 33 years old. MY ASS she was born in 1974.

    I vote for her having a crystal meth addiction, early stages.

    Women, collagen lips are not cute nor do they look real. If you were not born with big fat luscious lips (comme moi), accept your fate and wear lipliner.


  18. Jason

    If you look closely at the third photo you can see what appears to be tape around the bottom of her breast. Did she get another boob job recently?

  19. Robert

    Is this website and TMZ the same company ?

  20. lambman

    This is just sad and weird

  21. Robert

    You know what ? none of her rib bones are showing though. That’s odd

  22. jesuschristpornostar

    Is that a tattoo of Jesus on her left leg? That would be funny.

  23. my comment

    # 19 jason
    You can also see the tape in pics, 4, 6, 18 & 20.

    She must have had some kind of boob operation. Probably a reduction, I’d imagine.

  24. nikidarling

    I’m convinced she’s HIV+

  25. Jimbo

    hell yea i’d hit it! hit it for 40 days and 40 nights man…. non-stop til it hurt.. till it bleeds… then i’d put some neosporin and go at it again.. til it bled again. then i’d put an ace bandage… and go back for more.

  26. Damn, I thought semen was GOOD for the skin.
    I’ve seen 75 year-old drag-queens look better than this sperm-bucket whore.

  27. Jimbo

    i forgot to add… then i’d call Veggi over and bust all over his face.

  28. woodhorse

    17:LMAO. Now, seriously, someone stole that off the prow of a ship and need to nail it back before they scare people off the beach.

  29. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    3, if that’s the case, are we suppose to feel bad for her? because i won’t.

    is she still doing porn?

  30. Paulie

    Well that’s one skeleton what loves ta fuck!

  31. Dumbass

    Doesn’t leaking silicone bring on AIDS like results ? it attacks the immune system just like AID’s maybe she should go in for a boob check up

  32. Dufus

    Big Bubble Butts are taking over the porn industry, Jenna just couldn’t compete. perhaps anorexic hoebags will be the new thing in porn

  33. shit

    It looks like a seagull took a poop on her legs.

  34. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    with the exception of the fake titties, these are reminiscent of the lara flynn boyle pictures on the beach when she was a walking skeleton.

    fucking frightening.

  35. She went from huge cans and a cute face to a 77 pound, cartoon-faced freak with a surgically mangled cooze. Sweet.

    Nice improvement.

    I heard her vagina is actually now the business end of a live badger.

  36. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    sorry 11, if i saw someone looking like this at the beach, i would probably call 911. so no, she doesn’t look better than all of us or our girlfriends.

    you probably have an eating disorder yourself if you think this looks good so make like mary-kate & get to rehab, idiot.

  37. Geoff

    She’s a duck for sure. Instead of saying quack quack, she waddles around going COCK? COCK?

    P.S. Everyone has AIDS AIDS AIDS!

  38. ziggurat

    That thing isn’t human. It’s 35% polyester, 10% silicone, 35% polyurathane, and 20% unknown. I’m not sure if it’ll decompose–but it might be recyclable . ..

  39. veggi

    11- idiot.

    17, 26, and 28. go lick jenna’s bumpy vagina.

  40. for number 11

    Fuck you. I wonder if she does the peanut butter trick with her doggy. You know, put some peanut butter on her hooha and little lil’ scruffy chow down?

  41. Levin

    I’m masturbating to these photos. I’m printing them now and I am hanging them in my moms basement where I live

  42. meme

    I realize that she is uncommonly thin. But, what really disturbs me in these pictures is her face. She has had way too much plastic surgery. I has actually made her look older! She looks like she went into he surgeons office with a picture of Joan Rivers and said “Make me look like this……with boobs.” She was attractive before all this….what the hell happened?!?

  43. moet2009

    still kinda hot.
    but she maybe sick

  44. cemuni

    She’s a far cry from how she looked in Jenna Loves Rocco, (1997).

  45. Wow the trolls are out today. Why are you being picked on Veggi?

  46. Em

    Apparently even silicone breasts get saggy enough to necessitate being taped up/in. Totally worth it, I’m sure.

  47. asshat

    even though she’s wasting away her ass still folds in pic #8. i didn’t think that was possible.

  48. A

    To all the people who don’t like a thick women with curves, I guess you like her and think this mess looks better than Kim Kardashian.

  49. cocaKelli in Rehab

    14 CHAUNCY you are a fucking HERO of the day!

    You popped a memory node in my Psyche! YEAH!

    I love that crazy puppet shit! That flaming wigger and the puppet… good times…. Gong Show… Merv Griffin Show, Johnny Carson, Love Boat, fucking MIKE DOUGLAS show!

    …am I old?

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