Jenna Jameson weighed 92 pounds

April 16th, 2007 // 169 Comments

Jenna Jameson says she’s trying to gain back the weight she’s lost and at her lowest point she weighed just 92 pounds. She says:

“I got pretty skinny for a little bit. My lightest was about 92 pounds. I ate today!” Then on her way home, one of Jenna’s friends handed her a corndog, to which she announced, “I love hot dogs on a stick. So fucking sexy!”

Keep in mind she’s 5 foot 7 inches, so at 92 pounds that’s basically the weight of her skeleton. I don’t know what she was aiming for, but that’s the average weight of a 13-year-old girl. Picture having sex with a broom and it’d probably be just as hot.

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  1. Where were her friends and family? Did anyone ever tell her she might have a problem? I would have to think her big, burly boyfriend could have broken her in two while they were having sex.

  2. My Thai

    OMG! I ate 2day 2!!!

  3. crackmeup

    and prolly 48 pounds of that was jizz

  4. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    This illustrates the dangers of a protein-only diet. Get it?? I’m talkin gorilla juice! Zing!

  5. LilRach

    Where i’m from we don’t use pounds we use kilograms – so help me out what would 92 pounds be in kilograms?

  6. Jimbo

    How much of her 93 pounds are her fake tits? Damn that tranny is just butt scarry!!!

  7. HollyJ

    92lbs = about 42kilos

  8. Jimbo

    Holly, is that how much her tits weigh?

  9. Delfe


    92 pounds = about 46kg

    Hey guys! You’ve forgotten one thing; that ugly creature weights 92 pounds WITH its fake boobs!!! And without them? What its weight could be? 80 pounds?

  10. FRIST!!!

    Corndogs are sexy…..hmmmmm. No wonder she’s in porn and not rocket science.
    She probably wasn’t even on a diet, just too fucking stupid to remember to eat.

  11. MissP

    So has she paused her porn-making or what? Or was she still fucking for the camera when she was 80lbs + plastic tits?

  12. Binky

    I’ll never understand women and attraction for plastic tits.
    (Then again – could have stopped the sentence at women.)

  13. teetee

    What a used up old whore.

  14. StoneRose

    LOL #12

    But really. Who doesn’t want to take Tito’s big fucking mug, press it against a cheese-shredder, and just *grate*…repeatedly. I sure do. I’m also sure he’s one man I’d never understand, what with his monosyllabic vocabulary consisting of “D-uh”.

    What a perfect couple – one devoid of flesh and mind, one absolutely meaty, in the head.

  15. Binky

    StoneRoses ! Someone pointed that band out to me in the Fall. Will put them on – cheers.

  16. beer

    **DUDE SAID** Picture having sex with a broom and it’d probably be just as hot.***

    A broom stick with a boob job?

  17. FRIST!!!

    I’m going home now to watch some porno

  18. Jimbo

    Can I come watch it with you!!!!

  19. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    14–Hey!!! Don’t pick on Bighead! :P

    With her 2 huge bazooms & that pencil body, she resembles a penis.

  20. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Excuse me, a penis with a blonde wig.

  21. wedgeone

    Lame, Lame LAME! We want more news! News that is actually published somewhere!

    Wake up, Fish!

  22. 1MILFhunter

    How much extra weight did JJ lose when they trimmed up those lose pusswhah lips? Discounting the silicone jugs, I’d say she weighs about 65 lbs.

  23. lambman

    Why do they always start loosing weight and dressing better at the same time? If she’d have just stayed at her normal weight, but started dressing and doing her hair/make-up how she does now she’d look pretty good.

  24. Binky

    And, in other news, Heather Mills wears blue undies (not that I’ve seen the show)

  25. idaho

    why doesnt anyone care about more important things, like that school shooting? jenna jameson, bfd.

  26. Binky

    #25 Try the ‘Britney Hat’ thread. That should keep you busy.

  27. NicotineEyePatch

    That smock is quite flattering.

  28. Sheva

    Meth is fundamental. And there’s the blow for dessert.

  29. LilRach

    I got bored so i started opening each pic and noticed her boyfriend in the 6th pic. What a fucking cheesedick.

  30. Binky

    Or #25 try reading ‘By Way of Deception’ by Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy – Chapter 14 “Only in America” is interesting.(It’s banned in many countries )- but at least read the comments on Amazon or
    Or google : ‘Urban moving systems’ and read all the threads. Look at the newspaper stories from 2001 – I haven’t saved them. The people who left their business right after the attack could maybe brought in for questioning FBI.
    If I were the FBI I’d also bring in the guy with the lighter laughing for the camera in front of the ruins for questioning. Look for it. A possible hint being they set up the cameras before the attack as reported by the New York Times.
    So Idaho – Don’t worry : some people care.
    And just maybe -I’d have a few questions for Silverstein.

  31. Jim Treacher

    Aw, honey. I never thought I could feel bad for a multimillionaire who’s had more sex than several states of the union. But I want her to get well and start giving me spank-fuel again. (Sorry, Mom!)

  32. Binky

    And maybe if you have the time read Carroll Quigley – ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’ or ‘Tragedy and Hope’
    (Bill Clinton was one of his students and mentioned him in his first address. Hummmm…and they put more cash into the blow job than 9/11)

  33. Truthseeker013

    Excuse me. I have to catch my skin before it gets too far away…

  34. Binky

    So # 25 – is that enuff ? Like I said I don’t dance very well and don’t understand women.

  35. imran karim

    what made her so popular all of a sudden?

  36. islandgirl

    WTF is this, return of the MUMMY without the wraps…….snore

  37. Binky

    Hang Tough America

    (35 and 36 vote Republican)

  38. Binky

    The Truth is Out there

  39. che1964

    Maybe if she stopped doing Meth she might get hungry.

  40. FRIST!!!

    What? You guys got a problem with her crank-fast diet?

  41. Binky

    #33 – shit. I came on too strong ?
    (I’m never going to get laid .)

  42. Binky

    Please someone save all this shit.

  43. sikofdis

    Wow! I am not That fat, but I have a hard time keeping myself at half that weight!

  44. Binky

    #43 You sound like my last date !
    (Maybe get his IP lol)

  45. Binky

    The guy with the lighter laughing in front of the ruins that I found today is what drove me crazy the most …
    It’s there.

  46. wedgeone

    So, I checked all the news wires and it turns out the only story is that I’m a bitchy whiney micropene. I still don’t see how that’s news. Even my new girlfriend knows that (my new neightbor that I masturbate at from the second floor window).

  47. Binky

    #46 Get with the program – I’m not leaving.

  48. Kristin

    “So fucking sexy!” Lmfao.

  49. Binky

    #48 And what’s your opinion on dealing with 9-11 ?
    Doesn’t matter ? Where should we go from here? Should we all be superficial ? Or did you do your homework ?
    We all need your opinion.

  50. Binky

    “The guy with the lighter laughing in front of the ruins that I found today is what drove me crazy the most …
    It’s there.”

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